Super God Gene Chapter 3095

Chapter 3099 Sky Jade

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The rooms door was blown open by Si Tu Ya, but no one was able to see what was inside. All they saw was a strong, holy white shadow blocking the door.

Pang! Pang!

Si Tu Ya could not see what that white shadow was. She felt darkness approach her. Suddenly, the shadow of two legs appeared and kicked her in the face. She went flying away. The white shadow also took Feng Yin Yin from Si Tu Yas arms.

Si Tu Yas face had two red very distinct footprints. Her cheekbones had been caved in. Her nose was broken as she fell before the people. A noble in the back held her and stopped her. As he clutched her, her face was full of blood.

Everyone knew it was a Holy Wen White Deer that had kicked Si Tu Ya. The head of the creature had antlers with holy light. It was as if it was the light from the sun.

The white deer put Feng Yin Yin on its back. It blocked the open door and stared at the people. It was quiet and calm. It looked like a white jade statue.

"Adult holy wen white deer!" someone yelled with shock. God-class gene races were very rare to see, and this one was very unique. Its rank was not particularly high, but it was not something often seen.

Growing a god-class gene race into an adult was not easy. It took a lot of monetary investment.

"Little Mister, Han Sen really does have the heart of a wolf! You must save Fei Fei!" Si Tu Ya was in shock. She bled from her mouth as she still tried to play innocent and have others do her bidding.

She knew she had sold out Feng Fei Fei. If Feng Fei Fei lived, people would know it was her. Given how popular Feng Fei Fei was with the people, it would only lead to her death.

The Little Mister Si Tu Ya was referring to was the high-class nobleman next to her. He had purple hair that looked like it was glowing. His eyes were like the moon in the sky. His entire body had a mysterious and noble feeling. He looked like some god straight out of a fairytale.

There were a lot of humans on Feng Fei Feis guest list, but there was only one real nobleman. Si Tu Ya was severely injured, but she still insisted on trying to trick this man. She believed he was the only one that could stop all this.

His name was Dou Tian Yu. He was the son of a general. He was a real god-blood noble. He had the protection of a God Spirit. He was certainly stronger than the average human. "Han Sen, even if you are saving people, you must let us see what has happened to Feng Fei Fei. Do that and assure us of her safety." Dou Tian Yu let Si Tu Ya go. He went toward the Holy Wen White Deer.

It was not certain what gene race he had combined with, but his body developed a mysterious aura that swirled around him. It almost looked solid. It turned into a holy light that flickered around him.

His body grew bigger with every step he took. It made the power and Holy Wen White Deer look small before him.

People knew this was just an illusion. Dou Tian Yu wasnt actually bigger. It was just because he was so strong that people made the mistake of thinking that. They felt jealous of him.

Only the true god-blood nobles who were blessed by God Spirits could possess such a power. That was someone born with noble blood and loved by the gods.

Even the adult Holy Wen White Deer was scared before him. If it was not for Han Sens command, it would have probably run off by now.

Every step Dou Tian Yu took, he shouted, "Go away!"

The way he said it was not very harsh, but it seemed powerful. It was very overbearing and suppressive. The Holy Wen White Deer could not help but take a step back. Its body trembled. Because of Han Sens command, it did not run away.

"If things are like that, then you cannot blame me for what I will do," Dou Tian Yu coldly said. His fist carried a scary god light. He threw a punch toward the Holy Wen White Deer.

Si Tu Ya was watching from the back. Her face was injured, but she looked happy. She remembered that was the gene combine skill Jade Demon Punch. Dou Tian Yu had combined with the god-class gene race jade crystal demon.

Legends claimed that the punch was indestructible, but it had very soft power. One such punch was able to reduce a mountain into dust. Even so, the mountain would stay still. It would remain complete as if nothing happened.

When the wind blew, the mountain would fall apart. It resulted in a sky full of dust. Even god-class gene races could not accept such a strike.

To have been invited to the party, the people there had reputations. They recognized Dou Tian Yus punch. Even if they did not recognize it, they all knew something about it. People thought it was a great shame. It was such a nice Holy Wen White Deer, but it was now going to be blown up. It was soon to be reduced to dust.

Seeing the Jade Demon Punch hit the Holy Wen White Deer, the room was filled with a red punch power. It struck Dou Tian Yus Jade Demon Punch.


After that explosion, people were shocked to discover that Dou Tian Yu had been struck by that red punching power. Dou Tian Yus hair waved. His clothes were ruffled. His face had some weird red on it. He had not taken the advantage. "How is that possible? He blocked Dou Tian Yus Jade Demon Punch."

"So scary. Han Sen has a big problem. He blocked the Jade Demon Punch. Not many people in Jade Wall City can do such a thing."

"This red light is so weird. What kind of gene race power is that?"

Dou Tian Yus eyes glowed. He stared at the Holy Wen White Deer that was blocking the doorframe. He coldly said, "The blood ghost spirit. You have the blood ghost spirit! Who are


After he said that, the lobby fell silent. Everyone in the Qin Kingdom knew about the blood ghost spirit. Mo Li used the blood ghost spirit, which was one out of three gene races, to assassinate the king of the Wei Kingdom to save the Qin Kingdom. It made him a savior.

"No way. He is just a villager How could he have a blood ghost spirit gene race?" Si Tu Ya could not believe it.

Dou Tian Yu coldly asked, "If it was not blood ghost spirit, how could any other gene race cancel my Jade Demon Punch in such a fashion? This must be the blood ghost spirit!"

Suddenly, the many high-class men in the lobby looked weird. They thought Han Sen was just a villager with an online shop. They never expected him to give out a mutant eight sound bug egg and have gene races like a Holy Wen White Deer and blood ghost spirit. Even a god-blood noble like Dou Tian Yu was punched away. How scary was he?

"I am just a villager who opened a shop." Han Sens voice sounded from the room. There was nothing special about it. He was still removing the si ming demon race from Feng Fei Fei. "If you are not telling us, then I will come in and take a look." Dou Tian Yus eyes possessed a god light. His body flickered. He was like a God Spirit going into the room.

The Holy Wen White Deer moved aside as Han Sen bid him to. He went in front of Dou Tian Yu just as a blood-like punch came from the room.

"Very good!" Dou Tian Yu coldly shouted. His fist emitted a jade light. It was like a sun punching toward the red punch.

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