Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles Of Nakashima Wakana Book 3 Chapter 162

Volume 3: Facets Of The Invisible World Chapter 162 Better Working Conditions?

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Even before Martha appears in front of Choi Minho's house, Choi Minho walks to the door and opens it with a smile as if he's been waiting for her all along.

"I don't like telepathic men." Martha grumbles, "They can even freak out a reaper."

"You are late." Choi Minho steps aside, making way for her to get into the house. "Aren't you supposed to guide the soul back to her body if the body is alive and she still has some time left to live?"

"Only souls that have not helped a time traveller escape." Martha sneers at him. "Wipe that goofy smile off your face."

She walks ahead of him. Choi Minho notices the small vial in her hand. Wakana's soul is inside that vial. His eyes twinkle in delight. A catastrophe has been prevented. Wakana won't become a forsaken creature. This must be the first time when a forsaken creature is able to become a human again, all thanks to the time traveller.

Martha enters the room. She sees Wakana's body lying on the bed. The body is completely healed. It seems that Choi Minho is doing everything to keep the body alive. She smiles, thinking how Wakana would have to do the work of a reaper too. Wakana is turning back into a human, all thanks to a time-traveller.

"Alright." Martha removes the cork of the vial. A wispy white cloud emerges from the vial and floats toward the body on the bed. It sinks into the flesh, settling into the body, disappearing from everyone's sight.

Sensing that Wakana's soul is back in her body, Ch Minho grins at Martha's back. "Thanks for the hard work."

"I will see you again." Martha rolls her eyes before she disappears.

"Again?" Choi Minho is puzzled. What did that reaper mean by those words? Honestly, he doesn't want him and Wakana to meet reapers again. They are agents of the Death God.

He checks Wakana's body. Her breathing is normal. Her skin is warming up, showing signs of life. Relieved, Choi Minho strokes her head gently. Since she's not a forsaken one, things won't turn out as they did in the past. Sei is also gone. He is thankful to the time-traveller for turning back time. Many lives are saved because of that person.


Wakana opens her eyes, finding herself back in a familiar room. She senses a pair of arms around her waist. The corners of her lips curl up into a smile as she turns her head toward Choi Minho who is asleep beside her.

"It feels like a dream," She mumbles, turning to her side. Wakana runs her fingers through his hair, cupping his face. He saved her father and sister. He even managed to save her.

He's always saving her.

"Choi Minho, " She snuggles close to him as she murmurs to him, "I love you a lot. You are occupying a big portion in my heart. In my heart, I have my sisters and my father. Now, you are also there."

"Took you long enough, " Choi Minho replies to her with his eyes closed. "I am honoured though."

"You should say that you also have me in your heart." She pokes his chest with a wronged look on her face. "Don't tell me someone else is occupying it?"

"Who can?" Choi Minho stares into her eyes. "I don't think there's anyone else who can invade my heart like you."

Wakana bites her lower lips, her eyes twinkling in delight. "How is this possible? We are together again. I am a human. Sayuri and Father are alive. My child is with me."

"Thank that time-traveller whom you helped." Choi Minho says to her, "Sei was sent to a faraway place. He can't ever come back. The gates to the lower worlds are also sealed. However, there's something that you need to know."

Noticing his grave tone, Wakana blinks her eyes. "What happened?"

"The child" He wonders if he should reveal the details of the deal that he has with Sung Jun. "He is Conquest, an apocalyptic horse. He and his siblings will bring the apocalypse in the world unless we do something about it."

She hasn't forgotten about her encounter with the goddess of the forsaken and the face of death. Wakana gasps. "Why? My child can't be evil."

"He won't be." Chi Minho pulls her closer to him, assuring her. Maybe it's best not to tell her about the deal. "We will raise him together. You are my truemate. He is my son too. We will raise him to be kind. Since he's half-human, he can still choose, unlike some creatures. I want to believe that your humanity inside him will turn him into a good person."

Can a devil turn into an angel? Choi Minho doesn't know that. He doesn't trust the part of Sei that is inside the child. But he wants to believe in the part of Wakana that the child will carry.

"Are you really fine with raising Sei's child?" Wakana questions him again.

"Are you not fine if I say that it's my son?" Choi Minho smiles at her. "If you don't want to, I won't give him my name. I will be his stepfather then. You do know that I want to marry you as soon as possible, right?"

"Actually, " Wakana lowers her head, whispering to him, "I wish that he's raised as your son instead of Sei's. I also want to marry you as soon as possible, but I want to introduce you to my family first. I don't want to make the same mistake that I made with Sei."

"I understand." He kisses her jaw. "Don't worry about it. Your sister approved our marriage once. She will approve it again."

"Ah!" Wakana sits up when she realizes that she is supposed to meet her sister. "I need to meet Elder Sister."

Choi Minho raises his brow, smiling faintly. "Missing her that much?"

"I have signed a contract with the reapers." Wakana tells him in a rushed tone, "I need her help."

"You did what?" Choi Minho creases his forehead. "Please tell me that you didn't sign up to become a reaper."

"I didn't not!" She trails off, "Well, I won't be a reaper if I fail. I will be doing a reaper's job."

Choi Minho exhales loudly. He knows now why that reaper was acting smug. "Why would you sign anything with the reaper?"

"They wanted to turn me into a reaper." Wakana senses his distress. She shifts closer to him, tugging his arm. "I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to come back. So, I told them that I will ask my sister to look at their slave contracts. I will find a way to help them get better working conditions."

"Better working conditions?" Chi Minho frowns at her, puzzled by her words.

"They don't get a holiday," Wakana begins telling him the working conditions of the reapers. Their workaholic ways have caused stress for her. Even now, she can't imagine working nonstop like this. How cruel is that? A reaper's job is certainly a nightmare. "They work day and night like robots. No, even robots get some time off to get their batteries charged."


"The Death God should have created robots instead of choosing souls to become reapers. Their job is so hard, especially when time is turned. And that's not all. If a soul chooses to become an evil spirit, they get a minus point. When I heard that, I felt so sad for them. I wanted to find that Death God and beat him up."

Choi Minho gapes at her. He doesn't know whether he should love her more for being such a kind woman who is easily moved or should he scold her for being an idiot who signed a contract with reapers. Why is his truemate so gullible? She gets tricked by evil spirits and reapers. She crosses the river of death to come back to meet him. She even worries that he won't accept the child.

"Minho, there is no justice for reapers." Wakana wrinkles her brows as she continues to diss the Death God, "How could he make them work like that? It's not ethical at all. Even prisoners in jail don't get treated like that. There should be law and order. That death God is killing reapers with work. They are so tired that there are big round black circles around their eyes. They are always exhausted. They look like they would have killed themselves because of the stress. Do you know that repeats have to take responsibility for the crime that the ghosts who didn't choose to go to purgatory? They can't force those ghosts to come because there is some law that says that everyone is free to choose. But if those ghosts do bad things, the reapers get affected too. That is so unfair. Why can't reapers choose either?"

This woman Choi Minho sighs. He loves her too much.

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