Super God Gene Chapter 3082

Chapter 3082 Sea Dragon Woman

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Han Sen threw a punch into the water. The water exploded. The womans reflection shattered with the waves. In between the shattered waves of water, he saw the woman twist her smile.

When the waters surface was calm again, Han Sen had another look. The reflection in the water was his face. He was not seeing the woman again.

Han Sen knew this was not over yet. He had not managed to kill the big sky demon. He did not know how to kill the big sky demon.

Bald Guy looked at Han Sen and asked with confusion, "Are you OK?".

"It is nothing. I was just mistaken. I thought there was a gene race in the water," Han Sen casually explained as he carried on his way.

On the way, he kept having a glimpse at the reflection in the water. He only saw his face. The big sky demon was not revealing itself again.

Bald Guy followed Han Sen and asked, "Brother, where are you going?"

Han Sen did not answer. He frowned and asked, "Why are you following me?"

Bald Guy smiled. "Holy Light River is a dangerous place. It is good to have more people, so you can watch out for each other. Are you going to hunt gene races or dig up gene eggs? If you are, I can help." "There is no need for any of that." Han Sen rolled his eyes and readied himself to leave. He had seen people who were shameless before, but he had never seen someone this bad before. He was the one who had just been saved, yet he was talking like that. That was a rare sort of genius. "That is fine," Bald Guy said. "What is your name? I remember all the handsome men in Jade Wall City, but I have never seen you before." He was obviously not very shy. He was happy asking Han Sen all sorts of questions.

"If you do not leave now and you encounter danger again, I will not save you," Han Sen said.

Bald Guy thumped his chest and said, "If it is not some scary existence like the big sky demon, it cannot do anything to me. I am Bald Guy! Dont worry. With me here, even if there are some scary creatures around, I can guarantee your protection."

Han Sen was speechless. He could not be bothered talking to him, so he maintained his silence and kept on walking.

Regarding people like Gong Shu Jin, if he wanted to murder another, he did not have to commit the deed himself.

Mister God Shu was famous. Who knew how many God-Pulses that had shocked the universe they had managed to dig up? They had countless high-level gene eggs, and they had many powerful gene casters as followers. There were many gene casters like Lou Jiu in Gong Shy Manor.

Plus, a lot of those bosses were trying to have a good relationship with Mister Gong Shu. He only had to say a word and many elites and nobles would scramble to kill for him.

Having a few gene casters die was fine if they earned favor with Mister Gong Shu. The nobles thought such favor was worth the lives of a few gene casters.

Lou Jiu had died in front of Gong Shu Jin. That made him feel humiliated. He decided to send someone else to murder Han Sen. He wanted to see Han Sen die in front of him. It would have to be a nice and slow death.

Gong Shu Jin was not a reckless person. Although he hated Han Sen and wanted to murder him, he had to be very careful about it. He brought together a group of loyal gene casters and hired a gene caster who Mister Gong Shu took more seriously. His name was Hua Nong Yue.

Hua Nong Yue was saved from a land pulse by Mister Gong Shu. To pay Mister Gong Shu back for saving him, Hua Nong Yue followed Mister Gong Shu. Otherwise, with his power, he would not have been the best mister.

Hua Nong Yue followed Gong Shu Jins father for 50 years, but his face still looked as if he was around 20 years old. He looked rather handsome. He had to be one of the most handsome men in Jade Wall City.

At the same time, Gong Shu Jin knew the trick Hua Nong Yue would use. Although he was very proud, in front of Hua Nong Yue, he was very polite.

Gong Shu Jin looked at Hua Nong Yue and politely said, "Uncle Hua, we have located that kid. What do you think we should do?"

Hua Nong Yue was holding a fan, but he did not open it. He put it in his other hand, smiled, and said, "Judging from the trace, another person is accompanying him. We should figure out who that other person is before doing anything."

"That is easy." Gong Shu Jin said to one of the older men present, "Old Zhao, you can do this."

"Do not worry, Mister," the old man replied. He summoned a gene race that looked like an eagle. He combined with it and became an eagle-faced monster. He flapped his wings and flew into the sky. He was headed to Han Sens location.

Gong Shu Jin smiled at Hua Nong Yue and said, "Old Zhao has the title Hawk-Eye Old Zhao. He combines with the spirit eye eagle. It is king class, but it is very powerful. It can enable your vision to see an ant that is 100 miles away. It is very good for investigative work."

Hua Nong Yue nodded. He smiled and did not say anything.

On his way, Han Sen had been thinking about how he might best remove the presence of Bald Guy, but the guy was like candy. He could not get rid of him.

Bald Guy pulled Han Sen closer. He pointed to the mountain and said, "Brother Han, dont go yet. I think this place has gene eggs here."

"Do you have land-pulse skills?" Han Sen was shocked. He looked at Bald Guy. The man was so big, but he did not look like the sort of person that could learn land pulses.

Bald Guy laughed. "Of course, my master is one of the third best misters in the Qin Kingdom. I am very good at looking for land pulses and digging up gene eggs. I am not as good as him, but I am better than most misters."

"Thats good. You dig gene eggs here. There is something I need to go do in the meantime." After speaking, Han Sen readied himself to go on ahead.

With Bald Guy following him, he could not use the Xuan Yellow Sutra and turn gene races into an egg. He had already wasted so many opportunities as it was.

"Brother Han, listen to me. Look here. Two streams are coming into one. When it comes to land-pulse skills, this landscape is called Sea Dragon Woman. It says that where the dragons come together is where you will get gene eggs." After that, Bald Guy had a look around. He kept checking and saying, "Holy Light River is a super big land pulse. The magnetic forces here are very strong. There is a Sea Dragon Woman here, so the gene egg must be very unique. Brother Han, you saved my life earlier. The gene egg here is how I am going to pay you back. I will give you all the spoils."

"Really? Is what you are saying true?" Han Sen looked at Bald Guy with a bit of distrust. He thought Bald Guy did not look like a good mister.

Bald Guy thumped his chest loudly. "I will say that if you cannot find any high-class gene eggs, I can give you my big bald head for a gene egg."

"I dont need your head." Han Sen wanted to laugh.

"Indeed. But here, there wont be any high-class gene eggs. Therell be at least king class gene eggs, and god gene eggs if you are lucky. Just trust me this one time, Brother Han." Bald Guy looked fairly sincere.

Han Sen did not take gene eggs seriously, but he did want to see if Bald Guy was useful. He stopped trying to leave, followed Bald Guy, and started digging.

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