Super God Gene Chapter 3100

Chapter 3104 Sacrifice Copper

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Chapter 3104 Sacrifice Copper

"Commander Lu, why are you here? What do you need?" Feng Fei Fei took along a butler to welcome him in. She stood opposite the kings guards.

The kings guard was in charge of Jade Wall Citys defenses. There were 14 squadrons of riders in their midst, and there were 14 commanders. The commanders were controlled by Steel Scene.

Steel Scene had two other subordinates, and that composed the whole of the kings guard.

The 14 kings guard squadrons were also referred to as the Kingdoms 14 Riders. Every leader was a very special character. The whole of the kings guard was not entirely commanded by Steel Scenes decrees, but over half the commanders showed unyielding loyalty to him.

This team was called the Thunder Lion Riders. They were in charge of the security in that area. The one known as Commander Lu San Zhi was one of Steel Scenes favorites.

Now, he had brought the Thunder Lion Riders to Feng Fei Feis house. It did not look like a social call, so Feng Fei Fei looked fairly glum. "The Thunder Lion Riders have received a report there might be illicit items in the vicinity. We will need to search this area. So, please co-operate." Lu San Zhi was very strong. He was wearing scale armor, and he rode atop a male lion that wielded fire. He looked like some demon god from hell. He looked very scary. Feng Fei Fei frowned and asked, "Illicit items? What illicit items?"

"That is classified," Lu San Zhi coldly said. He waved his hands. "Go search but show some care."

Feng Fei Fei frowned and said, "Hang on, Commander Lu. You cannot just barge into someones residence like this. It is not appropriate."

"What? Are you going to question the kings guard?" Lu Shan Zhis face did not change. He looked cold.

"Of course, I will not." Feng Fei Fei knew she should not commit a crime. Going against the kings guard was practically the same as treason. That crime likely would have led to her death.

"If you are not, then you should go away." Lu Shan Zhi commanded his soldiers to raid the castle.

Feng Fei Fei was forced to call for her people to stand down and avoid initiating a conflict with the Thunder Lion Riders. Otherwise, even if she was not guilty, she would be found guilty. It would have meant she went against the national law that governed the whole of the Qin Kingdom.

Feng Fei Fei knew that Lu Shan Zhi was not there for a social visit, but there was nothing she could do about it. She had a lot of fame. She was one of the top three singers, but singers were only famous. Her status did not put her above the law.

Normally, the nobles respected her. The kings guard would not have offended her for petty reasons.

This was different. If Lu Shan Zhi received the order from Steel Scene, nobody elses respect or authority would challenge it. Unless another big noble showed up, there was nothing she could. Last time, Feng Fei Fei rejected the help of the nobles. It was unlikely that any other big nobles would want to stick their neck out for her now.

Lu Shan Zhi did not go search. He just sat on the male lion, parked at the entrance, and waited for his men to finish the search.

Han Sen walked next to Feng Fei Fei and asked, "What happened?"

"Commander Lu said my house is harboring a forbidden item," Feng Fei Fei said.

Han Sen looked at Feng Fei Fei but did not speak. Feng Fei Fei knew what he meant. She looked at Han Sen and asked, "How could I hide a forbidden item? I think Steel Scene is merely trying to rattle us."

"I do not think he is only trying to annoy us," Han Sen coldly said.

Feng Fei Fei wished to say something, but she suddenly heard a Thunder Lion Rider soldier kneel in front of Lu San Zhi and say, "Reporting to the commander, we found lots of Sacrifice Copper in the basement."

Feng Fei Feis face changed as she shouted, "Impossible!" "I will take a look to determine if this is true or not," Lu San Zhi coldly said. He had his men cuff her. He then took her to the basement.

Han Sen followed Feng Fei Fei. She quickly walked to the basement. She looked inside. Some copper products formed a brick shape.

The copper looked a bit weird. It was not ordinary copper, that was for sure. It was not yellow copper or purple copper. It had some weird blue color. It looked like blue copper bricks.

"Feng Fei Fei, you have some cojones on you!" Lu San Zhi coldly shouted at Feng Fei Fei. "You have been hiding Sacrifice Copper here! Do you know what crime you have committed?"

"Someone set me up! The Sacrifice Copper is not mine." Feng Fei Fei looked terrified. She stared at Lu San Zhi. She did not know if it was Lu San Zhi had planted it there and knew about this, or if she had a traitor in her midst.

"There is nothing more you need to say. Take her to the kings guards department first. I must examine this with greater care." Lu San Zhi waved his hand and coldly shouted, "Someone get over here! Start packing this all


Without waiting for Feng Fei Fei, all her men summoned their gene races to go against the Thunder Lion Riders. They all looked ferocious.

It was known that anyone taken to the kings guards department was subject to torture. Simple torture was only reserved for the lucky ones. If one was unlucky, one never made it out. No one wanted to visit there. It was like going to hell.

Feng Fei Fei did not know what to do. No matter how powerful she was, she could not battle the machine of the kingdom unless her career was as great as the singer Zhong Li Qing. Many god-blood nobles and kings would have paid attention so that the royal guard would not bully them.

Clearly, Feng Fei Fei was not at that level. She did not expect Steel Scene would stoop so low. He wanted to take them all down without a fight. Once he had them taken to the kings guards department, there would be no chance of them leaving alive.

If they fought back, that was treason. They would die horribly. Even if they were able to leave, they could not escape Jade Wall City.

Then, it would not just be the Thunder Lion Riders. The entire kingdom would become their enemy.

Feng Fei Fei did not have too much hope. She had no choice but to look at Han Sen.

Han Sen looked at Lu San Zhi and asked, "Commander Lu, are you sure you want to take us back?"

"You are Han Sen, right?" Lu San Zhi looked at Han Sen coldly as he spoke.

"It looks like you know who I am," Han Sen coldly said.

Lu San Zhi roughly grunted. "It was you who created chaos at Feng Fei Feis birthday party. I think you are the one who set up Feng Fei Fei. The Sacrifice Copper is your work."

It was a ridiculous accusation. He had even tried to sever Han Sens connection with Feng Fei Fei. Han Sen knew this must have been Steel Scenes ploy.

Before Han Sen could speak, Lu San Zhi shouted, "What are you waiting for? Take this evil scumbag away!" The Thunder Lion Riders soldiers agreed. They readied themselves to fight Han Sen.

Lu San Zhi calmly sat atop the male lion. He peered at Han Sen with disdain. He looked at him as if he was looking at a dead man. At this time, shouting was heard from the outside.

"Han Sen! Where are you, Han Sen?" Everyone looked outside the door. A 13-year-old kid was shouting outside. His face looked like he was very barbaric and ignorant, but he did not look like one of the evil-looking kings guards. He barged in like a little bully from a village.

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