Super God Gene Chapter 3105

Chapter 3109 Ice Snow Goddess

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Han Sen was not in a rush to chase after Steel Scene. He threw a punch toward Lu San Zhi.

Lu San Zhi was already heavily injured. He was unable to block the strike. With all of the guards and workers there, Han Sen was still able to kill him with one strike via his blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene.

The blood dragon flying into the sky weird scene was a very overbearing gene combine skill. The blood god dragon was still in juvenile mode, but it was still very strong. It was able to kill every opponent that stood in its way. If the blood god dragon reached ultimate mode, Han Sen could not fathom how scary of a creature it would become.

Many guards and workers were terrified in Steel Manor. Ice Snow City was far away from Jade Wall City. Teleporters were required to go there.

Jade Wall City was connected with that planet, and it was the base of operations for the kings guard. No one had ever dared to stir up trouble there before.

Now, someone was doing just that. He had gone to Steel Manor and made a god-blood noble like Steel Scene escape into his god temple. How scary was Han Sen? They were not able to imagine it.

The guards and workers knew they were unable to fight, but they still went to tackle Han Sen. No one chose to run away. The Qin Kingdom was different from the other six kingdoms. Once upon a time, the Qin Kingdom had almost conquered the entire universe. When Qin Xiu vanished, it became weaker and was almost destroyed by another kingdom.

After that, the Big Qin Kingdom established a system of laws that the previous kingdoms era did not have. A reward-and-punishment system was put in place. It made the Qin Kingdom go from being bad to strong. In the river of time, it was unknown how many kingdoms had risen and fallen, but the Qin Kingdom was still developing. It had become one of the seven big kingdoms. Its law was one of its greatest accomplishments.

The laws of the Qin Kingdom were far from perfect. The nobles had many special authorities. Compared to the other kingdoms, it was a special case. No matter if a person was a commoner or a noble, if a person spoke, there were laws. They were proud of the laws. Even the current was always challenged by his subordinates due to the law system.

The Qin Kingdoms laws had a nice side, but there was a cruel side. If the guards and workers had decided to run off, they would not have been the only ones punished. Their families also would have been punished. It was hard to fathom that kind of cruelty.

Many people preferred dying to having their families killed. Therefore, they expected to die in this battle.

Han Sen understood that. He also did not want to have needless amounts of blood on his hands. After he killed Lu San Zhi, the big dragon on his fists roared. It blasted a path toward the Ice Snow God Temple.

The 3,000 sets of steel armor could not block the blood dragon flying into the sky weird scenes overbearing power. They tried blocking ahead of him, but it blasted a path through all of those guards and workers. No one was able to stand before him and prohibit his advance.

Steel Scene had already escaped and retreated into Ice Snow God Temple. He wiped the blood from his face and donned a murderous look.

The Steel family were all god-blood nobles, and three generations of that family had been in charge of protecting Jade Wall City. They were the generals of the kings guard. Their authority was very high. They had never been humiliated like this before. Now, someone was coming after him and beating him.

Steel Scene was very angry. He wanted to kill Han Sen. After he went to the god temple, he cut open his hand and let the blood drip onto the stone stove on the god altar. He kneeled before Ice Snow Goddess and prayed. He activated his ice snow God Spirit Blood-Pulse.

Ice Snow Goddesss statue was like a crystal made of jade or some fairy from a cold palace. White veils obscured her face. No one was able to clearly see her face.

Only her eyes showed, which made people feel her holiness. People never dared to stare. It was like setting their eyes on her was blasphemy.

Steel Scenes body had ice and snow air rising from it. It was like fire shooting into the sky. The god stove emitted an icy fire. That statue looked as if it was being summoned into existence. It reacted with Steel Scene and the god stove. It released scary ice and snow air.

Invisible light slowly showed up on the god statue. It was like an ice snow goddess was emerging from a godly place. It had infinite power surging through it. The whole of the Ice Snow God Temple was frozen because of the power. Everything had a layer of ice. Even the air appeared to be frozen. Feeling that scary presence, Steel Scene was very happy. He raised his head and looked upon the god statue. The Ice Snow Goddesss light was clear. It was above the god stove. It was like it was looking down on everyone.

Steel Scene quickly kowtowed before Ice Snow Goddess and implored, "Steel familys ninth generations Sun Steel Scene, I beg for you to combine with me and defeat an enemy,"

Ice Snow Goddess had granted the Steel family a God Spirit Blood-Pulse. She was the guardian of the Steel family, as well as a partner to the Steel family. As a matter of fact, Ice Snow Goddess was more like the god that the Steel family prayed to. Aside from the first generation, when the Steel familys alpha was given approval by Ice Snow Goddess, other family members had to make a request if they wanted to combine with Ice Snow Goddess. They were not able to control it.

"According to the ancient contract, I grant you unlimited god power until the world ends," a cold, godly voice said. Ice Snow Goddesss light descended on Steel Scene.

Ice Snow Goddesss God Spirit body turned into ice light snow air. It went into Steel Scenes head. He accepted the invasion of scary power. He stood up and released a cold flame.

Han Sen entered the Ice Snow God Temple. He saw Steel Scene had combined with Ice Snow Goddess.

Steel Scene stood in front of the god altar. His head had an icy flame. A God Spirit, which looked like ice light, had ascended. He wore icy armor. A crystal-looking snow crown was on his head.

Steel Scene heard the sound of Han Sen entering. He turned around and looked at the door. When he saw Han Sen, he quickly became murderous. He stared at Han Sen and madly said, "You only have a God Spirit Blood-Pulse, yet you act so cocky. Today, I will let you know who was chosen by a god. I will let you see the real person who was chosen by a god. The Qin Kingdoms laws will not be able to deal with you, and I cannot have you. You must live. You must live to watch me break your Blood-Pulse and skin you alive." Steel Scene bit his teeth as he spoke. He was very angry. Throughout the Steel familys nine generations, they had never been humiliated before. He could not accept that slander. If he did not rip Han Sen apart, the Steel family would be embarrassed. How could he stand before Jade Wall City like that?

He was the leader of the kings guard. If he could not protect his home, how was he supposed to protect Jade Wall City?

Steel Scene was furious, but he felt Ice Snow Goddesss power on him deplete. It was strange. The ice armor and crown melted away.

The Ice Snow Goddess, which had almost finished the combination process, quickly escaped his body. She floated above the altar.

"What is this?" Steel Scene was shocked. He looked at the shadow of the Ice Snow Goddess upon the altar. In the Steel familys history, this had never happened before.

Ice Snow Goddess did not answer. She did not even look at him. She flew to the ground and walked before Han Sen. She bowed and lowered her head to him. "Greetings, Mister, I am Ice Snow Goddess."

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