Super Villain System Chapter 484

Chapter 480: Fierce battle

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With a muffled sound, the Great Sword of Love Flower slashed on the Flower Shield. At the moment when it came into contact with the Flower Shield, the Love Flower, which had never been disadvantaged, seemed to have been suppressed from its origin, and it quickly withered!


A look of shock appeared in Fairy Mu Qing's eyes, and she instantly took back the giant sword of love flower. When she looked at it again, there was a trace of withered on each of the flowers, but it made her wrinkle. brow.

"Instantly Fanghua, finger the old red face."

Fairy Mu Qing stared at Qin Yu, and said solemnly: "You actually have the Epiphany, one of the strange flowers of the heavens. It seems that you are not just as simple as the spiritual master."

While talking, she put away the love flower, and there was a long sword with white smoke floating beside her, but it was a sacred weapon.

Qin Yu said calmly: "Fairy admiring love. In the past, you were also a saint of the Promise Dao Sect. You have learned the Taoist method of heaven, but today you kill the monk of my human race. Your conscience is guilty."


Fairy Mu Qing sneered: "If these two fairies are talking about this, I might still be moved, but wouldn't it be ridiculous to say it from the mouth of your Spirit Venerable?"

"I just came out of the mountain, and I have heard many times that you bully me the beautiful banshee in the mountain, Mei Qi Niang, Bai Yue'e sisters, and Princess Caiyu, leaving aside for the time being, even Scarlet Bud has become your person, Lord Beast God sees your spirit. Turn a blind eye to the identity of the respected person, otherwise you would no longer know how many times you have died."

"Don't you feel guilty in your heart when you bullied them?"

"The son didn't bully me!"

Fei Ya, who was beside him, responded loudly, and Qin Yu coldly snorted: "How can I bully them when you say something that you love me?"

"Fairy Mu Qing, don't spray people with blood!"

"Do you know if I spit someone with blood."

Fairy Mu Qing's face sank, and said coldly: "Their business has nothing to do with me, but today, you must be taken!"

The sound fell, the white smoke holy sword released a brilliant light, and the surrounding space was distorted, and then it turned into a hundred and eight identical white smoke holy swords, and shot towards Qin Yu!


This time, Qin Xian'er stood in front of Qin Yu for the first time, and the Qiu Shui Divine Sword burst out with colorful rays of light, sweeping out, almost at the same time, Fang Xiyu also stood in front of Qin Yu.

The Jinghong Sword and the Qiushui Sword swept out at the same time, and they were about to shoot the hundred and eight long swords that came so fast, but what they did not expect was that the densely packed long swords directly penetrated two. The handle of the divine sword pierced directly at their bodies.


"A Mirage!"

Qin Xian'er reacted extremely quickly. The eyes of the stars were activated instantly, and she saw the dense long sword phantom. The real long sword was on the edge of the corner, bypassing the two of them, and it was only a short distance from Qin Yu. Far away!

At this moment, her Qiushui sword flew out and couldn't take it back for a while. Under such a sudden situation, it was too late to react.

"Xiaoyu is dangerous!"

Qin Xian'er exclaimed and hugged Qin Yu almost instinctively. This was to help her younger brother block the sword with her own body.


With a blast, the real sacred weapon long sword blasted Qin Xian'er's back instantly, inspiring her Tian Xing Jiuge long gown, and Qin Yu's long gown was also excited.

The shields of the four Tianxing Nine Songs gowns were unfolded at the same time, and they were almost indestructible, directly counteracting the attacks released by the Nascent Infant Realm masters.

Fang Xiyu controlled the Jinghong Sword and blasted towards Fairy Mu Qing for the first time. This sword was like a shock. Even Fairy Mu Qing's eyes were shocked, but his figure flashed and disappeared in place.

In the next moment, the afterimage left by where she stood before was cut in half by the Jinghong Sword.

On the other side, Qin Yu was moved in his heart and hugged her sister's Xiaoman waist and said softly: "Sister, don't be like this, this woman can't hurt me."

"Well, you are fine."

Qin Xian'er breathed a sigh of relief, and then eagerly said, "Xiaoyu, the target of Fairy Mu Qing is you. You can hide in the cabin first!"

But without waiting for Qin Yu's reply, he turned and fought side by side with Fang Xiyu. The Jinghong Sword and Qiu Shui Sword released a ray of light, complementing each other, even if the Fairy Muqing didn't dare to be careless for a while, he could only dodge the edge.

It's just that after the two of them fought against the Fairy, the two dogs had no opponents.

The two dog women seemed to have fallen into a violent mental state, and they blasted out their palm prints at a feathered flying boat almost at the same time.

Amid the rumbling sound, the feathering flying boat was punched with seven or eight big holes, and the monks on it were all unsteady and plunged into crisis.

Of course Qin Yu wouldn't listen to his sister and enter the cabin honestly. Taking advantage of the moment when his sister and Xi Yu were able to block Fairy Mu Qing for a short time, he looked at the two dog women, his eyes lighted up.

The next moment, he said solemnly: "Bold evildoer, dare to be presumptuous in front of the deity, and watch me take you!"

After saying that, Thunder's big hand grabbed it again. Under this grasp, there were seven or eight million horses. The Thunder's big hand can be described as overwhelming. Both dog women gritted their teeth and patted the Thunder's big hand at the same time. A paw!

"Huh? Ghost Claw?"

A look of surprise appeared in Qin Yu's eyes. The four paw prints were extremely powerful, as if even the air had been cut through, and the claws slammed on the thunder hand.

He only heard a bang, and between the thunder and lightning splashes, the big hand was broken by himself.

These two dog women are really extraordinary, it is not unreasonable to be able to stand in a stalemate with Fang Xiyu and Qin Xian'er for so long.

However, it is a pity that the short-term improvement of their cultivation base obtained by burning the original source seems to have entered a state of exhaustion.

Qin Yu stood on the bow of the ship, a little with his fingertips again, and a bolt of thunder flew from the fingertips of the sky into the sky, and then the sky was covered with dark clouds, and there was a terrible purple thunder dragon rolling and circling in the dark clouds.

Although he is also good at swordsmanship, he is not a pure swordsmanship, but an out-and-out method for cultivation, and the use of Taoism is amazing.

Between the roars of Thunder Dragon, whether it was a disciple of the Feathered Immortal Sect or a large number of fierce beasts, they were a little frightened.

It was Qin Xian'er and Fang Xiyu both turning their heads to look at Qin Yu. Qin Xian'er's eyes showed surprise. It was obvious that she had sensed that her younger brother's strength was getting stronger.

Fang Xiyu's face was calm, as if it should have been.

It didn't take long to brew, the purple electric mad dragon made a deafening roar of thunder in the sky, and then slammed into the two dog women standing together!

Not only did the two dog women not be intimidated by this terrifying dragon, they also raised their heads, and screamed at the violent purple electric mad dragon, both of them spouting blood arrows with their mouths open!

The blood arrows of the two merged, forming a huge ghost claw, which caught the Thunder Dragon!

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