Super God Gene Chapter 3091

Chapter 3091 Birthday Party

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Mister Yang felt as if he was dreaming. He could not believe what was happening to him atop that Holy Light Mountain.

The superior, well-respected God Spirit had listened to Han Sens commands. He even referred to him as a mister.

Han Sen just casually told him to do something, and the God Spirit provided him with a perfect God Spirit Blood-Pulse. It made Mister Yang admire Han Sen even more.

"What is he really like? He was born inside a gene egg, but even God Spirits admire him. Can someone actually be as great as him?" Mister Yangs heart was trembling. Based on what he knew of the world, he could not imagine where Han Sen might have come from.

There was one thing Mister Yang knew for sure. Han Sen was more powerful than the god-blood nobles.

The god-blood nobles were able to be with gods, but that was because they were approved by the God Spirits and allowed to use their power. That relationship made it so they considered each other as equals.

He had never heard of a God Spirit being afraid of a god-blood noble. It was unimaginable.

"Mister, I am at this old age, yet now I have received a God Spirit Blood-Pulse. The greatest wish of my life has been fulfilled. There is nothing else I desire in this world. My life belongs to you in its entirety." Mister Yang bowed. He meant every word he said.

Although Mister Yang was very talented when it came to land pulse skills, and he was a hard worker, he did not have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse before this. Thus, he was never able to become a real mister. It resulted in people often being mean to him. He thought there was no more hope for him. Now, he had suddenly received a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, and it was a perfect Blood-Pulse. One was easily able to imagine how grateful he was.

Han Sen smiled, but he did not say anything. Some things could only be done and not be spoken of. How Mister Yang performed still depended on his power. It did not matter how many things he said.

"Here is a gene egg for you. You should hatch it. Carry it around with you. It is sure to prove very valuable to you." Han Sen put the pure light salamander gene egg in Mister Yangs hand. Mister Yang had a good amount of knowledge. Although he had never seen a pure light salamander egg in real life, he had seen it online. Now that he was seeing it for real, he was truly shocked. He could not believe it, so he had to ask Han Sen, "Mister Is this a pure light salamander egg?"

"I got lucky," Han Sen casually said. "I managed to get a few not too long ago."

"A few" Mister Yang was speechless. The pure light salamander was a king-class gene egg that was very rare. One of them could be sold for a very high price, and Han Sen had randomly managed to collect a few. He thought it was unbelievable.

"Right. With your identity, even God Spirits are polite to you. Getting a few pure light salamander gene eggs probably wasnt difficult to someone like you." Mister Yang did not believe he had been this lucky. Jian Bu Gu had only mentioned the pure light salamanders a few days ago. Now, Han Sen had managed to get a few. Even a true god descending from the sky would not have such luck.

Han Sen summoned the Holy Wen White Deer. He took Mister Yang back to the teleport station.

Although Jian Bu Gu was at the hotel, Jian Bu Gu had made a promise. He was not going to fight, even if his pacifism resulted in his death. Therefore, Han Sen was worried something might have happened.

Fortunately, nothing happened in the hotel during his absence. There was, however, a bald guy waiting in the living room. He was talking at an obnoxious volume. "Bald Guy, why are you here?" Han Sen frowned.

He had never told Bald Guy where he lived.

Bald Guy laughed. "Brother Han, this is the capital. If I wanted to find you, there is no way you could actually hide."

"Why have you come looking for me?" Han Sen did not want a connection with other people. To him, he was a foreigner of that world.

He was different from Qin Xiu, who wanted to break the rules and bring Qin Waner back to life. Han Sen had no such desire. He just wanted to go back to where he came from and do that alone. Therefore, there was no point in investing in something that didnt mean much to him. He didnt need to connect with various people.

"Of course, and that is a good thing," Bald Guy said. He took out a sheet of paper. The way he waved it in front of Han Sen was like he was showing off. "Do you know what this is?"

"No, I dont." Han Sen shook his head.

"Have a guess." Bald Guy looked excited.

"I am not guessing. If there is nothing important about your visit, you can leave. I am tired and require rest." Han Sen really wanted to get rid of him.

"Whatever. Let me tell you." Bald Guy pretended not to hear anything. With a cocky look, he waved the paper and said, "This is an invitation. It is an invitation to Feng Fei Feis birthday party. You know Feng Fei Fei. She is one of the three most popular singers. She is very talented. She will be the queen singer one day. She is quite beautiful. One smile is enough to drive men wild. Even the superior people of the Qin Kingdom arent getting many invitations."

After saying that, Bald Guy went next to Han Sens ear and whispered, "I am a good friend of Feng Fei Fei. Therefore, I was able to receive this invitation. You are my brother, so I am taking you to meet this pretty woman."

"I am not interested." Han Sen rejected him quickly. He had seen many pretty women in his life. To be fair, no human could be as pretty as Gu Qincheng.

Feng Fei Fei was pretty, but she was not pretty enough to shock Han Sen. Plus, he had seen Feng Fei Fei before, and she was nothing special.

"No way," Bald Guy said. "How are you not interested in Feng Fei Fei? Are you" He stared at Han Sen with a look of confusion.

Han Sens forehead developed black lines. "What are you thinking? I just dont want to waste my time on a woman."

"What woman? Feng Fei Fei is a woman that populates every mans dreams. Everyone knows that." Bald Guy laughed and went on to say, "Plus, this time, many powerful people are going to be there. I have heard many god-blood nobles will be going too. Even if you are not interested in meeting Feng Fei Fei, you should go and meet these people."

Han Sen thought Bald Guy was right. He did not know much about the Qin Kingdoms elites, and he did not know anything about god-blood nobles. It was probably best that he met them.

Bald Guy sensed that Han Sen was relenting, so he immediately tried harder to convince him. He finally convinced Han Sen to attend Feng Fei Feis birthday party.

While they were at the birthday party, Han Sen learned that the whole story about being a close friend was utter nonsense. They were in a big castle, and there were a thousand guests. Bald Guy was merely one of them, and he was only there to eat and drink. He did not get to see Feng Fei Fei personally.

Fortunately, Han Sen was not there for Feng Fei Fei. He ate with Bald Guy, who introduced him to the people around.

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