Super God Gene Chapter 3094

Chapter 3098 Saving People

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Feng Fei Fei was one of the three top singers. She was very powerful. All of the party guests were high-class people, but many people were injured by her sonic blast. People were using their gene-class powers to try and help her, but all attempts were futile. Her body was like a sonic tide. She had a phoenixs body to protect her, but that meant no other powers could come close.

That was how powerful she was. Now, that power was able to kill people.

The scary power made many elites unable to get close. So, she was not afraid of anything. Feng Fei Fei did not attack anyone. After she screamed, she put out a hand imbued with holy light. She threw it at her face.

If she stabbed herself, it would not be just her eyes ruined. Her entire face would be. "No, Auntie!" Feng Yin Yin shouted. In tears, she started running toward Feng Fei Fei.

Han Sen sighed. His body flashed behind Feng Fei Fei. His arms were very strong. They were like a chain around her body. He pulled her arms so she could not bring harm to herself.

Their bodies flashed. Han Sen took Feng Fei Fei to a room at the side of the hall and slammed the door closed behind him. He shouted at Feng Yin Yin, who was still out there, "Little Yin, guard the door! Do not let anyone come inside!"

For some reason, Feng Yin Yin trusted Han Sen a lot. She adhered to his command and guarded the door, not allowing the other elites access to the room.

Feng Fei Feis family members soon arrived. After Feng Yin Yin stopped them, they helped guard the door as well.

Inside the room, Han Sen put Feng Fei Fei down on a table. He used one hand to pin her down. He used the other hand to take off her clothes and reveal the red skin.

There was a green shadow near her heart. It looked like a lotus flower and was releasing scary air. It was like a flower of death coming to bloom beneath her skin.

Han Sens hand had blood air. He pressed the shadow. His nails broke her skin. He put the blood ghost spirits power inside of her.

When the blood ghost spirit power went into her blood, there were some sort of bronze wires visible within the shadow. They were like hairs.

The bronze wires came out of the skin carrying blood. The pain that drilled into her heart made her scream aloud.

"Little Yin, this Han Sen guy is mysterious. How can he be in a room with your auntie all alone? Let us in!" Si Tu Ya was in a hurry. She was not worried about Feng Fei Feis safety. She was afraid Feng Fei Fei might live. If Han Sen stopped Gong Shu Zhis conspiracy, it might bode badly for her.

She was in a rush to go inside. She wanted to destroy Han Sens plans. She did not want any accidents. Feng Fei Fei had to die, no matter what.

Hf Han Sen did not want anyone to go inside, perhaps the process of recovery could not be interrupted. If she went in, perhaps she could interrupt Feng Fei Fei from being saved. "No! You guys cant go inside. San Mu is saving Little Auntie." Feng Yin Yin stood in front of the door. She opened her arms, blocking the frame of the door. She did not allow anyone else to get close.

"Little Yin, you do not know how evil people can be. Han Sen came out of nowhere. Perhaps he is the one doing damage to your aunt. We should go and take a look. Otherwise, if he hurts your aunt, it will be too late." Si Tu Ya saw Feng Yin Yin was unbudging in her resolve, so she said, "If he is really saving someone, why cant he save her in front of us? There is something fishy going on here. We just want to take a look. If he is saving Fei Fei, we wont do anything to stop him."

Everyone thought that made sense. They did their best to convince Feng Yin Yin, but she did not listen. She guarded the front of the door and did not allow anyone else to enter.

"Argh!" As this occurred, Feng Fei Fei screamed. That scream sounded weird, and it went on and on. Feng Fei Fei was still merged with the holy sound phoenix. Her voice was soft, but now she was screaming. It did not sound like a horrible scream. It was a moan of suffering.

In the middle of all those endless screams, people on the outside displayed weird expressions. People with a dirty mind thought of all kinds of naughty scenes.

They did not know there were some bronze wires inside her skin. They were like hair coming out of her skin. It made Feng Fei Fei feel pure agony. She felt itchy and numb all over. What she shouted wasnt something purely placed in pain. That was why her cries sounded so weird.

"Oh, no! That asshole must be harassing Fei Fei. Let us in!" Si Tu Ya knew was not happening, but she still said it on purpose.

Among the guests, many young nobles had a crush on Feng Fei Fei. After hearing that, they could not hold themselves back, no matter how much Feng Yin Yin barred their entry.

After Si Tu Ya said what she did, the expressions on many mens faces changed. They heard the itch-like moans, which made them think of strange things.

"Miss Yin Yin, please let us in," a man said as he walked close to Feng Yin Yin. "If that person is doing evil deeds with Miss Feng Fei Fei, you are harming your aunt."

The man was very high-class. When Si Tu Ya heard him say that, she was delighted. "San Mu wont hurt auntie," Feng Yin Yin said with certainty. She was innocent, and she trusted Han Sen. She would never doubt him.

"Little Yin does not know anything. We cannot just sit and wait while Feng Fei Fei is brought harm. We should just rush in." Si Tu Ya went toward the room.

Feng Fei Feis family wanted to stop her, but Si Tu Ya immediately said, "Little Yin is too young to understand, I get that. But do none of you understand it, either? We just want what is best for Fei Fei. If you guys are worried, we can all go in together."

The family members were hesitant. Han Sen was suspicious, and the screaming from the room was very weird.

While the family members hesitated, Si Tu Ya raced inside. She picked up Feng Yin Yin, who was next to the door, and told the people, "Lets all go inside. We cannot allow that scumbag to harm Fei Fei."

The noblemen echoed her desire, chanting, "Lets go in! We cannot allow Feng Fei Fei to be brought harm! If he is saving Feng Fei Fei, perhaps we can be of aid!" The family members wondered what Han Sen was doing to her too. They did not know if they should interfere, but that noble was of a very high level. While they wondered, the noble, with a few other nobles, followed Si Tu Ya to the door.

Feng Yin Yin was too young. She was picked up by Si Tu Ya and unable to run. She shouted, "Let me go I will not let you guys go in Uncle Liu What are you doing Hurry up and stop them"

"Be still, Little Yin. We just want to be nice to your aunt." Si Tu Ya put on a face, suggesting it was good for her. Her hands pushed the door.

She pushed on the door, but it would not budge. It was locked. Si Tu Ya coldly asked, "If he did not have evil deeds in mind, why would he lock the door?"

After that, Si Tu Ya gathered up power and tried to break the door down.

This time, she used all her power to try and get inside.

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