Super God Gene Chapter 3089

Chapter 3089 Going To The Mountain And Asking A God For Help

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Li Bing Yus face turned red. She looked as if she had been electrified as she leaped off Han Sen. She grabbed the white towel, covered her body, and ran out of Han Sens room.

Big sky demons power was too strong. It was an irresistible power. Li Bing Yu was able to see what was happening, but there was nothing she could do to stop it. It was not done by her own will, but she could not resist the temptation of the demon.

Li Bing Yu knew it had to be the power of some gene race, but she did not know it was the big sky demon. She thought about that as possibly being Gong Shu Zhis revenge.

"Damn, that Gong Shu Zhi! If you want to exact revenge, go after him yourself. How dare he use that gene race on me." Li Bing Yu was back in her room. She looked terrible. After being forced to watch the things she did to Han Sen, she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

After Li Bing Yu departed, Han Sen examined his room. He did not see the big sky demon anymore. The demon was able to just come and go. Not even Han Sen could detect if she had really been present.

"I need to find a way to get rid of her. I cant just have someone keep following me. It is starting to get annoying." Han Sen frowned because he could not think of a way to achieve that.

He took out a pure light salamander egg and placed it in his hand. He tried to use the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse power to activate it and see if he could turn it into a blood god dragon exclusive gene race. Han Sen was disappointed by the results. Perhaps it was because there was some elemental conflict, but the blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse did not connect with the pure light salamander. The power could not enter the pure light salamander.

There was no way, so Han Sen had to drop his blood onto the pure light salamanders egg. The pure light salamander soon hatched.

The pure light salamander that hatched was a big, jade white tadpole. Its body and claws were small. Its body was half-transparent. It looked as if it was a carving on some old jade. It looked very tiny and cute.

"Got king-class gene race pure light salamander." The announcement played.

Han Sen tried to combine with the pure light salamander. It was still a juvenile, so the pure light salamanders power was bound to be weak. Han Sen felt a purified power melt inside him. His head quickly grew a white jade horn. If a gene race entered the proximity, the jade horn emitted a response. According to the gene-race element, the horn changed color to reflect what it was.

Although the horn was not ugly, it looked sort of ridiculous. Han Sen had no desire to accept it. He immediately disconnected from the pure light salamander and allowed the pure light salamander to maintain its shape. He put it in his pocket.

Although they had not combined, the pure light salamander still detected gene races. Han Sen tried to summon the blood ghost spirit. Upon that happening, the horn of the pure light salamander turned red.

Because it was a baby, the pure light salamander was unable to detect the presence of gene races at a long distance. At best, it only sensed if there was a gene race within 30 feet. For Han Sen, that was enough.

This was the Qin Kingdoms capital. They were not in the wild. He only needed it to halt any potential assassination attempts.

"I wonder if the pure light salamander can detect the big sky demon." Han Sen checked out the pure light salamander, but he did not notice a reaction. Perhaps the big sky demon was not nearby, or the salamander could simply not detect the big sky demon.

"With the pure light salamander around, things will be much safer. I need to help Mister Yang get a God Spirit Blood-Pulse first." Han Sen decided to take Mister Yang to Feather Fairys god temple.

In Gong Shu Manor, an old servant stopped in front of Gong Shu Zhi.

"Master, the hotel said they were unable to find a shred of skin or hair of Han Sen," the old man worriedly said.

"How were they not able to? Did they not perform their tasks properly?" Gong Shu Zhis face looked troubled.

The servant said, "It is not because they did not do it right. I disguised myself as a cleaner when entering Han Sens room, but I was unable to find hide nor hair from him. There was not even a speck of dandruff. I think he is well-prepared."

"If things are really like that, then he must be an elite." Gong Shu Zhi frowned and asked, "What is going on with Yaer?"

"Yaer is Feng Fei Feis best friend," the old servant said. "During the past few days, she used the excuse of celebrating Feng Fei Feis birthday to stay at her house. It should not be difficult finding Feng Fei Feis hair. It should be here soon."

"I see. In that case, lets allow Feng Fei, that little b*tch, to join my son." Gong Shu Zhi looked cold. "Master, if we cannot get Han Sens skin or hair, the si ming demon race cannot be used," the old servant worriedly said. "How would we deal with Han Sen then?" Gong Shu Zhi coldly laughed. "Old Mister has traveled the universe for a hundred years. I have dug up so many god pulses that shook the sky. I have more than one powerful gene race. I have more than just the si ming demon race. It will not be hard for me to kill someone. Get rid of that Feng Fei, that little b*tch, and then deal with him."

The next morning, Han Sen took Mister Yang with him to Planet Gu Ya.

After only walking for a little while, Mister Yang pointed at a mountain and said, "Mister, there is a formation like a tiger cave ahead of us. There should be a land pulse there. It is no wonder this is the capital. There are a lot more land pulses than there are in Ancient God Mountain."

Han Sen shook his head and smiled. "This time, I did not come for a land pulse."

Mister Yang was shocked. "You did not come here for a land pulse? Is there something we need to talk about? Is that why you brought me here?"

Han Sen casually said. "It is nothing big. I found a god temple in the mountains that does not have a leader, and there are God Spirits. So I am taking you there to see if I can get you a God Spirit Blood Pulse."

Mister Yang presented a wry smile. "Thank you, Mister. For the past few decades, I have been to many god temples, but I have been unable to get a God Spirit Blood-Pulse. An elite checked me out, but my bodys genes are just too bad. I cannot get a God Spirits blessing. I have already given up. There was no need for you to put effort into me." "Since we are here, we might as well still check it out." Han Sen smiled.

Seeing Han Sen like this, Mister Yang did not say anything. He still had no hope for this trip.

When he was young, he was like that. He had visited many god temples. If it was not 100, then it was 80. In the end, he was hopeless. No God Spirit imparted their blood to him.

Han Sen used the secret path Feather Fairy had told him about. He went to Holy Light Mountain. No danger was encountered on their way.

They met a few gene races, but Han Sen only had to use the blood ghost spirit to scare them away.

Quickly, the two of them were in front of a mountain, which was shrouded in holy light. The mountain was glowing. It was like where the sun rose. It looked very sunny and bright.

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