Super God Gene Chapter 3083

Chapter 3083 Blood Dragon Flies To The Sky

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That parcel of land had a lot of dark red grass. It looked different when compared to other places. Aside from that place, everywhere else was green and jade-like. Only that parcel of land was dark red.

Bald Guy said it was called dragon grass, but it wasnt just the name of this grass. Any grass that was close to the Sea Dragon Womans area would become dark red and be titled dragon grass.

Han Sen did not know what that meant. He let the man keep going on about it all. According to Bald Guys location, they both started to dig. After digging nine to 12 feet into the earth, they had yet to discover a gene egg.

Han Sen sat next to the hole and had a swig of water. He looked at Bald Guy and asked, "Bald Guy, are you a genuinely reliable fellow?"

Bald Guy felt weird. "I do not think I am wrong. This really is the Sea Dragon Woman. The gene egg should not be too deep inside the Sea Dragon Woman, so I do wonder why there is nothing here yet."

Bald Guy kept digging while he spoke. He pushed his shovel down once more. Springwater suddenly flooded the hole where the shovel was.

Han Sen saw the spring water appear. It was red. Han Sen shockingly asked, "This cannot be an evil spirit spring, can it?" "You know what an evil spirit spring is," Bald Guy said. He looked happy about it. "This is not an evil spirit spring. This is dragon blood. Only the Sea Dragon Womans land pulse can conjure this sort of weird scene. Not every Sea Dragon Woman would present dragon blood water. If dragon blood water has shown up, it proves one thing. It proves that whatever lies inside this land pulse is something of extreme value. The gene egg will not be anything bad. I can guarantee you that. You can be sure that it is a god-class gene egg below here."

Han Sen looked at the blood water that was moving with interest. The blood water was red, but it was not an evil sort of red. It was bright and not at all dirty. It did not incite a scary feeling. It seemed lively. It did not smell bloody either. It had a rather pleasant fragrance.

The dragon blood spring sprang out a few feet high. When it was touched by sunlight, it turned into a bloody sort of fog. It was like a blood dragon flying into the sky and clouds.

Hawk-Eye Old Zhao was flying in the clouds. He saw the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene. He then saw Han Sen and Bald Guy.

He did not know what a dragon blood water weird scene was. He hid in the clouds for a while, confirming that the two were trying to dig up a gene egg. He then secretly flew away.

Hawk-Eye Old Zhao reported the situation to Gong Shu Jin and Hua Nong Yue. They both looked at each other. Gong Shu Jin said, "That guy is lucky. He found a Sea Dragon Woman land pulse, and he found a dragon blood water. There must be some good gene eggs there. That is great. Kill them and take the egg. That will pay back Mister Lous life."

Gong Shu Jin got ready to send someone out while Han Sen and Bald Guy were busy digging up the gene egg. While they were occupied was the time to strike. Before any order was made, Hua Nong Yue stopped him and said, "Do not be hasty, Mister. Lets not alert them yet."

"Uncle Hua, are you worried about the other person?" Gong Shu Jin asked. "You do not need to worry. I know Bald Guy. He is Mister Weis student, Xia Yu Fei. His nickname is Bald Guy. He is associated with a little towns leader. With his identity and resources, he does not have what it takes to be a student of Mister Wei. It was just because when Mister Wei was near that little town digging a gene egg, danger befell him. Xia Yu Feis father saved him, and he begged Mister Wei to accept Xia Yu Fei as a student. He does not have anyone in Jade Wall City, and he is not very knowledgeable. If he is smart, let him live. If he is not smart, kill him. It is no big deal either way."

Hua Nong Yue shook his head. "I know about Xia Yu Fei, but it is not because of him."

After pausing, Hua Nong Yue looked at Hawk-Eye Old Zhao and asked, "When you looked at the dragon blood water, did you see some blood air like a dragon flying into the clouds?"

Hawk-Eye Old Zhao thought for a moment and replied, "I do not know if that was like a real dragon, but I know the spring water was like a bloody fog in the sky. It looked like a blood dragon tornado."

"That is correct. That must be the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene." Hua Nong Yue touched his fan as he spoke. "Blood dragon flying into the sky?" When Gong Shu Jin heard those words, he was shocked. He was then absolutely thrilled. "Yes! Why did I not think of that? If it really is a blood dragon flying into the sky"

Before Gong Shu Jin finished, he had Hawk-Eye Old Zhao describe the scene again.

After hearing what was said, Gong Shu Jin was even happier. He bowed to Hua Nong Yue. "Thank you for reminding me, Uncle Hua. If you hadnt, I might have ruined this entire thing."

Hua Nong Yue smiled. "You flatter me too much. You have the old misters knowledge. You are much stronger than me. If you saw it, you would recognize it. It is only because I did not explain clearly that you did not know. When I followed the old mister, I saw a blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene with him. That is how I know about it."

"Uncle Hua has so much experience," Gong Shu Jin said. "You must teach me more sometime." He bowed again, pretending to be humble.

Hua Nong Yue was silent a moment before saying, "The blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene is very rare. There must be a top-class gene egg there, but that weird scene is dangerous. If it is not handled well, things might turn out terribly. I think Xia Yu Fei has only seen the blood dragon water. They do not know the danger of the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene. If they did, they would have stopped digging already." Gong Shu Jin nodded. "I remember the books state that when the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene appears, one will die. To get the gene egg in a blood dragon flying into the sky, one person must be sacrificed to claim the gene egg. Is that really true?" Hua Nong Yue nodded. "Indeed. When I followed Old Mister to see that blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene, we did not discover it first. There was another very famous mister already digging the land pulse. That mister died a horrible death. That is how we were able to retrieve the gene egg without any problems."

"How did he die?" Gong Shu Jin asked with curiosity.

"I dont know," Hua Nong Yue said. "He was fine the first day. On the second day, when we went there, he was dead in the land pulse. He died weirdly. His body was not damaged, but his body was blood red. He was curled up like a cooked shrimp."

Gong Shu Jin laughed. "That is good. Let Han Sen and Bald Guy dig it up. When they break the blood dragon flying into the sky, that is when we take over. If Han Sen dies like that, he had it coming."

Han Sen and Xia Yu Fei waited for the dragon blood to run dry. They waited for half an hour.

Finally, the dragon blood in the hole was gone.

Xia Yu Fei was dying to keep searching. Han Sen wanted to jump in too, but he felt hesitant. He did not think it was safe.

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