Super God Gene Chapter 3104

Chapter 3108 Blood Dragon Flying Into The Sky

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Steel Scene suddenly turned into an ice and snow battle god. His black hair was now snow white. His skin was crystalized. His entire body unleashed an aura of cold air. Snowflakes surrounded him. He punched toward Han Sens blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene, but it was too late.


Lu San Zhi and Gong Shu Zhi, who were both up ahead, were blasted away by the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scenes power. It broke the lobbys walls. Si Tu Ya was covered in blood as she retreated.

The power of the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene went on to collide with Steel Scenes ice snow god power. The entire lobbys ceiling was lifted. It was like the lobby in the palace was shattered.

"Han Sen! Do you really dare attack?" Steel Scene looked glum. He stood in the ruins of the hall. His head full of white hair was waving. He coldly stared at Han Sen.

Many elites in the Steel Manor came rushing in. All of them were unleashing the presence of powerful gene races. They surrounded the entire area.

Gong Shu Zhi and Lu San Zhi were picked up by people, but their wounds were too severe. They kept gushing blood. Someone used a healing power gene race to patch up their wounds, but the effects were minimal.

"Mister Scene, I told you I did not want blood on my hands," Han Sen coldly said. "But you just had to be so stubborn, didnt you? I had no choice."

Steel Scene was furious. He laughed and asked, "Do you really think you can do whatever you want just because youre a god-blood noble? I was going to kill you and leave it at that as a gift for the crown prince. I guess I wont have to be so thoughtful now."



After that, Steel Scenes heart skipped. The si ming demon race, which looked like Han Sen, appeared. Steel Scenes ice and snow body began to discharge a black mist. His hand touched the head of the si ming demon race. A scary black smoke covered the sky and went to the si ming demon races body.

"Is that the gene race that harmed Feng Fei Fei?" Han Sen looked at the si ming demon race. He saw the si ming demon race looked exactly like him, so he quickly recognized what it was.

"Han Sen! Do you dare to make a scene in my Ice Snow City? That is a death wish, but I will not let you die so easily." Steel Scene coldly looked at Han Sen. The black smoke kept going to the si ming demon race.

The si ming demon race suddenly bled all over. It was bad. It was like a ghost. It reached out its hand. Its 10 fingers were very sharp as they poked toward its face.

The fingers went into its face, piercing through the eyes. The face had 10 bloody holes. The blood oozed out like a spring.

"I am going to make you skin yourself alive," Steel Scene evilly said. "I am going to make you take out your own bones so that the entire world will know what will happen to them if they try to challenge me." He then looked at Han Sen.

If this was an ordinary case, Han Sen should have been doing the same thing as the si mind demon race. He should have been using his fingers to perforate his own eyes and dig into his cheeks.

Yet, Han Sen was still stoically standing. Without moving, he gazed in Steel Scenes direction. His expression did not look like it was going to change. He was not using his hands to pierce through his eyes and face. "Impossible" Steel Scene was shocked. The Steel family had been in charge of the kings guard for three generations. Even a royal Blood-Pulse feared the Steel family. That always lent to his overbearingness.

If it was an elite who was famous, Steel Scene would have perhaps been a bit afraid. He would not have just fight them so rashly. Han Sen, on the other hand, was just an outsider. He was a nobody. Even if he had god-blood genes, he was just a new noble without a background. Thus, Steel Scene never thought about taking him seriously.

Now, Han Sen was even unaffected by the si ming demon race. Steel Scene was forced to take him seriously. "Go to hell!" Steel Scene madly shouted. The mist on his body was like a tidal wave headed straight for the si ming demon race. The si ming demon races fingers used all their strength to pierce through the skull. It was like it was going to rip its head in half.

"Argh!" Steel Scene suddenly screamed. Blood spilled. His entire body was tossed away by an invisible power. He struck the wall of the palace. The entire palace proceeded to collapse.

The si ming demon races power belonged to the element of fate. Even if faced with a god-blood noble, with Steel Scenes si ming demon Blood-Pulse buff, he could have damaged the god-blood noble. Han Sen was different. He did not belong to that world. There was no fate for him in that world. The si ming demon races power did not work on him.

At this time, Steel Scenes face was bleeding. He was like a demon. He stood up from among the palace ruins with a face covered in blood.

The si ming demon race had a lot of black air in it. Suddenly, it went from displaying Han Sens face to that of the bronze man again. Clearly, the power was broken. It no longer worked.

"Today, I only came here for Gong Shu Zhi, Si Tu Ya, Lu San Zhi, and Steel Scene. I do not want to hurt anyone else. If someone tries to stop me, it means nothing for me to reap a few more souls." Han Sens body exploded with blood air. He threw a punch toward the heavily injured Gong Shu Zhi.

The blood dragon roared. He made the super overbearing sound go with it. It went for Gong Shu Zhi.

"Help, Mister Scene!" Gong Shu Zhi yelled with shock. He was running away, pleading for aid.

It was too late. The power of the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene power arrived directly in front of him. Gong Shu Zhis only option was to use his power and try and block it.


Gong Shu Zhis body, along with the yin wolf combined with him, turned into a bloody mist. A few of the Steel Manor guards sought to help block the attack. They only ended up coughing up blood and flying away. It was unknown whether or not they were alive or dead.

The absolute overbearing power shocked many of the Steel Manors elites. That power was more than what people could imagine.



Han Sen did not stop there. He looked at Si Tu Ya and stare at the frightened woman. Her legs were soft as she retreated.

"No Please dont kill me!" Han Sen did not say anything. He used his blood dragon flying into the sky weird scenes evil overbearing power. He threw a punch at Si Tu Ya.

This time, no one dared to help Si Tu Ya block that scary power. The Scene family and guards all fell back. Si Tu Ya was eaten by the power of the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene. She also turned into a bloody mist. Han Sen wanted to kill Lu San Zhi, but Steel Scene madly ran before him and yelled, "How dare you! Go kill him!"

With Steel Scenes order, the guards and family members did not fall back. They gathered up power and went for Han Sen.

Steel Scene summoned an exclusive ice snow god gene race, snow mountain god ape. With the gene combine skill and snow god roar, he went for Han Sens blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene.


The blood was waving. It was extremely overbearing and destroyed everything. Steel Scene and the other Steel Manor elites fell back. They all looked terrible.

The blood dragon God Spirit Blood-Pulse power, combined with the exclusive blood god dragon gene race and blood ghost spirits power buff, made Han Sen stronger than ordinary people.

"Kill him! I said to go kill him!" Steel Scene was very angry. He commanded the guards and family members to kill Han Sen. He then fell back and ran to the Ice Snow God Temple.

He wanted to combine with Ice Snow God and kill the crazy Han Sen where he stood. He was not going to let him leave Steel Manor alive.

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