Super God Gene Chapter 3093

Chapter 3093 Sonic Attack

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Feng Fei Fei was not going to let something so insignificant annoy her, but she still wanted to test Han Sens mind. She put a drop of mysterious power into her singing. It was the phoenix voice from the holy phoenix. The grudge between Han Sen and Gong Shu Jin was something no one knew more about than Feng Fei Fei. Now, Gong Shu Jin had died. Although it was only a speculated rumor, Feng Fei Fei was suspicious about Han Sens involvement.

She supposed it had something to do with Han Sen, but she did not want to believe it. Seeing Han Sen there, she decided she might as well use her voice to test his fortitude. She wanted to know if Han Sen was telling the truth and if he had the power to murder Gong Shu Jin.

Feng Fei Fei was very good with voice and sonic powers. She controlled them well. It was no wonder she was one of the three top singers of the Qin Kingdom.

She put the phoenix sound power into her voice. As she did so, people believed she was starting to sound better than ever. Han Sen felt as if there was some scary sonic power suppressing him. It was like thunder exploding in his ear. It was like the sound of booming thunder that existed between the sky and the ground.

Han Sen frowned. He looked around. Everyone was still enthusiastically enjoying the performance. They did not feel what he was feeling. He knew Feng Fei Fei must have only been doing it to him.

Han Sen did not move. The sound was unbearable. It would have been utterly frightening to other people, but Han Sen was able to completely ignore it. All he had to do was focus, and the sound became as quiet as a mosquito. He did not even need a gene race to fight it.

When Feng Fei Fei witnessed Han Sen display no reaction, and he even had the audacity to wink at her, she was shocked. She really wanted to win.


She increased the phoenix sound power. It was in her voice. It was like the sound of a phoenix on cloud nine. It started to break the sky. It was like it was going to draw Han Sen into a vortex.

Other people could not hear it at all. Even Bald Guy, who was next to Han Sen, had no such feelings. He still looked drunk in the pleasure of hearing Feng Fei Feis voice.

Han Sen looked as if he did not feel anything either. Although he heard the sounds, the sounds did not affect him in the least.

Feng Fei Fei saw Han Sen smiling at her. For some reason, she felt as if the smile was extra spiteful. She powered up the phoenix sound power.


No matter how far Feng Fei Fei increased the phoenix sound power, Han Sen shrugged it off as if he did not hear it. He just kept smiling at her, which made Feng Fei Fei believe her phoenix sound power might have a problem.

The song was almost over, but she was still unable to affect Han Sen. It triggered Feng Fei Feis desire to win even more.

When she sang the last sentence, Feng Fei Fei used the holy phoenix and combined with her gene skill Phoenixes Cry Together.

The sonic power of the Phoenixes Cry Together was able to break platinum. Although Feng Fei Fei did not try her best, she could no longer hide her sonic powers. Even her voice started to sound weird.

At this time, many true elites noticed Feng Fei Feis voice was a bit strange. They frowned. They looked at Han Sen, who was getting attacked by the center point of that Phoenixes Cry Together part.

Han Sen behaved as if he could not hear the scary shockwaves. He let the sound wash over him and sat unaffected. He smiled at Feng Fei Fei.

Bald Guy, who was sitting next to him, now had to plant his hands on his ears. He looked as if he was in intense agony. He was sitting too close to Han Sen, so he was suffering its effect.

Fortunately, Feng Fei Fei was one of the three top singers. A scary power like that was still something she was able to hide very well. The power was not strong enough to damage Bald Guy.

By doing that, everyones attention now turned to Han Sen. He and Bald Guy had suddenly become the focus of attention.

Everyone held their hurting ears. They looked at Bald Guy, but the people that realized that the problem was Han Sen. He was behaving extremely chill.

Feng Fei Fei, the professional singer, was using Phoenixes Cry Together to deal with a person who was attending her birthday party. Everyone was interested in who this individual was.

Mister God One was looking at Han Sen thinking of something. He smiled.

Feng Fei Fei knew it was a bit too much this time, but she could still see that smile on his face. It was so annoyingly wretched that it made her feel awful.

"If I knew that, I would have tried my hardest with Phoenixes Cry Together on the final sentence of the song," Feng Fei Fei thought. The power of Phoenixes Cry Together was incredibly strong. If she had tried her hardest, the entire arena would have been affected. At the end of the day, that wouldnt have been what she wanted.

"Happy Birthday, Auntie."

After Feng Fei Fei sang the song, a pretty little girl approached the stage with a birthday cake in her hands. She walked in front of Feng Fei Fei.

When Han Sen saw the little girl, he was given a fright. His pupils went smaller, and the corner of his eyes became teary.

That little girl was only five or six years old, but she looked just like Xiang Yin. It was like a child version of Xiang Yin.

"Impossible! Does that mean Xiang Yin died and was reborn here?" Han Sen looked at the little girl and felt his eyes become blurry.

He thought about what he had been through with Xiang Yin and how nice she had treated him. He felt as if his heart had been cut.

Although Han Sen could not confirm the little girl was the reborn Xiang Yin, he had not heard about her for many years. Thus, she probably had already been reborn.

Plus, that little girl looked exactly like Xiang Yin. It was difficult for Han Sen not to think that way.

"Thank you, Little Yin." Feng Fei Fei stopped looking at Han Sen. She squatted down and smiled at the little girl.

"Her name is Little Yin?" Han Sen was shocked.

Han Sens heart was like iron, but he got sad sometimes. The touching feelings Xiang Yin evoked was something he had never felt from others.

While everyone was celebrating, Feng Fei Fei blew the candles out on the cake. It looked like she was everyones focus. In Han Sens eyes, the focus was only on the little girl.

"Is she Xiang Yins big sister?" Han Sen felt terrible. He did not know what to feel.

Han Sen was planning to leave early, but he stopped thinking about doing that now. He wanted to find a chance to interact with that girl called Little Yin. He wanted to find out if she was Little Big Sister Xiang Yin.

The little girl remained with Feng Fei Fei, and Feng Fei Fei was perpetually surrounded by nobles. Han Sen and Bald Guy did not have what it took to penetrate that circle.

Han Sen could not wait any longer. For the past few years, few things made his heart jump that fast. Now, his heart was beating rapidly.

"My little dear, do you want her? Then, go get her. If you are willing, I can help you. Do not be afraid." The shadow of the big sky demon appeared next to Han Sen. It was like she was holding him from afar whispering into his ears.

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