Super Soldier Chapter 478

Chapter 478 Brother Excellency Ape

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Chapter 478 Brother Excellency Ape

Lil Bei asked, "Brother Bing, you have not told us who the eighth general of Dragon Gate is."

Xiao Bing smiled and said, "The eighth general is a foreigner. He has the same name as the hero in the famous movie Titanic, Jack Dawson. He is also from Country M. He is my most reliable person, apart from Old Lei and Peiya. It is almost impossible for him to participate in any fight. In Dragon Gate, he is the weakest one. He has reached the peak of Transforming Strength and is still in Acquisitus Realm."

Lil Bei was surprised and said, "Cant people in the realm of Transforming Strength be called a top master in Dark World?"

"Yes." Xiao Bing said, "In a normal society, people in the peak of Transforming Strength can be regarded as a top master of martial arts and be respected by people. However, they are not weak but also not very strong in Dark World."

Lil Bei asked, "Since almost all the people in Dragon Gate are top masters, why was Jack who did not even reach Innate Realm recruited as one of the eight generals of Dragon Gate?"

Xiao Bing said, "Although Jack is not strong physically, he is an outstanding inventor. He is also a top-class computer hacker in the world."

Lil Bei and Miyamoto Shinji suddenly said, "So that is why."

Xiao Bing said, "Jack is addicted to all kinds of inventions. He was wanted by the people of Country M in the beginning because of some inventions he made. Later, I promised him that I could protect him and provide him with continuous funds to support his inventions, so he has been loyal to me since then. In fact, with his consent, I have sold many of his inventions to our National Academy of Sciences, which has greatly helped the scientific development of our country."

Lil Bei knew that although Xiao Bing left Dragon Teeth, what Xiao Bing had done for the country was no lesser than that of Dragon Teeth. In private, Xiao Bing had taken the members of Dragon Gate to protect the interests of their country many times. Xiao Bing only took on the tasks that were not harmful to national interests. The name Dragon Gate actually came from Cathaysian State. The dragon is a unique sacred animal in Cathaysian State, and represents a sacred glory of the Cathaysian people.

It could be seen that although Xiao Bing had left Dragon Teeth, his patriotism remained unchanged.

At last, the plane reached the destination, Stelon Island, which was the largest island in the Farlo Islands and its core island, like a head city of the entire islands.

After landing, the three people left the airport. It was almost 5 oclock in the evening. They had three days free before the meeting at Dragon Gate, so they were not in a hurry. They settled down in a hotel first, and then found a restaurant nearby.

There were many people from Nawei and Denmai on the island. They were tall and strong, with fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Besides, they wore fashionable clothes and looked really charming and beautiful.

On this island, people could also communicate with them in English.

The climate here was also very different from the inland environment. The wind was very strong. It was cold, humid and a little chilly. After walking outside for a long time, people would feel wet all over. It was not because of the heat, but because the air was too wet. But people here had very good complexions.

Xiao Bing told Miyamoto Shinji and Lil Bei that there were almost no toads and reptiles, nor native land mammals on the whole of Farlo Islands. Wild animals like rabbits were brought in by ships from outside.

What made Lil Bei and Miyamoto Shinji feel strange was that there were so few trees on this island. Later, they asked Xiao Bing. He explained that the winds on Farlo Islands were so strong that almost no natural trees could grow on each island. All the trees that could be seen had been planted artificially. Some trees resistant to the wind were specially selected for planting.

The three people found a local hotel to live in. It was good to have a break for two or three days here. However, ordinary people could not live here for a long time. After all, the local food was mainly fish. There was lesser meat of mammals. These were insignificant things. The fish was cheaper and the other food was more expensive. As long as people were willing to spend money, they could get any food. The most important thing was that the local climate was not easy for people from Cathaysian State to adapt to, especially people from the north of Cathaysian State.

The temperature here was very high every day and it was so humid, which made people sweat. It was the opposite of the weather in northern Cathaysian State.Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

The three of them stayed in the hotel. Xiao Bing turned on the air conditioner, moved a chair and sat on the balcony. He looked at the various buildings with different structures outside. However, his thoughts were far away.

Xiao Bing thought of Old Lei and Su Peiya. In fact, Old Lei was also a patriot. Otherwise, he would not be friends with Xiao Bing. Old Lei was even more passionate and crazier than Xiao Bing. Unfortunately, he died too early. Sometimes, Xiao Bing really thought that if he had not left so irresponsibly to heal his soul after Peiyas death, would everything have moved in a different direction?

At that time, Blood Wolf would not have found any loopholes and Old Lei would not have died. However, there were not so many assumptions in the world. Xiao Bing could only learn from these things and protect everyone around him in the future.

Xiao Bing looked back. He was gratified that he had not come away empty handed, even after he left for such a long time. In addition to his real love, he had become more powerful. He made progress from the early stage of Breaking The Void to the middle stage of Breaking The Void, which was a huge surprise and a bonus. At first, Xiao Bing was ready to spend ten or twenty years reaching this level. Maybe it would take his whole life. But he did it in a year.

Xiao Bing thought, "If Blood Wolf did not rebel, how Mr. Buddha could find the flaw? What are you doing now, Blood Wolf? Mr. Buddha, I will make you pay for what you did, soon."

At this moment, Liu Kexins helicopter had stopped in the suburb of a city. Several people were going to rest for a few hours first, and then go on the road when it was a little light in the morning.

The airline Xiao Bing was sitting in took more than ten hours. The craft they drove was the most advanced helicopter, but it would take more than three times the flight time of that airliner to reach the destination.

After lying down in the forest, Liu Kexin found that the sissy Liu Henshui kept looking at her from time to time. There was a kind of bad intention in his eyes. Liu Kexin sat very close to Excellency Ape. She did not know why she preferred to trust Excellency Ape though she had seen Excellency Ape killing others without even blinking, and knew that Excellency Ape was a murderer. Maybe it was because they had been together for a longer time. Maybe it was because of something else.Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

Excellency Ape obviously understood what Liu Kexin was thinking. He lay on the ground with his arms on his chest. He opened his eyes slightly, looked at Liu Henshui, who was lying in the shade of the tree about seven or eight meters away from him, and said, "Liu Henshui, she is your Sect Masters woman. You cant do anything to her."

Liu Henshui became very interested. "No wonder you care so much about her, since she is so valuable. Dont worry, you should have told me earlier, I wont do anything to her. However, you should give her to me when our Sect Master is killed."

Excellency Ape said indifferently, "Let us talk about it after killing Mr. Dragon."

Excellency Ape then looked at Liu Kexin. Liu Kexin whispered, "Thank you."

"You dont need to say that. I just said that you are Mr. Dragons woman. You have great value. We cant hurt you."

"Anyway, thank you. Besides, I am really not Brother Bings woman."

Excellency Ape asked curiously, "I came to Jiang City this time because Mr. Buddha asked me to capture Xiao Bings woman and use her as a threat. If you are not… Why did they tie you up?"

Liu Kexin was a little embarrassed and said, "I like Brother Bing…"

Excellency Ape felt it was incredible and said, "Unrequited love?"

"Hmm." Liu Kexin sighed and said, "It is a pity that Brother Bing already has a girlfriend, so he has no interest in me, and it is impossible for us to be lovers."

Excellency Ape frowned and asked, "Since Mr. Dragon has a girlfriend, why do you still love him?"

Liu Kexin asked, "Can the affairs of affection be controlled?"

Excellency Ape did not know what to say. He hesitated for a moment and said, "I dont know. I dont understand emotion, and I do not believe in that boring thing."

"In fact, you are more and more convinced. Am I right? You allowed Lin Mu to go back. In fact, you did not think Lin Mu is a burden. You think that even if he went with you, he was useless. You did not want Lin Mu to die in vain."

Excellency Apes eyes blinked and he said, "What you think is quite interesting, but I am not so naive."

Liu Kexin suddenly came toward Excellency Ape again. She stretched out her smooth and soft little hand and gently put it on Excellency Apes chest. Excellency Apes heart beat fast again. He was a little awkward and said in a deep voice, "What are you doing?"

"I want to feel your heart… Is it really as hard and cold-blooded as you say… When you just spoke, your heart beat fast. In fact, you are lying to me. What I just said is right. You just did not want Lin Mu to be sacrificed in vain. Am I right?"

Excellency Ape knocked Liu Kexins hand away. He was embarrassed and said angrily, "Dont stay so close to me again."

"Are you afraid of me?"

Excellency Ape said helplessly, "How can I be afraid of you, such a little girl?"

"Why were you so afraid when I touched your heart casually?" Liu Kexin said with a smile, "In fact, you are kind. You are afraid of being seen having a kind heart. Am I right, Brother Excellency Ape?"

"Brother… Excellency Ape." Excellency Ape was stunned for a moment, and there was a strange light in his eyes.

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