Super Villain System Chapter 454

Chapter 450: Princess The Chance To Deal With Me Is Here

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Qin Yu looked at Leng Ruyun's horrified expression, and said calmly: "Fifty years ago, the core disciple of Yuhua Xianzong, Jin Shuyun, betrayed the sect and disappeared after taking away Qibao Lengyueyu Liuli. The sect sent three thousand disciples. There was no news of her whereabouts when she went out. Rumor has it that this woman had fallen into the depths of the ruthless sea."

"Unexpectedly, I ran into you here today, did you say it was a coincidence?"

"No, I don't know Leng Ruyun, I don't know what you are talking about!"

Qin Yu sneered and said: "Lengyue Jade Glass is an exotic treasure that is collected by the real master of the sect of the moon and placed in the eternal furnace of the Zongmen Yuhua. After refining, it can force the monks with insufficient qualifications to rush into the psychic realm. ."

"It was originally reserved for a core disciple who made great contributions to the sect, but he was stolen. Unfortunately, that disciple had not much left after his first birthday, and he fell."

"The crescent mark on your chest is the imprint left after refining Lengyue Jade Glass. If you want to completely erase it, you have to enter the second channel at least."

"It's a pity, you don't have enough talent, and you never reach this level. This mark remains on you forever and becomes an indelible nightmare, isn't it, Jin Shuyun?"

Leng Ruyun's whole body trembled violently at this moment, she shook her head vigorously to deny it, but the fear from the depths of the soul caused her to collapse somewhat.

She cried and said: "No, I was sent to the Yuhua Xianzong by Lord Beast God, I am not a member of Xianzong, I have not betrayed the Zongmen!"

"is it?"

Qin Yu chuckled and said: "I have read relevant records. Back then, you and that senior brother had a mission together. The senior brother burned his life to protect you, but in the end you stole something that should have belonged to him. !"

"If he had Lengyueyu Liuli at the time, he would be able to break through the psychic realm, and his life would be greatly increased."

"I think he must hate you very much to death."


Qin Yu's words made Leng Ruyun tremble more severely. In the dim tears of her tears, she seemed to see the man in front of her turned into the handsome senior.

"Senior Brother Li, I'm sorry, Senior Brother Li... I was also forced, I can't disobey Lord Beast God's orders..."

"She has hatred with the real head teacher, I can't help it..."

Looking at the crying young woman in the rain, Qin Yu sneered: "Then you married a monster and gave him a daughter?"

Hearing the word "daughter", Leng Ruyun reacted and knelt in front of Qin Yu and cried, "Master Lingzun, please let my daughter go. She doesn't know anything, please."

At this moment, Qin Yu took up the part-time job as the elder of Yuhuaxianzong Taishang, and said coldly: "Xianzong has always been very indifferent to matters between his disciples. That's it, but its hard to tolerate anyone who directly sentenced the sect like you did and stole the treasure of the sect."

"According to the rules, you have to be punished by ten thousand swords, and your daughter will be sent to the Yuhua Immortal Punishment Tower. There are some demons and ghosts in there, I think you know it very well."

"Don't... please don't hand us over to the sect, whatever you ask me to do, please..."

Qin Yu smiled secretly in his heart, but said with a stern face on his face: "The state-owned state law, the sect has rules, and the deity is the elder of Xianzong, how can he let you go!"


As soon as his conversation turned, Leng Ruyun, who had a desperate expression on his face, immediately ignited hope.

But Qin Yu said in a deep voice: "As the situation changes today, the deity is also in the process of employing people. Seeing that you were decisive and decisive just now, you are also a very capable woman."

"Well, you will do things for me in the future, first rectify all the forces under the Peacock Demon King, gather them, and listen to my orders."

As he said, he stretched out his hand and gently squeezed Princess Caiyu's small face with closed eyes, and laughed: "There is a saying among the folks that death and crime can be avoided. After all, you have committed a heinous crime, your daughter. As the evil seed of you and the monster race, you are inherently guilty."

"From now on, she will be by my side, and slowly forgive me."

Leng Ruyun heard this with a look of reluctance on her face, and looked at her daughter dimly with tears, but she also knew that there were no bargaining conditions now.

In addition, the name of Qin Yu has long been like a thunderbolt. She learned that although this person loves gorgeous females, she has never heard of any tyrannical behavior. It is better for her daughter to be by his side than to be caught in the tower.

And she also knew that Qin Yu needed a means to control herself, and that her daughter was like a hostage.

This actually made Leng Rujun breathe a sigh of relief. As long as he behaves well, his daughter should be fine.

This woman is indeed a wise person. After trying to understand the key, she wiped her tears, kneeled respectfully in front of Qin Yu, bowed and choked, "The little woman must obey the orders of the Supreme Elder, she dares not dare A little bit strange."

While speaking, under Qin Yu's surprised gaze, he gently grabbed his hand, and gently licked Qin Yu's palm like a tamed pet.

This is a tradition of the Yaozu and the highest symbol of surrender.

It's like a puppy in the house treats its owner like this.

Qin Yu's palm was a little itchy, even he was old and blushed, he coughed and said, "Very well, I hope you can stay faithful, and the deity will naturally not treat your mother and daughter badly."

No way, Qin Yu can no longer draw control charms.

The level of Scarlet Bud was too high before, and the magic control talisman he painted on Princess Caiyu's forehead was already focused and cautious. If he used the magic control talisman to control this little young woman in the psychic realm, he was afraid that it would definitely trigger a catastrophe.

He was not afraid of the catastrophe, but because he was afraid of breaking the law again and again, and fearing that he would be targeted by the law in the dark, the interval was too short!

This kind of thing is inaccurate, so be careful.

At this time, Princess Caiyu, who had been closing her eyes, suddenly recovered, but she ran to her mother in exclamation, hugging Leng Ruyun and said: "Mother concubine, let's go!"

She said that she was about to pull Leng Ruyun away. It seemed that although she closed her eyes just now, she knew everything that happened around her.

It's a pity that the magic charm on her head lit up just now, and the princess whispered, knelt on the ground with her teeth gritted, and stared at Qin Yu bitterly with tears in her eyes.

"Ding, you forcibly conquered Swallow Moon Mountain Mountain Flower, behaving badly, and got 3000 villain points."

"What the **** is Shanhua?"

Qin Yu smiled secretly in his heart, but finally collected another princess, satisfying his little collection addiction.

As for the princess's dissatisfaction, then dissatisfaction.

There are so many women who have been forcibly paid, and there are a few who wear it. Arent Xue Tianyu and Wu Feiying also not convinced? Huo'er didnt see it.

The days in the future are long, and you will gradually be convinced.

Of course, the days to come will be long and long, but Qin Yu was a little upset because of Leng Ruyun before. After looking at Leng Ruyun, he was fixed on Princess Caiyu.

He said calmly: "Leng Ruyun, you go out first, I have something to say to Cai Yu."


Leng Ruyun's body shook, but he said eagerly, "Master Lingzun, Cai Yu is still young, I will accompany you! I am willing to..."

"Get out!"

With a wave of Qin Yu, the woman was swept out of the door by a gust of wind.


The gate of the palace was closed again, and Qin Yu looked at Princess Caiyu, and said with a smile: "Little Caiyu, you said you want to deal with me well before, now the opportunity is here."

"You must try to deal with me, hahaha!"

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