Super Villain System Chapter 483

Chapter 479: The place where she grew up must be full of lilies

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When the voice fell, the black flood dragon roared up to the sky and rushed directly to the place where Yue Qingbai was.

Yue Qingbai let out a long sigh, the moonlight narrowed, but it flew to a higher sky.

The battle between the masters of the God Transformation Realm is generally within the Nine Heavens Gang Wind Layer.

But in a moment, Yue Qingbai and Hua Qinglan disappeared from everyone's sight. Only the faint roar from the distant sky proved that these two masters were fighting fiercely.

Below, the disciples of Yuhuaxianzong looked at each other, and the fierce beast also let out a roar in its throat.

The next moment, the war will start again!

Qin Yu took his gaze back from the sky, good fellow, there is a big gossip!

Combining the information obtained before, the head sister, when she was a saint, met with Fairy Flower under the alias of Yue Mubai, and then signed a contract with Fairy Flower.

Then Hua Qinglan found out that Mu Bais brother she liked was actually a girl, but because Hua Fairy was originally a girl-dominated race, and lilies were also a kind of flower, she probably didnt expect Hua Qinglan to learn the truth. , I still like myself so much.

After guessing, the headmaster must have taken the initiative to terminate the contract. Fairy Flower was unwilling to make a fuss and was injured by the headmaster.

This is the reason why the beast **** has not appeared for a long time, and the rumors have been hurt.

Now that the beast **** is healed, he will immediately launch the beast tide to attract "Brother Mubai". The purpose is to follow the head sister, but the head sister looks like a normal person, and it is impossible to make her do what she wants. of.

Now it's fighting again!

And the reason Hua Qinglan wanted to ask him for help was because he wanted Qin Yu to help her and sign a contract with the head sister again!

Only Ling Zun had the ability to help the two of them who had transformed into the gods realm to sign a high-level contract again.

With Belden, the root cause of so many incidents in the relationship is that Yue Qingbai disguised herself as a man and slapped Flower Fairy!

Then, Flower Fairy was hurt by love, and she wore a **** robe to dress deeply, and slapped Muqing Fairy. Good fellow, Qin Yu basically concluded that the place where this Flower Fairy grew up should be full of beautiful lilies. Right.

Qin Yu was happy in his heart, the war in the sky was unfolding like a raging fire, his eyes flashed as he looked at the large number of monsters flying up.

The monster beasts that can fly in the air basically have a monster pill, and having a monster pill can increase the power of the space.

Qin Yu stopped watching the show, but shot it!

With a wave of his big hand, Da Ri Beng Tian's hand formed a large monster beast that the big hand directly grasped in front of him. How could these flying tigers, leopards and wolves block Qin Yu's catch?

Dozens of monster beasts were directly caught by the huge Thunder's hand and turned into a large piece of flesh and blood on the spot, and then they were squeezed by the big hand and disappeared.

In fact, all of them entered Qin Yu's portable space.

The flesh and blood were made into meatballs by huge mana. The flesh and blood of these monster beasts is a great tonic, which the ordinary world can't buy. They will be sent back to the army cultivated by Zhang Chunxia. Everyone has a good meal of meatballs.

The demon pill was naturally thrown into the space furnace to strengthen his mana.

Not to mention, under this grasp, Qin Yu found that his strength had increased by a thousand times.

"Alright, after I go back, I must let those little bunnies eat meatballs until they vomit!"

After Qin Yu was overjoyed, the thunder and lightning grabbed wildly with his large hands, and the monster beast that rushed towards him was directly caught and exploded in a large area. In a short moment, thousands of monsters had already died in Qin Yu's hands. on!


A big frog in the psychic realm finally couldn't stand it anymore. He crouched in the air, but with his big scarlet tongue sticking out, he swept away towards Qin Yu.


Fei Ya snorted, and before Qin Yu could do anything, his small fists were slammed out, the mana condensed into a pink fist, and it slammed on the tongue of the psychic frog, breaking the tongue on the spot. Up.

But I didn't expect that this frog had more than one tongue, and after one was broken, it unexpectedly stretched out seven or eight tongues and swept towards Qin Yu and Fei Ya.

"I saw you eat several female disciples before, and I want to eat me!"

"Kill you!"

Fei Ya gave a soft drink, and with Qin Yu by her side, she felt that her whole body was full of strength. She turned into a pink streamer and rushed towards the giant frog like a cannonball, and slammed it against the frog's side.

The pupils of the huge frog shrank sharply, and the small-hill body was hit by this brute force, and it was directly knocked out, banging to the ground!

Qin Yu touched his fingertips, and the Long Yuanjian instantly came out of its sheath, and cut off the frog's head on the spot. The pill was poured into the furnace, and his strength began to rise.

Between Xumi, the power of one thousand and five hundred horses came in hand.


Fei Ya jumped back, Qin Yu turned to look, only to see a layer of mucus stuck to her pink hair, which seemed to have a strong corrosive effect.

The skins of monsters like frogs and toads are extremely poisonous, especially the big monsters of this kind of psychic realm, it is called a very poisonous, but this toxin can't corrode Scarlet Bud's hair, and it dissipates in a short while.


Qin Yu gently touched Feiya's pink hair, and sighed: "Fiya, your hair is so beautiful."

"It's a pity that there are girls with long hair around me, if only there was a girl with fresh short hair."

Fei Ya was gently brushed across her long hair by Qin Yu, feeling her heart beating fiercely, and blushing, "Master, do you like the look of my short hair?"

"Well, I like short hair, but I like you better!"

Qin Yu said softly: "I like your long hair or short hair, or even a bald head, Xiao Feiya, it's great to have you by your side."

"The son..."

"If you like long hair, I will have long hair. If you like short hair, I will cut it short. I will become what you make me like."

Feeling moved by Fei Ya's heart, she said while crying, Qin Yu was overjoyed in her heart, and wanted to go back to collect Fei Ya's hair to make a pink woolen sweater, but now collect the tears first.


There was a stern roar not far away, and the last yellow-turbaned man was killed by the fairy Mu Qing. At this moment, the fairy Mu Qing was flying around, looking at the wind layer above the nine heavens, with a trace of worry in his eyes. The color.

Then he seemed to think of something again, his eyes turned to Qin Yu, his eyes filled with coldness.

"Ling Zun, today I will take you down, let Yue Qingbai cast a rat!"

After speaking, a little fingertips, the flying love flower turned into a red giant sword, and it slashed directly at Qin Yu!


Qin Xian'er was about to protect her younger brother immediately, but was entangled tightly by the dog mother. Seeing the giant sword cut down, Qin Yu pointed at his fingertips, and there were red and white epiphanies flying around.

In the next moment, Tan Hua formed a shield and stood in front of her.

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