Super God Gene Chapter 3092

Chapter 3092 Singing

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"Do you see that guy who is acting all cocky?" Bald Guy asked as he looked in the mans direction. "That is one of the four big misters in Jade Wall City. He is Mister God One."

Han Sen looked over and saw a guy who was very handsome and elegant. He was like a sun surrounded by planets and girls. Seeing his attitude, one assumed he was very polite. He caught the attention of many people. There was no doubt he was frequently the center of attention. It was clear that he was not an ordinary person.

"Mister God One? Why is that name so weird?" Han Sen asked with confusion.

"God One is his title. His real name is Gong Zhen Jun. He has been quite famous since he was a child. He has always exceeded in all of his endeavors, and he has never been anything but first place. That is why his name is God One." With a look of disdain, Bald Guy said, "God One thinks he is quite handsome. In reality, he is just a pussy. Only the women who dont know much about him ever take him seriously."

"In that case, I am sorry." Han Sen and Bald Guy were whispering when someone sat down next to them. It was Mister God One. It was unknown when he had arrived next to them.

"I think this must be Mister Han Sen." Mister God One waved at Han Sen.

"How do you know my identity?" Han Sen was confused.

Mister God One mysteriously laughed. "Jade Wall Citys inner circle is very small. It is hard to hide something as big as you. The true demon mister, Gong Shu Jin, was murdered. It is nearly impossible to not know that. It is quite the headline. I can only suppose it was your handiwork."

"Mister God One, what are you implying?" Han Sen coldly asked. His expression did not change.

Mister God One laughed. "Mister Han, do not misunderstand my intent. I mean you no harm. Although it is merely just a rumor, the Gong Shu family has not revealed how Gong Shu Jin died. Besides, I see the fan that you are holding. I have seen Hua Nong Yue before. Now, Hua Nong Yue is missing too. That is why I made a funny implication."

Bald Guys expression changed, but Han Sen kept his cool. He looked at Mister God One and replied, "So what? Are you going to try and avenge Gong Shu Jin?"

Mister God One shook his head. "Mister Han, you misunderstand me. Although Gong Shu Jin was one of the four misters like me, I had little connection to him. I do not care whether he is alive or dead. I merely approached you to confirm my guess. I also wanted to get to know the elite who was capable of killing Gong Shu Jin."

"One of the four misters wants to meet me," Han Sen lackadaisically said. "Wow, I am so flattered."

Mister God One sighed. "What four misters? Perhaps commoners think that title is cool, but to real nobles, the name mister is just like a singer. It is for peoples entertainment, and thats it."

"The pleasure is all mine to be able to meet Mister Han. It is merely a shame we met so late. This is not the place to talk. We should talk some other time." Mister God One bowed and hastily left.

"Why is that guy so baffling?" Bald Guy was confused. He did not know why Mister God One had come over and said something so confusing and then just left.

Han Sen wanted to say something, but the focus of his attention turned to Feng Fei Fei. She had just arrived. She looked vastly different from how she did when Han Sen had seen her in Night Cry Valley. Feng Fei Fei now looked very radiant. She looked as if she had a holy light surrounding her. Her black hair was wavy, and it shone with a holy light.

If one looked into her holy eyes, it made them feel shy. It was like it was blasphemous to merely lay ones eyes on her. People with a weak will would have done all they could to avoid her gaze.

Feng Fei Fei was surrounded by many nobles. She was like a sun with planets orbiting around her. Although she was a born noble, it did not mask how impressive she was. She was a truly outstanding character.

Bald Guy looked at her with drool almost dripping out of his mouth. He said he was Feng Fei Feis very good friend, but he could not even get close to her. There was no chance of him getting close to Feng Fei Fei. Bald Guy excitedly said, "It is starting. It is finally starting!"

"What is starting?" Han Sen asked with confusion.

"At her birthday party every year, Feng Fei Fei performs a song to thank her guests for coming." Bald Guy looked at Feng Fei Fei, who was on the stage, with extreme excitement. His eyes nearly shifted into the shape of a heart.

Han Sen asked, "Cant you see Feng Fei Feis songs and videos on the Internet? What is so surprising?"

Bald Head disagreed and replied, "How can that be the same? There is a big difference between live and video performance. This time, it is live! If she combined her god-class gene race, sonic phoenix, you would not be able to hear it on the Internet."

After saying that, Bald Guy stopped. The entire party had become silent. Everything went dark. Suddenly, a womans voice took the stage.

The voice sounded like a fairy from heaven. Upon hearing it, ones heart was captured. It made people helplessly lose themselves in the acoustics of her vocal cords.

After a while, a light shone on the stage. As it slowly came into focus, it was in the shape of Feng Fei Fei. She looked like a real fairy. Her entire body seemed to glow with holy light. Her red lips opened. Her voice blared through the arena. It went into peoples hearts. They helplessly followed the beat, which kept changing up and down.

When the song reached the middle, the place was so quiet that not even the chirp of a bird was heard. Everyone was entranced. They looked at the fairy-like Feng Fei Fei with tears welling up in their eyes. Some of the sensitive women were bawling their eyes out. "Is singing a song like this necessary on her birthday?" Han Sen was speechless. Feng Fei Feis voice was not bad. If she did not have a sonic gene race, she would not have been so effective. He could only say that she was talented when it came to music and used a gene race very well. That didnt matter to him.

Han Sen did not understand music much. He only knew how to play a few songs on an ocarina, and he did not play them well.

The effects of a gene race did not work on him either. That was why Han Sen thought Feng Fei Fei was not bad. He was not touched by her music.

At the party, even the real nobles opened their hearts to her singing. They could have blocked the sonic power, but no one stopped its penetration. They allowed themselves to sink inside it.

Everyone looked mesmerized. Han Sen glanced everywhere. He stood out like a sore thumb. Plus, Feng Fei Fei knew him. When she looked over the crowd, she saw him. "Why is that guy there?" Feng Fei Fei was shocked. He was also not listening to her song. He was looking around, which annoyed her.

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