Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles Of Nakashima Wakana Book 3 Chapter 163

Volume 3: Facets Of The Invisible World Chapter 163 Shamelessly Promoting Yourself?

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Nakashima Natsumi is on her way to the dormitory. After the lectures at the academy, her brain is over-fried with information. She can't believe that there's so much hidden in the world. It feels like she's been scammed all her life.

Even her sister doesn't know this much.

There are ghosts, demons, monsters, Fae, dark creatures from the lower realms, angels from the upper realms, sages, miracle workers, hunters, watchers, and demi-gods. There are even gods present in the world, living as humans.

There are also cultivators. She thinks of them as superhumans. Sadly, she doesn't have the required talent for cultivation. Her channels are clogged. It will take a long time before she can start cultivating.

Since she's a little old and too poor to buy items that might help her in cultivation, her mentor is guiding her in other arts -- different types of yoga that focus on opening chakra. She has been trying to open her third eye. After trying for hours, she has a headache.

Her guide told her that the throbbing pressure and headache between her brows mean that her third-eye is opening. She feels like someone is punching her at that place. In any case, she feels slightly different.

"It might take all my life before all the chakras get opened," Nakashima Natsumi grumbles to herself. Though she's unsatisfied, she doesn't blame her mentor. She is determined to become a spirit lawyer and help her sister in her.

She sees a tall man standing in front of the dorm. As if he has sensed her gaze, the man turns around and looks at her. Nakashima Natsumi recognizes him immediately.

It's one of the Sung brothers.

How does she know?

The nine Sung brothers and their sister are quite popular in the academy. The nine brothers come in three sets of triplets. All of them have unique personalities. That's not all. The Sung brothers are demons and their sister, Sung Nami, is a heavenly blessed human.

Their father is also a heavenly blessed immortal while their mother is a demonic goddess.

What a crazy family!

Nakashima Natsumi doesn't like demons anyway. They are dark creatures. Sei, who is a devil, is also an epitome of evil. It's strange that Fang Aisa, who is a demonic goddess, isn't evil. She should have been. Then again, Fang Aisa was part-human before she became a demonic goddess.

Nakashima Natsumi intends to ignore the man. She doesn't know which number 'Sung' he is. Judging from his age, he must be the eldest one. Sung Soo-Han is engaged to the top exorcist's daughter, Amy Ong. But Amy Ong doesn't live in the dorm. Then, who is this man?

She passes by him, heading straight toward the entrance of the dormitory. She has a lot to study. Then, she has to meditate. She wants to graduate as soon as possible.

"Miss Nakashima." The man's voice is as smooth as honey.

She halts in her track. Did he call her name? Furrowing her brows, she whirls around and faces the man with dark eyes. "Do I know you?"

"Not yet." The man smiles at her. "But I know you."

Not yet? She wrinkles her nose. The man is speaking Japanese. "Where did you hear about me?"

"Ah." He scratches her back of his head, c.o.c.king his head slightly. A ghost of a smile appears on his lips. It's mischievous and secretive. "I should introduce myself."

"You should." Nakashima Natsumi gives him a look.

"I am Sung Hwan, a spirit lawyer." Sung Hwan grins at her. "Have you heard about me?"

"I might have." Nakashima Natsumi pretends not to know. How could she not know the names of all the spirit lawyers? That's the first thing that she found out when she started researching about the hidden world. "You haven't told me why you are here."

"I was scouting a student for an internship." Sung Hwan steps toward her, closing the distance between them. "I have never seen a human trying so hard to become a spirit lawyer. It's a difficult job. I am quite impressed by you."

"I am already a lawyer." Nakashima Natsumi's fingers tighten around the edges of the books that she's carrying. "I am only doing a specialization course."

"Do you want to receive practical experience?" Sung Hwan scrutinizes her face. Since the catastrophe is avoided this time, will she still hate dark creatures? Her sisters and father are alive. Her eyes are not painted with grief and hatred. She is looking at him without any prejudice.

"I can't even see ghosts yet." Nakashima Natsumi eyes him suspiciously. "Why do you want me?"

Even if he's a demon, she wouldn't dislike him because his parents are quite popular. They have contributed to world welfare a lot. Furthermore, the Sung brothers are different from other demons.

However, one should be cautious, especially if the demon is good looking.

Sung Soo-Hwan has an enchanting look.

Nakashima Natsumi looks away. She doesn't f.u.c.k men who are in the same field as hers.

"Because you are good at what you do." Sung Soo-Hwan chuckles, noticing a faint red streak on her face. What is she thinking about? "Want to discuss it over some beer?"

Is he trying to hook up with her? Nakashima Natsumi scowls at him. "I don't want to drink beer with you."

"How about whiskey then?" His eyes twinkle slyly. "Shots of tequila?"

How does he know that she likes that? Nakashima Natsumi frowns deeply. She knows that no one from the Sung family is normal. "Do you like me?"

"If I say yes, would you go out with me?" Sung Soo-Hwan asks her right away.

"Of course, not." She narrows her eyes on him. "You are a stranger."

That makes him laugh. "Alright, let's get to know each other first."

How did this conversation turn into flirting? Nakashima Natsumi realizes that Sung Soo-Hwan has been leading her all along in the conversation. "Do you want to hook up with me or date me or recruit me as an intern?"

"I want to date you." Sung Soo-Hwan tells her in a smooth tone, "I want to hook up with you every day while we are dating. And I also want to recruit you as my wife. I will also accept you as an intern for that position if you are uneasy about being directly employed."

"..." This is the internship? Being an intern as his wife? What the f.u.c.k! She has never heard such pure bullshit.

"You won't regret it." He gives her a lofty grin. "I am quite s.e.xy underneath all the layers of clothes."

"Aren't you shamelessly promoting yourself?" Nakashima Natsumi smirks at him. Her sister is being stalked by an immortal. A demon is here to ask her to become his wife. Life is quite interesting in the invisible world.

"If I don't promote myself to you, who will?" He leans closer to her, looking into her eyes. "Do you doubt me?"

"Don't expect me to believe you." She rolls her eyes. "You appeared in front of me suddenly and now, you are asking me to marry you."

"Date me then." His gaze falls on her lips. "Can I kiss you?"

He's strangely bold yet he knows about a word called 'consent'.

Natsumi steps back, wanting some distance between them. For some reason, she feels that the air around her is a little hot. "Look! I appreciate the gesture but I don't have time for dating or marriage. You should not be interested in me. I don't want to get married. I love my freedom too much."

"I see." Sung Soo Hwan straightens his back. "We can be friends then."

"I don't become friends with strangers." Nakashima Natsumi clears her throat when he eyes her darkly. Why does it feel like he knows about her a lot? Did he do a background check on her? "Especially, dark creatures. I don't like them. So --"

"Elder Sister!" Wakana suddenly appears with Choi Minho. She rushes to Nakashima Natsumi's side. "I need your help."

"Why you" Nakashima Natsumi glances at Choi Minho. Sung Soo-Hwan is greeting him. She already knows about the relationship between Choi Minho and the Sung family. She turns to Wakana and asks her calmly, "What happened?"

"I promised the reapers that I would help them." Wakana replies anxiously, "Sister, we must save the reapers. Otherwise, I will be working as a reaper for an eternity."

"Huh?" Nakashima Natsumi blinks her eyes. "Reapers?"

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