Super God Gene Chapter 3076

Chapter 3076 Scary Gene Race

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Han Sen could not say anything. After making up his mind, he decided to go take a look. Mister Yang did not know much. He provided him with some basic information. Although the kings alpha temple was heavily guarded, and there was a ceremony each year, ordinary people could not get close. The best they could do was film things from afar. So, there was a lot of information about it on the internet.

Han Sen browsed and did some research on it online. He did so for a while and learned about the location of the kings alpha temple. He knew what the place looked like, so he knew what to look for.

"Why does this alpha temple look like the metal temple Tai Yi fixed?" Han Sen looked at the temple in the video and felt rather shocked.

Aside from this thing looking older, the whole shape of the alphas temple looked like the metal temple. On top, the words "Big Qin Alpha Temple" were written and not just "metal temple."

Han Sen went to the temple was. He looked at the temple from afar. He wanted to sneak inside the temple, but it was not possible.

Things were different now. Many places had fallen in the alpha temple. There were guards on patrol, but that very large alpha temple had many fallen areas that could not entirely be guarded.

Han Sen did not dare get too close. He did not want to draw attention to himself. He merely walked around the alpha temple to get a proper look. He soon frowned.

The security was too heavy around the alphas temple. There were all kinds of tools of observation, and he could not use geno arts. It was for him to sneak into the alphas temple. Han Sen did not know if it was a mistake, but he felt as if the alpha temple had something inside it that was calling out to him. It made him yearn to enter.

Unfortunately, he was unable to go inside. So, Han Sen abandoned the idea of entering the alpha temple. He would have to figure out another way some other time.

W some

On his way back home, Han Sen saw some snacks that looked as if they tasted delicious. He looked at the time and noticed it was almost lunch. So, he brought some home with him.

When he arrived home, Han Sen called for Mister Yang, Jian Bu Gu, and the others to come around and eat. Only Li Bing Yu was not around. The five of them sat around the table while Han Sen presented them with some food that looked like a pie. It was for them to eat, but Jian Bu Gu suddenly stopped them from digging in.

"You cant eat this," Jian Bu Gu said.

Han Sen put the pie near his mouth and asked Jian Bu Gu, "I cant eat this pie?"

Jian Bu Gu nodded. "In the universe, there are many gene races. No matter if they are at a high or low level, every gene race has a unique feature. If they are used well, even low-class gene races can be quite useful. There is a saying that there are only rubbish gene users, but there are no rubbish gene races." "Are you saying that there are gene races in it?" Han Sen frowned.

Jian Bu Gu made the others put down their slice of pie. He went on to say, "If I am not mistaken, there is an organ-eating bug inside the pie. If you consumed this, it would grow quickly within your body. They would eat all of your organs until your body was an empty carcass. Then, you would die. Although this is just a marquise gene race, over time, many high-class god class gene elites have died by eating these organ-eating bugs. The organ-eating bugs are a very rare gene race. I am not sure who you have managed to offend to be given this. These organ-eating bugs were meant to kill you. On top of that, there are six of them."

"Organ-eating bug!" Mister Yangs face changed. He knew how scary the organ-eating bugs were.

Han Sens face changed too. He was not afraid of organ-eating bugs, but the humans of the universe of kingdoms were different. There were many powerful elites here. With gene race powers, they could destroy the sky and ground, but their bodies were not too strong. It was just after being combined with a gene race that they could become a bit mightier. Compared to Han Sen, who could evolve his own body, that was a big difference.

The organ-eating bugs would do nothing to Han Sen. For Mister Yang and the others, it would have been disastrous. Even if Jian Bu Gu had not known that and the organ-eating bugs entered his body, he would have been in a lot of trouble.

Jian Bu Gu picked up the knife and cut the pie open. He pushed away the meat that was inside. There was a small little bug amidst the meat. It was the size of a sesame seed. If one did not pay attention, one would not notice it was there. Usually, no one opened their pie for examination before eating.

Everyone looked terrible. Han Sens face looked even worse. If Jian Bu Gu was not there, Mister Yang and the others would not be in a good shape right now.

"Dont worry. The organ-eating bugs are scary, but they are harmless as long as they are out of your body. They will sleep and not do a thing. You are totally fine in their presence." Jian Bu Gu picked up the organ-eating bug from out of the six pies. The six bugs, which looked like sesame seeds, were placed in a bowl. Once there, they did not move.

Han Sen looked glum as he asked, "Can you find out who did this?"

Jian Bu Gu shook his head. "If we had a sky mirror gene race, we might be able to locate the master. That way, you could find out who plotted to kill you. It is a shame that the gene race is very rare in the Big Qin Kingdom."

Han Sen looked at Jian Bu Gu and asked, "What happens if they enter a body? Can their master feel this?"

"The organ-eating bugs will be active in their bodies, and the master will feel them," Jian Bu Gu said. "Ordinarily, with the speed that the organ-eating bugs breed, they will be dead within three days. Their entire bodies will be hollowed out."

Han Sen nodded. He picked up the six organ-eating bugs and walked outside. After he left, Han Sen put the six organ-eating bugs in his mouth and swallowed them. He kept walking outside.

"It worked!" Lou Jiu was hiding near the hotel when he felt the organ-eating bugs get activated. He was overjoyed.

Quickly, he felt the organ-eating bugs move, so he followed them. He saw Han Sen walk outside the hotel alone. He thought that was a bit weird. He frowned and thought, "Weird. Why are all six organ-eating bugs inside him?"

He then thought it was all for the best. Six organ-eating bugs were inside Han Sens body. That just accelerated the time it took for him to die.

Lou Jiu did not think anyone could survive the consummation of the organ-eating bugs. Now, he had no doubt about it.

"Kid, you need to blame yourself for this. Its your fault for being cocky and offending Mister Jin." Lou Jiu coldly laughed. He used the organ-eating bugs sense power to follow Han Sen.

He still needed to claim the mutant eight sound bug, so he followed Han Sen. He was going to claim the mutant eight sound bug after Han Sen died.

Lou Jiu felt the organ-eating bugs quickly breeding inside Han Sen. There were so many of them, but he was shocked. "It looks like it will take half the day to complete my task. With this fine work, Mister Jin is sure to reward me. Perhaps I will get the beast I want."

He followed Han Sen for a while. He saw Han Sen proceed to buy food on the street. He was like a foodie. He coldly laughed and said, "He really does not know how much trouble he is in. He is still eating. He is like a pig! He eats a lot, and he is dumb."

Suddenly, Han Sens face changed. He held his stomach and squatted on the streets. He started sprinting toward the hospital. He moved down the street and went into an alley. He laid on the ground, repeatedly moaning. His body was shaking. It looked like he was going to die.

Seeing that no one else was in the alley, Lou Jiu thought it was perfect. He did not need to hide. He went into the alley and approached Han Sen.

"Be smarter when you are reborn, will you? Do not offend someone you cannot afford to." Lou Jiu was going to touch Han Sens body when he suddenly felt something was wrong. After people were eaten by the organ-eating bugs, they heavily bled. He did not see any blood on Han Sen.

Lou Jiu felt terrible. He wanted to leave. Han Sen suddenly jumped to his feet, went before him, grabbed him by the neck, and lifted him up.

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