Super God Gene Chapter 3087

Chapter 3087 Exclusive Gene Race

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The purple gene egg was godly. With the way it glowed, it looked like something abnormal.

Han Sen was just holding the gene egg, but the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse was already reacting to it. It was wandering aroundit.

"That is not normal. This is a gene egg that was born from a blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene. It would be normal for it to be affected by a blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse." Han Sens heart jumped. Blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse air started to spill. It flowed into the gene egg.

This time, Han Sen did not have to draw his own blood for the gene egg to hatch. Surrounded by a shiny, glowing, purple light, the gene eggs shell started to melt. It quickly disappeared. It revealed the gene race inside the gene egg.

It was a small snake with purple scales. It was the size of a chopstick. It was that small.

The scales of its body were extremely beautiful. It was like they were formed with purple crystals. The eyes of the creature were like purple gems. They glistened with purple light.

The blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse was bursting. The small snake was sucked into the Sea of Soul.

"Got mutant god-class gene race blood dragon."

Blood dragon: Mutant god-class gene race (juvenile blood god dragon exclusive gene race) Han Sen was shocked. He was wondering, "What is an exclusive gene race?"

He summoned the blood god dragon and tried it a few times. Han Sen finally knew what an exclusive gene race meant. He also better understood the God Spirit Blood-Pulse.

When Han Sen used the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse and another gene race, it did not make much difference when compared to him using a gene race normally. His gene combined skill was not any stronger. If it was used under the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse mode, and he used the blood god dragon, it made the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse increase.

From what Han Sen understood, the God Spirit Blood-Pulse provided the most basic powers. As to how he could use the God Spirit Blood-Pulse power, it required a gene race to finish.

When Han Sen used the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse, it only increased power. If it combined with a blood god dragon, it turned that power into blood god dragon gene combined skills. It made the gene combined skill limitlessly increase in power.

A newborn blood god dragon did not have much power when used with a gene combine skill. When it had the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse buff, the gene combined skill power was better than an adult blood god dragon.

Of course, to receive that buff, the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse exclusive gene race was required. Non-exclusive gene races did not receive the advantages.

The blood god dragons gene combine skill was a blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene. It was a very overbearing attack skill. When it had the God Spirit Blood-Pulse buff, it was really overbearing even if it was still a juvenile. If the blood god dragon reached its ultimate body, at that time, the power would be unimaginable.

"I got the blood god dragon and blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse. That is very good, but I did make an enemy out of Gong Shu Zhi. That guy is a master-class mister. His subordinates will be powerful, and he will have lots of scary gene eggs. I am not afraid of him, but Mister Yang and the others will have to be. I have to go get a pure light salamander soon." Han Sen stopped hesitating. He followed the stream, going as fast as he could to reach Autumn Leaves River.

Han Sen was in a hurry to get there. On his way, he was not in the mood to hunt other gene eggs. He was going as fast as he could to reach Autumn Leaves River. He was hiding near the shore, looking for a pure light salamander.

Autumn Leaves River was just a branching river, but it was still a thousand miles long. He did not know where the pure light salamanders were.

When Han Sen arrived at the river, he looked into the water of the river and realized his reflection had become the big sky demon again. She smiled at him.

Han Sen could not figure out a way to deal with her. He pretended he did not see anything

"Do you want to find a pure light salamander? I can help you, my little lover." This time, the big sky demon was worse. She turned into his shadow and spoke to him.

"OK. How can you help?" Han Sen smiled as if he was talking to a friend.

The big sky demon was shocked. She smiled harder. "Follow the river. When you see a white jade cliff, you will see the pure light salamander."

After that, the big sky demons reflection was gone. Han Sens reflection was ordinary again. Han Sen could not find it, so he just did what the big sky demon told him. He followed the river. When it was nighttime, he saw the river had a canyon. The two sides were composed of white jade-like stone that emitted a crystal, holy light. It looked very weird. Han Sen carefully snuck to one side of the wall. He looked into the water. He saw three one-foot-long creatures that looked like Chinese giant salamanders. The pure light salamanders, however, were cuter. They were playing around in the water.

The holy light salamanders looked like white jade. Their eyes looked like black gems and were very cute.

Han Sen hid inside the mountain for a while. He saw the three pure light salamanders swimming around. Their bodies were releasing a holy light. Their skin was like transparent jade.

"I am so sorry." Han Sens body was like a hawk as he jumped up. He sprinted toward the water while casting the Xuan Yellow Sutra. He suddenly broke the river water and attacked the three pure light salamanders. Han Sen did not use a gene race. The three pure light salamanders were unable to sense him beforehand. By the time they realized danger was near, it was already too late. One punch took out a salamander. One by one, Han Sen turned them into agate-like eggs.

In Gong Shu Manor, Gong Shu Zhis eyes were red. His old tears continued to pour.

Gong Shu Zhi was very famous. He had many wives, but Gong Shu Jin was his only son. Now, his son had been murdered. How could he not be sad and angry?

"Master, I found out the man is called Han Sen. He did not have any relations with Mister Jin, but Mister Jin was courting the singer Feng Fei Fei. He encountered this person in Night Cry Valley." A person who looked like an old servant was reporting to Gong Shu Zhi. "No matter what my son did wrong, he should not have killed him. I will avenge my sons death!" Gong Shu Zhi looked frozen, but his eyes glimmered with evilness.

"Mister Jin only investigated Han Sen once, but he managed to find out he was from a town called Ancient God City," the old servant said. "I think the investigation must have come to an incorrect conclusion. Should I start over?"

Gong Shu Zhi shook his head. "There is no need to. It does not matter where he is from. This place is Big Qin Capital. I just need to know he is not some high-level person from the capital. No matter who he is, he will pay the price of blood for what he did to my son."

Speaking of that, Gong Shu Zhi looked murderous. He coldly asked, "As for Feng Fei Fei, did my son not like her? Let her be with my son in case he gets lonely down there."

The old servant worriedly said, "Master, that is not a good thing. Feng Fei Fei is one of the three most popular singers. She is like the singer queen. She has many powerful people supporting her. Even the real big nobles admire her. I am afraid"

"I have my ways, and they will all have to die with my son!" Gong Shu Zhis eyes looked very angry.

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