Super Soldier Chapter 479

Chapter 479 He Really Has A Crush On You

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Chapter 479 He Really Has a Crush on You

Liu Kexin looked at Excellency Ape innocently. Excellency Ape had never seen such a pure look in his life. Liu Kexin actually looked beautiful, but she was not a top class beauty. However, she was a kind and simple girl. She was pure and sincere.

Some people thought that such a person would definitely be bullied. In fact, it was not true. The kinder a girl was, the more people could not bear to bully or cheat her.

If one treated others sincerely, others would treat them the same way. Some things were mutual.

Excellency Ape snorted and said indifferently, "You think highly of me. Kindness has nothing to do with me at all."

Liu Henshui flicked his hair for a while. Under the pale moonlight, he looked even more feminine. He said in a soft and disgusting tone, "Kindness… it is so interesting. I am almost in love with you. You quoted kindness to Excellency Ape. Do you know how many people Excellency Ape has killed? Oh, I heard that Excellency Apes parents were also killed by him."

All of a sudden, Excellency Apes body exuded a fierce aura and he had a savage look on his face. Liu Kexin grabbed Excellency Apes arm. Excellency Ape looked at Liu Kexin and Liu Kexin smiled and said, "Why do you always mind what others say? If you think something is right, just do it. If you think you have done something wrong, try to make up for it, or stop doing it again… We dont live for other peoples approval, but for what is right in our own heart."

Excellency Ape brushed Liu Kexins hand away from his arm and gave a snort. Looking at them, Liu Henshui giggled and said, "Excellency Ape seems to treat this little girl well."

Excellency Ape said coldly, "It is because she is valuable."

Liu Henshuis eyes sparkled with a cruel light. "So, are you interested in handing over this girl to me after everything is over?"

Excellency Ape had heard of Liu Henshuis bad reputation. In fact, Liu Henshui was already notorious before he joined Dragon Gate. Many people in Dark World killed people without blinking. Even so, people like him who killed women in such a cruel way were always despised.

For example, in prison, the most admired criminals were those who fought and killed people and the most despised ones were those who committed rape.

Excellency Apes tone became calm again. "I was the one who caught her, so you dont need to handle her."

Liu Henshui giggled and asked, "It seems that Excellency Ape, who kills people without blinking, has also learned to take pity on women?"

Excellency Ape suddenly roared. "Shut up or I will kill you."

Liu Henshuis eyes flashed with a cold light. He closed his mouth as expected. He was not afraid of Excellency Ape. He had heard about Excellency Ape for a long time. As long as Excellency Ape was angry, he would drink human blood and kill his own people. His task was to bring Excellency Ape back this time. Xiao Bing owned Dragon Gate before. Now, if Blood Wolf wanted to control Dragon Gate, it would be hard for him to do that without Excellency Apes help. In the beginning, Liu Henshui took the initiative to follow Xiao Bing. It could be seen that Liu Henshui had always been a decisive man. At this time, he thought that there was no need to compete with a madman.

Excellency Ape looked at Liu Kexin and said, "You can go to sleep."

Liu Kexin agreed and laid down beside him. Excellency Ape was upset. He had never met a woman who dared to be so close to him and who looked steadily at him while talking. No one dared to do so. He was confused. Was Liu Kexin not afraid of being torn by him? What confused him most was that Liu Kexin kept persuading him to get treatment in the hospital and integrating into society since they met… Excellency Ape thought, "Does she not know that I am her enemy? She always shows her concern. Is she afraid that I will kill her?"

In fact, Excellency Ape had changed a little. Previously, Liu Kexin would have been torn to pieces according to his irascible character. Mr. Buddha allowed him to carry out this task. He certainly did not expect that the kidnapped was a woman who dared to challenge Excellency Apes bottom line. Otherwise, he would not dare to let Excellency Ape come, or the hostages would be killed.

Several people slept until the early hours of the morning. Just after dawn, Liu Henshui got up from the ground. Excellency Ape opened his eyes when he heard the noise. Seeing that Liu Kexin was still sleeping, Excellency Ape asked, "So early?"

Liu Henshui chuckled and said, "It is better to arrive early. We dont have enough time left, less than two days."

Liu Kexin rubbed her eyes and said vaguely, "Lets go. I am awake too, Brother Excellency Ape."

Excellency Ape stood up. When Liu Kexin also stood up, he took Liu Kexins arm and walked toward the plane. Liu Henshui came up beside them. Excellency Ape looked at Liu Henshui and said fiercely, "Stay away from her. She is a very important person. Dont plan to hurt her."

Liu Henshui giggled and said, "Excellency Ape despises me too much. I am not the kind of person who is impulsive and does not care about anything… The most important way to achieve a great cause is not how strong you are, but how mean and tolerant you are… Excellency Ape seems to be far behind in this respect."Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

Excellency Ape snorted coldly.

Liu Henshui giggled again. His voice was like that of a man and a woman, which made people feel disgusted.

After getting into the plane, Excellency Ape pushed the rest of the food to Liu Kexin and threw Liu Henshui a piece of bread before eating some food himself.

Liu Henshui quickly took two bites of the food, then started the engines of the plane and it slowly took off.

During the flight, Liu Henshui asked, "Excellency Ape, why does your Buddhism help Blood Wolf in Dragon Gate all the time and help him to rebel? Do you plan to create a disturbance in Dragon Gate so that you can swallow up Dragon Gate?"

Excellency Ape said coldly, "Since you know it, why do you still help Blood Wolf against Mr. Dragon? I know that the reason why Dragon Gate is so strong is because of the existence of Mr. Dragon. Once Blood Wolf becomes your Sect Master, I am afraid that Dragon Gate will not be a counterweight against Buddhism."

Liu Henshui giggled and said, "That does not concern me. In my opinion, it is not the most important thing. The success or failure of Dragon Gate has nothing to do with me. To be honest, what I appreciate more is Mr. Buddhas principles… You can introduce me to Mr. Buddha. I heard that some members of the eight Buddhist generals have also died. The new replacement should not be as strong as me."

Liu Kexin said in a loud voice, "Brother Excellency Ape will not help you. You betrayed my Brother Bing and you are even planning to betray your present leader now. No one will be at ease to have you as their follower."

Liu Henshui knew that Excellency Ape would not allow him to hurt Liu Kexin, so he ignored Liu Kexin. Instead, he continued to say to Excellency Ape, "Well, I am not saying that I want to join Buddhism now. I know that it is necessary to show my loyalty before I join Buddhism… If Mr. Buddha agrees, I can help him to overwhelm Dragon Gate, and then no organization in Dark World can threaten Buddhism."

Excellency Ape said impatiently, "I have no interest in these things."

Liu Henshui said with a smile, "I know you are not interested. Just introduce me."Read More chapter on our vi pnovel. com

Excellency Ape said indifferently, "Lets talk about it later. I can introduce you."

After all, Excellency Ape was still a member of Buddhism. Liu Henshui put forward his plan, so Excellency Ape was aware of it. After this mission, he really had to talk about it with Mr. Buddha. However, he really hated this strange man, who could also be a woman!

Liu Henshui said, "Girl, your name is Liu Kexin, right?"

Liu Kexin snorted. She looked very angry. It could be because Excellency Ape did not listen to her and did not directly refuse Liu Henshui.

Liu Henshui said with a smile, "You should have just met Mr. Dragon? Did he talk to you about our Dark World? How much do you know about him?"

Liu Kexin said, "Please be quiet. Even if I dont understand Brother Xiao, I dont want to know facts about him from you!"

Liu Henshui chuckled and said, "You dont know him certainly. Every time, he carries out a mission in the army, he would have a romantic affair, right? The leader of Dragon Teeth is amazing. Unfortunately, in order to set up Dragon Gate, he was eliminated. It was said that he received a capital punishment. As a result, his relationship with Dragon Teeth is still very strange. Well, he will have an affair with a woman wherever he goes. You must be one of his women. Can you imagine that?"

Liu Kexin said angrily, "You are not allowed to talk about my Brother Bing. Besides, we dont have that kind of relationship… Nothing happened between us."

Liu Henshui giggled and said, "Why do you deny it? If it is not that kind of relationship… why did Excellency Ape bring you here? Did Excellency Ape catch the wrong person?"

When Liu Kexin thought of the relationship between herself and Xiao Bing, she could not help being depressed. She pouted and sighed. "I… just have a crush on him unilaterally. It has nothing to do with him."

Liu Henshui said, "He did not touch you?"

"No, I have known him for so long. He has always been very nice to me, but he never touched me and he never dares to make promises to me.

Liu Kexin became more and more discouraged while saying that. She thought silently, "Does Brother Bing even like me at all?"

Liu Kexin did not want to destroy other peoples love, but it was inevitable for any woman to hope that the man she loves has affection for her, whether it was out of feelings or charm. However, she found that Xiao Bing had never done anything to her, except acting as her boyfriend. Was she not charming in his eyes?

Liu Henshui thought for a moment and suddenly smiled. "It seems that Excellency Ape did not catch the wrong person… He can hold back from touching you. He is nice to you, but does not promise you anything. It seems that he really likes you and does not want to hurt you."

Liu Henshui was very insidious and was good at scheming. He could see through the essence of things at once.

Liu Kexins eyes brightened and her heart became warm.

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