Super God Gene Chapter 3099

Chapter 3103 Cast God Court

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Chapter 3103 Cast God Court

At long last, he had had the chance to see the complete gold lightning mark. He now knew the lightnings language was Cast God Court.

When he looked further down, Han Sen felt rather strange. The Cast God Court detailed how to create a god. It was not about turning oneself into a God Spirit. It was about turning a gene race into a God Spirit.

A gene race had three different stages of growth. They were defined as a juvenile, adult, or ultimate mode. Ordinary gene races would typically become adults, but only the most talented and best of the best could become ultimate. Their power enabled them to cast out unimaginably scary powers.

If gene races wanted to grow up, they had to consume a lot of gene-race flesh. It was the only way to nurture their growth.

It did not matter if it was a god-class gene race or an ordinary gene race like a viscount. Their biggest aspirations were to reach the ultimate stage. There was nothing beyond that achievement.

Even the very rare big sky demon gene race was only able to reach ultimate mode. That was where the evolution of every gene race came to an end.

This Cast God Court skill was able to make an ultimate-mode gene race ascend one more tier. It allowed a gene race to enter super mode to create a God Spirit body.

If Han Sen was able to make his gene race become ultimate, they could become a God Spirit. That meant he could potentially lead an array of God Spirits and even combine with the God Spirit bodies. That type of battle power was almost unfathomable to imagine.

According to the text, making a gene race become a God Spirit was not easy, though. It required god-pulse support.

The so-called god pulse was the blood dragon god pulse Han Sen already had. It was a born universe life pulse god power. That meant it was a God Spirits original power.

With a god pulse, a god pulse element that matched the gene race was also necessary. It was only then that a gene race could get help from the god pulse to aid its evolution. That was when it would become a God Spirit that was above average.

Even if one had a god pulse and an exclusive gene race, the success rate was still low. Not all gene races could become a God Spirit with ease.

Han Sen thought that part was interesting, but it did not tempt him too much. He already had a God Spirit but becoming a God Spirit was something the world was restricting him from doing. He could not summon it in the universe of kingdoms.

The content at the end of the Cast God Court made Han Sen open his eyes wide.

The true goal of Cast God Court was not just to make a God Spirit. It was to use a God Spirits combination power to break a barrier in space and enter the place where a sky full of worlds with reincarnation were unbound by the rules of the world and set free from the bindings of life and death. They were able to freely enter the reincarnation and sky full of worlds.

"If I can reach that level, I can just break the space barrier and return to the universe," Han Sen happily thought. The more he looked at the writing, the more Han Sens face turned dire.

According to what the text said, to reach that level, one had to forge a Reboot-class God Spirit and combine with it.

The rest of the gold lightning marks revealed a few cases of higher success rates with gene race evolutions. There was Ten Direction Sky World God King and Sky Full of Big Lust Demon God.

In short, Ten Direction Sky World God King was World King God. According to legend, it was one of the rare gene races Qin Xiu had.

The Sky Full of Big Lust Demon God, in short, was big sky demon. It was the gene race with which he had established a strange connection.

They all had a chance to become Reboot-class demon spirits. They were very rare gene races. Even if they did not become God Spirits, if they at least reached ultimate mode, their power was enough to fight God Spirits. They were naturally very powerful.

There were only five gene races like that in the Cast God Court. Han Sen hadnt heard of the other three before.

There were also records about gene races being able to have a chance of reaching that level, but the gene races with a low potential had a lesser chance.

Even the chances of World King God and big sky demon succeeding was around 20 to 30%. The chances of other gene races were too low to imagine. "I cant believe big sky demons rank is that high. It can be at the same level as Qin Xius World God King." This greatly surprised Han Sen.

He already knew big sky demon was strong, but he did not suspect she was that strong.

Han Sen wondered if the person stirring up a big storm in the geno universe was World King God under Qin Xius control. It might have even been Qin Xiu himself.

Otherwise, that was the only way Qin Xius blood being blue could be explained. The blood of the humans in the universe of kingdoms was red, so Qin Xius had to be the same. But World King Gods blood was blue.

"Big sky demon takes the stone ocarina seriously. Does that mean she wants to use the Cast God Court to make a God Spirit body?" Han Sen wondered.

After Feng Yin Yin finished playing the song, she realized the clouds and lightning above her head. She was shocked and said, "San Mu, this stone ocarina is weird. Why does it summon flowers and lightning?".

Han Sen pulled Feng Yin Yin closer and said, "Little Yin Yin, the stone ocarina and the flower lightning is our secret. Can you please not tell anyone about this?"

"Not even Auntie?" Feng Yin Yin asked.

Han Sen seriously replied, "Yeah. Nobody. Only you and I can know."

"OK. This will be a secret between you and me only. I will not tell anyone." Feng Yin Yin reached out her finger and smiled. "Lets make a pinkie promise."

"OK. Pinkie promise." Han Sen hooked his pinkie finger with the finger Feng Yin Yin was extending. Their fingers touched each other. After discovering Cast God Court, Han Sen had hope. Although he knew it would not be easy, there was a chance.

The five gene races in the information provided were creatures Han Sen could not claim yet. With big sky demon next to him, there was little he could do about it. He did not know where the real body of big sky demon resided.

Han Sen thought, "Although I do not have an ultimate gene race, a mutant god-class gene races success rate for becoming a God Spirit is just a bit lower than an ultimate gene race. I have the blood ghost spirit and gold wing peacock king. I can try them, but where can I find a god pulse that suits them? The only thing that matches is the blood god dragon and blood dragon god pulse. But the blood god dragon is in baby form. I need to make it an adult so it can have a chance of combining with the blood dragon god pulse. Making a God Spirit body will not be that easy."

Thinking of that, Han Sen looked into his Sea of Soul. He examined the gold wing peacock king. It was still in egg mode. Its evolution had not finished.

"Feeding it myself is too slow. I do not have that much gene-race meat to use. It looks like the gold winged peacock king has to finish evolving first and use the black crystal armor to make the blood god dragon increase." Han Sen made up his mind, but he had no idea when the gold wing peacock king would finish evolving.

While Han Sen was thinking about that, he suddenly heard a noise outside. He stood up and looked out the window. He saw many people wearing uniforms surrounding Feng Fei Feis castle.

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