Super God Gene Chapter 3077

Chapter 3077 Blood Spills In The Gong Shu Manor

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Lou Jiu was in shock. Han Sen, who was gripping him by the neck, had lifted his entire body. He saw that Han Sens body was filled with purple air. A pair of weird eyes flickered demonically with a purple color. They stared at him, which made him feel shocked and angry.

He wanted to summon a gene race to combine with, but Lou Jiu was shocked to discover that his God Spirit Blood Pulses connection kept disconnecting. He was unable to summon a gene race.

Han Sen stared at Lou Jiu and coldly asked, "How do you want to die?"

Lou Jiu suddenly felt his heart sink. He was going to be killed. As the power in Han Sens hands increased, becoming stronger and stronger, Lou Jiu felt as if his windpipe was ready to snap. He could not breathe. Obviously, his opponent was not going to ask him anything.

He was unable to use a gene race, so Lou Jiu had no hope of fighting back. He was in shock. He tugged at Han Sens hands. While he had a chance to speak, he squeezed out a few words from his tightened throat. "I just accepted the money to do this Dont you want to know who wanted to do this to you?"

"I will go after Gong Shu Jin." Han Sen confidently spoke, but he was just testing Lou Jiu. The only person he had slighted was Gong Shu Jin. Now, someone wanted to kill him. His assumption that it was Gong Shu Jin was an educated guess. Seeing Lou Jius expression change, Han Sen knew he was right. "This is Jade Wall City. If you kill me, you cannot escape," Lou Jiu struggled to wheeze. His face was red.

"Really?" Han Sen looked at Lou Jiu coldly. More power was circulating in his hands. Lou Jiu could not say anything anymore. His face looked like a pigs belly.

Han Sen did not break the mans neck outright. He opened his mouth and breathed out a black mist. Lou Jiu saw the black mist. His shocked eyes looked as if they could not believe what they were seeing. Han Sen was not emitting black smoke. It was organ-eating bugs.

Lou Jiu no longer felt the organ-eating bugs that belonged to him. All those organ-eating bugs were releasing a purple mist, and they went straight into his mouth.

Lou Jiu kept trying to struggle. In Han Sens grasp, he could not open his mouth. In shock, he could not help but watch the organ-eating bugs climb into his mouth and enter his body.

Han Sen waited for all the organ-eating bugs to enter his body before releasing his hold on his neck. He looked at Lou Jiu like a dead dog on the floor and said, "These are your organ-eating bugs. I hope you enjoy them."

Lou Jiu could not stand up. He wanted to connect with the organ-eating bugs, but he was not able to. The organ-eating bugs were out of his control.


"Argh!" Lou Jiu felt as if his organs were being pinched by a thousand needles. He held his belly and screamed. He coughed up blood. His face looked pasty and white.

He got up off the ground. Lou Jiu held his belly and started running away. He wanted to live. He did not want to die. He thought about his organs being eaten by those organ-eating bugs and how that was such a painful way to die. After thinking about it, Lou Jiu only wanted to run away.

He was suffering from the organ-eating bugs as he ran back to Gong Shu Manor. Blood kept spilling out of his mouth.

Han Sen coldly watched Lou Jiu leave. He did not stop him.

Previously, he had thought Lou Jiu might have been lying. In a moment of life and death, no matter how strong that persons will was, there was always a flaw to discern. Plus, Lou Jiu was not someone with a strong will.

In the universe of kingdoms, humans did not really count on their bodies. They depended on power. Most humans did not have a strong will.

Lou Jiu was half-falling as he ran back into Gong Shu Manor. When the guard saw Lou Jius face, he was shocked. He held Lou Jiu and asked, "Mister Lou, what happened to you?"

"Take Take me to Mister Jin" Every time Lou Jiu opened his mouth, black blood dribbled out. There was also some meat.

The guard held him and took him into Gong Shu Manor. Not far away from the Gong Shu Manor, Han Sen watched from an alley. He coldly smiled.

"Mister! Mister Lou came back."

Gong Shu Jin was watching people dance in the garden when he heard a guard calling out for him. Before he spoke, Lou Jiu came stumbling into the garden.

Gong Shu Jin smiled. He was not happy. Lou Jius behavior was very rude. When he saw Lou Jius face, his expression changed. He saw Lou Jiu was entering the garden shaking and with a mouth full of black blood and a wet chest. His face was pale, and his eye sockets were black. He looked like a zombie.

"Mis Mister Save Save Blergh!" Lou Jiu ran to Gong Shu Jin for help. When he was nine feet away, his mouth filled with black blood and decomposing organs. They spilled out like blood rain that went everywhere.

Lou Jius body leaned forward. His eyes were popping out of their sockets. His hands reached in Gong Shu Jins direction as if he was asking for his help, but he had no more lifeforce.

Gong Shu Jin was shocked and angry. He watched Lou Jiu die with his eyes open, staining the garden with his blood. His face looked like it had a pair of 10,000-year-old eyes.

Han Sen went back to the hotel. He saw Jian Bu Gu and Mister Yang waiting for him in the living room. He walked in and asked, "Is there any way for us to prevent harm from a gene race."

He was not afraid of organ-eating bugs, but he knew the people next to him would be harmed. Fortunately, Jian Bu Gu was there this time. What if he was not around the next time?

This time, organ-eating bugs had been used. Next time, it was likely to be something scarier. There was a chance it would be something his body could not block.

Mister Yang was silent a moment before saying, "There is. There is a gene race called listen. It can identify gene races. If you get close to a gene race, a listen can find out about it. But these listens are just a legend. No one has seen any before. There are gene races with similar power. If their levels are too low, they can only sense other low-level gene races. They cannot sense all the gene races. It would be very rare."

Han Sen looked at Jian Bu Gu, who nodded and said, "That gene race is very rare. If the level is too low, it would not do much. Ordinary gene casters use lamp grass bugs. Its the same type of gene race, and the level of a lamp grass bug is a viscount. They can only detect earls at the most, and it is very weak when it comes to water element gene races. Even with a lamp grass bug near, you cannot sense a marquise organ-eating bug."

After pausing, Jian Bu Gu went on to say, "There is a gene race that can sense a lot of things. Although it is just king class, if a god class gene race entered the area, it would be able to detect its presence. Its just that this gene races gene eggs are very rare. From what I know, Lu Shis shop has a few, but they are wild adults. They can put them in the house, but they cannot be brought around. That does not do much."

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