Super God Gene Chapter 3097

Chapter 3101 Gold Electric Mark

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Han Sen had just returned to the hotel when Mister Yang excitedly said, "Mister All All gone The gene races we sell Aside from the mutant eight sound bug People bought them all."

Han Sen understood what had happened. He had impressed everyone at the party, and the people in attendance were rich and famous. They probably visited his shop with curiosity. It was nothing out of the ordinary for them to want to buy a few things.

"Put the mutant eight sound bug egg down. After everything has been sold out, we should close the store and wait until I bring back more gene eggs." Han Sen was not in the mood to collect more. He was not concerned about earning a lot of money. He only needed enough to get by.

"Mister, although you are very powerful, if it is only you digging up gene eggs, much of your time will be wasted," Mister Yang said. "We cannot sustainably provide gene eggs, which is not good for our growth."

Sen looked at Mister Yang and asked, "What do you mean, Old Yang?" Han Mister Yang surprisingly stated his opinion. "We can find a way to get resources and sell them online. Although that will earn us less money, it can be sustainable over a longer period of time."

"In that case, I will have to depend on you." Han Sen gave his money and authority to Mister Yang

Mister Yang was excited. He got ready to impress Han Sen. Before, he had no God Spirit Blood-Pulse or any achievements. Now, he had a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, and it was a perfect God Spirit Blood-Pulse. Mister Yangs entire body felt refreshed. He felt like a teenager and was brimming with eagerness and energy.

"By the way, you can have the Holy Wen White Deer now," Han Sen said. He then provided Mister Yang with the Holy Wen White Deer. If Mister Yang encountered some trouble when he was not around, he could use the Holy Wen White Deer to bolster his safety a bit.

"Do not worry, Mister. I will work hard on your shop." Mister Yang was very excited. He never thought thered come a day he could make use of a god-class gene race. "Safety first. Just try your hardest within reasonable means." Han Sen waved and returned to his room.

He laid down on the bed and pulled out the stone ocarina. Han Sen sighed and said, "When the Destinys Tower was destroyed, the ocarina Little Big Sister Xiang Yin gave me was lost. I am so sorry."

Han Sen put the stone ocarina near his mouth and played a song Xiang Yin had taught him. It was the same as before. Some smoke came out from the holes. It generated a cloud above it.

The sound of crackling electricity was in the cloud. It was also like a whisper. Han Sen had heard that sound many times. He had no idea what it meant. He was really missing Xiang Yin, so he did not have the time to analyze those sounds. He just closed his eyes and kept playing.

The sounds of the ocarina were quiet and sounded thin. The sonic powers were based on vibrational powers, but the sound of an ocarina made peoples hearts feel calm. The soothing sounds of the acoustics calmed peopled who felt annoyed.

Han Sen finished his song and stroked the stone ocarina. He opened his eyes. When he saw the cloud above his head, he was given a shock.

When Han Sen played it before, he had heard some godly language speaking in a mumbling fashion. He never understood the meaning of it.

This time, he did not just hear the mumbling sounds. He saw gold lightning in the clouds. The weirder thing was that the electric symbols from the lightning were some symbols or text Han Sen had never seen before. He did not know what they were. For some reason, when he saw the electric text, he felt weird. It seemed as if he could read them and understand what they meant.

Han Sen was feeling more awake. He stared at the clouds with the gold lightning, trying to remember it. As he did so, he felt more and more shocked.

In a second, the lightning started to dim. The god sounds inside vanished, and the collection of clouds vanished.

Han Sen quickly took out the stone ocarina again. He was going to play it. The clouds quickly returned. There were some chanting sounds now, but there were no more gold lightning symbols. "Why is it like this?" Han Sen tried it a few times. The results were the same every time. No matter how he played it, even if he tried to blow a whole song, there was still no gold lightning cloud showing up.

Han Sen thought, "Holy crap! It is the same song, and it is the same ocarina. Why is there such a big difference?" He tried to think if there was a big difference regarding the song he played earlier.

"When I played earlier, I did not think that much. I only thought about the past with Little Big Sister Xiang Yin. Now, I thought about something else. If there is a difference, that would be it." Han Sen tried to get back into the mood for playing the ocarina.

Even if a person had the power to destroy the sky and the earth, emotions were not something that could be controlled. The heart sometimes shook. It might only last a second, but no one could control it.

Han Sen did not allow himself to think about it. He could not feel the emotions needed, so he gave up.

If what was inside the gold lightning mark was real, that was too shocking. Han Sen thought it was unbelievable.

Although he had not read all of the lightnings text, just reading a single word was enough to be shocking. The words were how to create a


The way to make a god had nothing to do with how to grow a god-class gene race. It was the way to make a real God Spirit.

Han Sen had only seen one part of it. There was no beginning, and there was no end. That was all he could guess.

"How do I get the whole text?" Han Sen really wanted to figure out how to make a God Spirit. He wondered if what was written up there was real or not.

"Sacrifice God Ocarina." The big sky demon revealed herself before Han Sen. She looked at Han Sens ocarina and looked disturbingly excited.

Han Sen looked at the big sky demon and asked, "Do you know what this thing is?"

The big sky demon replied, "Its called Sacrifice God Ocarina. It is an item for a god sacrifice." Her vision never moved away from the ocarina.

"I know this is an ocarina," Han Sen said with a frown. "I wanted to ask you what it is for."

The big sky demon looked away and smiled. "Just like the name suggests, it is an item for praying to a God Spirit. What else is it for?"

Han Sen looked at the big sky demon and did not say anything. From the big sky demon to the ocarina, it was not as simple as she said.

The big sky demon laid down next to Han Sen. She used her fingers to tilt Han Sens jaw. She seductively said, "Do not look at me like that. If you want to know things in detail, that is fine. But you are going to have to spend the night with me."

"I still have things to do. You can just play with yourself." Han Sen jumped off the bed. The big sky demon did not have to tell him. He was going to figure out the lightning text in the cloud by himself. He would then figure out how to use the stone ocarina.

Unfortunately, Han Sen was not very good when it came to music. He only triggered the gold lightning because of his emotions for Little Big Sister Xiang Yin. He was not able to summon those emotions on a whim. He could not do it again.

Han Sen thought, "If I cant do it, it does not mean other people cannot do it. If Fang Yin Yi really is Little Big Sister Xiang Yin reborn, she must be talented when it comes to music. Perhaps she can help me uncover the riddle behind this strange ocarina." He planned to ask Xiang Yin Yin for help.

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