Super God Gene Chapter 3088

Chapter 3088 Beautiful Woman Coming

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The Holy Light River was very dangerous. There were a few places not even Han Sen dared to go. He was not afraid of dying. He was just afraid of being trapped and not being able to get out.

Fortunately, he received guidance from Feather Fairy. He knew a lot about the region. Through the advice he had been given, Han Sen was able to avoid many of the pitfalls and perils. He was able to find the pure light salamanders he sought and safely make it back to the teleporter. On his way back, he also managed to obtain another dozen viscount-class and earl-class gene eggs. He planned to use them to keep the shop running.

After returning to the hotel, he was relieved to find Mister Yang and the others were still safe.

"Everyone, gather around. I have something to tell you all." Han Sen summoned them all and explained to them that he had murdered Gong Shu Jin on Planet Gu Ya. By doing that, he told them he had offended Gong Shu Zhi. He did not go into the specifics. Mister Yang and the others had their mouths wide open, but they were unable to say anything

"Mister, the Gong Shu Zhi you are talking about Is it the Gong Shu Zhi that is a very famous mister in the Qin Kingdom?" Master Yang asked. He had a hard time believing this tale was true.

"Yes, it is him," Han Sen said. "So, what comes next might be perilous. He could very well come at us, seeking vengeance. That means you, my friends, will be caught up in all this. Following me is too dangerous. If you people have someplace else to go, take money from the shop and leave. Start a life elsewhere, free from the strife that comes with me."

Mister Yang immediately said, "I have already chosen to follow you. I am not going to run just because I am afraid of danger. Besides, this is the capital of the Qin Kingdom. Not even Gong Shu Zhi can do something too obvious."

Li Bing Yu coldly thought, "Why would Han Sen suddenly kill Gong Shu Jin? Is there some ulterior motive to all this? Did Crown Prince Bai Qin request him to do this? Is it something else entirely?"

When she saw Han Sen looking at her, she immediately looked cold and said, "I still owe you. I am not going to leave your side. It is good that Gong Shu Zhi is coming after you. It will give me the chance to protect and pay you back."

Jian Bu Gu merely smiled. He did not plan on leaving either. Jian Shi clutched You, not willing to leave.

"If you guys are stalwart and unwilling to leave, and something dangerous happens and that results in death, dont take it out on me." After pausing, Han Sen said to Mister Yang, "Old Yang, you go and prepare. Rest up tonight. Tomorrow, you are coming to Planet Gu Ya with me. You need to help me locate a land pulse."

Han Sen was planning to take Mister Yang with him to see Feather Fairy and get the God Spirit Blood-Pulse for him. That way, he could use gene eggs. "Right now, the situation is very dangerous," Li Bing Yu said. "There will be a danger on the road. Shouldnt I be accompanying you guys?"

Han Sen casually replied, "There is no need. You stay here and take care of Mister Jian and You." He took out a gene egg and handed it to Mister Yang.

Mister Yang accepted the gene egg. He felt strange. He had heard Planet Gu Ya had many land pulses, but Han Sen was only out there for two days and had received many gene eggs. That was a bit too shocking.

Han Sen returned to his room and rested. Everyone did their own things. Li Bing Yu returned to her room. She had been thinking about this whole thing.

Her thoughts were too complicated. She thought this could be a grand, political conspiracy. Otherwise, no one would have gone and murdered a son who was so famous.

She thought about it for a long time, but she could not come up with a solid lead. She went to the bathroom and took a hot shower.

She wrapped a towel around her and came out. She went before the mirror, ready to tidy up in front of it. When she saw the mirror in front of her, she was shocked. In the mirror, her face was very beautiful and white. She had a small waist and a big bum. Her face structure was very defined. She was like the ultimate pretty woman. It made her think she was really pretty.

"Oh, no!" Li Bing Yu realized something, but it was too late. She was unable to avert her gaze from the mirror. Her eyes looked very loving. It looked as if she was in love.

Li Bing Yus will was quite strong. If Han Sen had been unable to fight something like that, there was no way she could resist. Not long later, she sank into falling in love with her reflection.

That reflection had not changed at all. In Li Bing Yus eyes, the reflection in the mirror was slowly changing. It turned into the image of Han Sen.

Han Sen was lying on the bed, thinking about how to deal with whatever method of revenge Gong Shu Zhi would try. He wasnt just going to sit and wait for Gong Shu Zhi to attack. If Gong Shu Zhi was going to treat him like an enemy, he knew it would be best for him to strike first. While he was thinking, he suddenly heard the door be pushed open. He frowned.

Mister Yang and the others would not have just pushed the door like that. If it was someone sent by Gong Shu Zhi, they would not enter so obviously either.

Han Sen was confused. He looked toward the door and was shocked. He saw a pretty woman with only a white towel around her. Her boobs were very white and full. He could even see her butt crack. Her long, white legs made him dizzy.

She had long, half-wet hair that looked like a waterfall. Her eyes were dripping with lust. It made Han Sen freeze in his place.

"Ghost Kill, what is it?" Han Sen was frozen. He recognized her as Ghost Kill. She always wore the night ghost mask and was always cold. Now, however, she was behaving differently. If Han Sen was not an alert man, he would have thought of her as a completely different person and not Ghost Kill.

Li Bing Yu did not speak. She closed the door and locked it behind her. She then behaved like a wild, hungry cat as she approached the bed. She crawled up and placed her hands on Han Sens shoulder. Her eyes, which looked so in love, were only three inches away from Han Sen. With her tongue, she licked his cheeks.

"Are you insane?" Han Sen pushed Li Bing Yus shoulders to stop her from getting any closer.

Although there were some nice things to see, Han Sen felt as if something was wrong. This was obviously not Ghost Kill.

Li Bing Yu was not stopping. She felt as if the man in front of her was the one she would love forever. She wanted to give him everything and take everything of his.

Her whole body was lying on top of Han Sen. There was a gasp that made people jump. As Han Sen frowned, he suddenly heard the big sky demons voice. "Do you like this woman? If you are willing, I can make all the pretty women come into your arms. I can have them all fall in love with you like mad. They will do anything for you. They will give you their lives."

The shadow of the big sky demon was right next to Han Sen. Her lips nibbled Han Sens ears. As she spoke, it was like there was some perfume being sprayed onto Han Sens ears that made him itch.

"Of course, I like pretty women, but I do not like dolls that are being controlled," Han Sen coldly said. His eyes looked still. They were like arrows, piercing into Li Bing Yus luxurious eyes.

Li Bing Yu felt a chill. She woke up from the love spell. Her entire body was lying on Han Sen like a wild cat. Her arms were still around his neck. They stared at each other in that position.

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