Super God Gene Chapter 3079

Chapter 3079 Holy Light River

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Holy Light River was on the highest highland on Planet Gu Ya called Mi La Di Ya. It was the highest river there. It had the name "river in the sky."

The number of people that dared to go there were few. The entire length of Holy Light River was a few dozen thousands of miles long. It had countless smaller rivers branching off it too. Wherever the river reached, it was in proximity with a super big land pulse. In the past few billions of years, God only knew how many gene races had been birthed by it.

The gene races there were not just high level. They evolved a lot. The scarier thing about it all was that there were many different types of species. They all had weird powers, and people could not predict them.

Although Han Sens body was strong, he was suppressed by this world. His detection senses were slow, so it was hard to discover rare gene races before they disappeared.

One branch of Holy Light River, called Little Piano River, had a teleport station. After Han Sen exited the teleport station, he headed for Little Piano River.

The pure light salamanders lived in the areas that contained shallower waters. People seldomly saw them chilling on the shores, but they were very rare creatures. They were difficult to find in any position.

Little Piano River was very cold, and there were not many people there. Due to the fact it was so dangerous, few people ventured there.

With great care, Han Sen proceeded. In no time at all, he saw many gene races. In the sky, there were many avian gene races in flight. In the very clear river, Peking ducks and swan-like gene races were playing around. He also saw a gene race in the river that looked like a giraffe.

On both sides of the river, he could barely see loads of weird small beasts and bug-type gene races flying

There were too many gene races there. Although most of them were low-level and not harmful, who knew if there were more dangerous types just lurking in wait?

Han Sen did not know much about gene races. He did not know which were dangerous and which to look out for. Before he went there, he had bought a book about gene races. When he arrived, he noticed that the book did not help him as much as he thought it would.

There were too many gene races. In only a few moments, he had seen a few dozen types of them. If he had to check them all out, it would take him an entire day.

Because his body was invincible, and he had the blood ghost spirit, Han Sen could just gnash his teeth and get on with it. He headed for Little River Piano and dived in. He followed the river and checked around the bank, hoping to find one of the pure light salamanders.

Han Sen did not summon a gene race because the pure light salamander was very sensitive to gene races. With gene races all around, Han Sen was unable to see the pure light salamander. Even if there was one nearby, it would have left already.

Fortunately, not all gene races liked to attack humans. Most gene races just let humans be. Some gene races were even scared of humans. When Han Sen got close to them, they just ran away.

"It looks like Holy Light River is not as scary as the stories claim it to be," Han Sen thought.

A group of black swans was swimming atop the river. The surface shared the same color as the sky. It was like the sky and the sea had blended. The black swan looked as if it was swimming in the sky.

The smell of the grass, woods, and flowers were in his nose. They made Han Sen feel very cool and comfortable.

It was a shame that the entire way, he had been unable to find a trace of a pure light salamander. Han Sen had to keep walking, flicking through the book in search of a rare gene race. He could still turn those into eggs and sell them.

He was unable to find a pure light salamander the whole way. If he could not do that, he would have to earn a lot of money to spend a lot of money at Lu Shis emporium. At least, he could purchase a wild pure light salamander there to turn into an egg.

After half a day, he had been unsuccessful in getting anything. There were many gene races, but most of them were worthless. Han Sen could not be bothered to bring any of them home with him.

While he was walking, he saw a person standing near the river. The person looked like he was in his 20s, but he also looked very strong. The most eye-catching thing about him was his lack of hair. He had a big bald head that could reflect ones face.

The big baldie was standing near Little Piano River. He was looking down the river, but it was difficult to determine what exactly he was after.

"Did he find a rare gene race? Maybe he found a pure light salamander." Han Sens heart jumped. He went toward the big baldie. As he walked, he asked, "Friend, what are you looking at?"

The big baldie ignored him and continued staring into the river. He was like a focused fisherman, but his hands lacked a fishing apparatus.

Han Sen observed the mans face and noted how happy he looked. This just amped up his curiosity.

Han Sen walked up to the big bald man and asked, "Friend, are you OK?" Again, the big baldie just ignored him.

Han Sen thought this was weird. He didnt know what was wrong with the bald guy, so he tried looking toward where the man was looking

Beneath the feet of the big bald guy was the river. The depth of the running water was only a foot deep. The river was very clear. It looked like a seamless crystal in perfect condition. One could see right through and admire the rivers bed.

Han Sen had a closer look. It seemed as if, aside from He Shi cobblestone, there were no fish or shrimp. At the very least, there was not a pure light salamander there.

Han Sen looked at the bald man and asked, "Friend, what are you looking at?"

The bald man behaved as if he had not heard anything. He continued to stand where he was and stare at the river. If it was not for the fact he was still breathing, Han Sen would have taken him for a dead man.

"What is this guy doing? Is there something nice in the river that I cannot see?" Han Sen felt confused. He looked to the portion of the river the bald man was looking toward.

This time, Han Sen was focused and clear. He looked at that spot over and over. He did not miss a grain of sand, yet there was still nothing. Nope. There really wasnt anything. Down in the water was just thatvery clear water. There was not even a touch of moss.

Han Sen looked at the bald man. Seeing him remain so focused, it did not look as if he was pretending all this either. Han Sen frowned and examined him a bit closer. After a while, he did not think this was right.

"This bald mans focus does not seem to be at the bottom of the river. It is above the river!" Han Sens heart jumped. He looked at the surface.

The surface had nothing either. If there was, Han Sen should have been able to see it.

The clear water was like a mirror. It reflected the image of two people. Han Sen suddenly realized the bald man seemed to be looking at his own reflection.

"What is wrong with him? Why is he looking at himself in the water?" Han Sen looked down into his own reflection. After looking, even Han Sen was frozen. Beautiful. Very beautiful. Han Sen never noticed he had grown up so handsomely. The reflection of himself looked like some rare, beautiful man. He looked at himself once. It looked as if he was in love. It was like seeing a beautiful woman for the first time and not being able to take ones eyes off her. It made ones heart jump like a mad deer.

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