Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles Of Nakashima Wakana Book 3 Chapter 164

Volume 3: Facets Of The Invisible World Chapter 164 Is That Why You Are Here To Meet Me?

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"Yes, death reapers." Wakana divulges to her, "Sister, the reapers are being wronged by their employer. You have to help them."

"Wronged?" The corner of her lips twitches. Reapers are wronged? Has her sister gone insane? Nakashima Natsumi frowns at her. "How did you meet a reaper?"

"Uh" Wakana looks at Choi Minho. He gives her a smile. Is it okay if she tells Natsumi about what happened? If she doesn't tell her, how is she going to explain the contract? Wakana scratches her head, feeling torn between whether she should tell it to Natsumi or not.

"She had an accident." Choi Minho steps forward when he sees her being troubled. "Her soul went to the afterlife for a while."

"For a while?" Nakashima Natsumi looks at him calmly. "Is afterlife an amus.e.m.e.nt park where she can go for a while?"

Choi Minho rubs his nose. "I healed her body. She's back."

"I thought that you can't touch her." Nakashima Natsumi glances at his perfectly smooth hands without any 'burns'. She recalls how he was holding Wakana a moment ago. "You are a quick healer."

"My curse is" Choi Minho clears his throat as he gazes at Wakana who shakes her head at him. "It's half lifted."

Since Wakana's soul is back in her body, Choi Minho can touch her. The true-bond is overriding the curse. He still can't touch other people, but he can touch the person whom he wants to touch a lot. The curse is not a problem for him anymore.

Sung Soo-Hwan turns his face to his right, hiding from Nakashima Natsumi. He lets out a low laugh. Even his uncle is afraid of this woman.

"What happened is," Wakana begins to tell her about the reapers, "I went to the other side. Then, I saw how the reapers are being mistreated. Sister, they told me that they would send me back if I help them."

Nakashima Natsumi feels that something is not right with the story. But she decides not to ask. She would rather listen first and then, look for answers by herself.

"I signed a contract with them. If you don't help them get holidays, I will be working as a human reaper." Wakana trails off, looking down at her feet. "I have to share their load."

"Do you know that they have to return your soul to your body if you have some life left to live and your body is still alive?" Nakashima Natsumi questions her sister. "You signed a damn contract without using your brain. How many times have I told you to think carefully before you sign ANYTHING?"

Nakashima Wakana squeezes her eyes shut, trembling. "I am sorry. I wanted to come back. Sister, I am pregnant. How could I let my body die?"

"..." Nakashima Natsumi gapes at her, not knowing how to absorb the information. She slowly turns her head toward Choi Minho, partially hoping that it's his child.

"I hope that you give your blessing to us for our marriage." Choi Minho beams at her, letting her believe that it's his child. "I want to get married to Wakana as soon as possible."

Nakashima Natsumi lets out a breath of relief. It's not a devil's child. But! She grimaces at Choi Minho. "When did you and her No, nevermind! I don't want to know. But how could you let Wakana get into an accident?"

"Sister, why are you blaming him for my accident?" Wakana furrows her brows. "He wasn't the truck that hit me. You should blame the truck driver."

Though, it wasn't the fault of the truck driver either. The ghosts messed up with his sight. But she doesn't want to tell Natsumi about what happened in the cave. She would get beaten up by her sister on the spot for breaking that seal.

"My apologies." Choi Minho steps closer to Wakana. "I won't let something like this happen again."

"Apologies accepted." Nakashima Natsumi doesn't scold Choi Minho much. She knows how hard it is to keep an eye on Wakana. But she's relieved that Wakana has someone like Choi Minho. Wakana could have died in the accident but this immortal man has saved her. Furthermore, Choi Minho took away Wakana's curse. She has no doubt that Choi Minho loves Wakana. Her younger sister would be in good hands.

"Let's go somewhere to discuss this situation," Sung Soo-Hwan suggests.

"That's better." Nakashima Natsumi walks ahead of them. "I know a good place."

"Always leading," Sung Soo-Hwan mutters under his breath.

After half an hour, they arrive at a popular night club. Sung Soo-Hwan purses his lips when he sees the name of the night club. It's the same place where he met her for the first time. Is she a regular here? Does she pick other men? Escorts?

He takes a deep breath. He will change it. She doesn't need to pick anyone else other than him from now on.

They go to a private room with red walls. Sung Soo-Hwan shakes his head. This woman knows all the ways of this club where the species from different worlds come to mingle. Wordlessly, he takes a seat beside Natsumi, surprising her.

Choi Minho sits beside Wakana who is sitting opposite Natsumi. She opens her mouth to continue to story. Choi Minho places his hand over hers. "Let me."

"Um Okay." Wakana is more than happy to not tell the story.

"Sei is sent to the unbreakable prison." Choi Minho tells Natsumi, "I lured him to my house using the seal that he has on Wakana's body. The Sung family helped me send him to that place. He won't come back to bother Wakana again."

Natsumi can't hide her shock. Sei has been dealt with? She's even more impressed by Choi Minho. He's certainly right for her muddle-headed younger sister. If he marries Wakana, she can sleep at night without any worry.

The Sung family helped Natsumi turns her head toward Sung Soo-Hwan. "Is that why you are here to meet me?"

"My offer is unrelated to any incident related to your sister," Sung Soo-Hwan replies to her. He knows that he wants this woman. Why should they waste their time on dating? They should get married already. However, he understands that she's not on the same page at the moment.

It will take some time before she comes to 'that' page.

"Crazy," Natsumi mutters under her breath. Who would marry a demon? She has no interest in marriage. She wants to be super rich!

There's a knock. A waitress with fox ears and fox tail walk into the room. She asks with her silvery voice, "May I take your orders?"

"Soju and french fries for me," Natsumi tells her.

"Lamb." Wakana utters loudly, "I am craving lamb."

"Wakana, aren't you vegetarian?" Natsumi frowns at her. "I don't want you to throw up here."

"Why are you cruel to me?" Wakana looks at her tearfully. "I just want to eat lamb."

"..." Natsumi creases her forehead. What was cruel about that? She was merely stating a fact.

"A braised lamb for her." Choi Minho smiles at the confused waitress. "A bottle of Soju for me."

"Soju," Sung Soo-Hwan utters solemnly. He has no idea why he keeps thinking about the men Natsumi might have dated or picked before she met him.

After the waitress is gone, Choi Minho reveals a toned-down version about what happened between the reapers and Wakana.

"Wakana signed a contract with the reapers," Choi Minho continues, "If she fails to help them, she will bear the reaper's burden. She suggested your name to deal with the law."

"We are talking about the god of death here." Natsumi's voice is deadpanned. "You expect me to go against him?"

"We don't have any choice." Choi Minho sighs. "I don't want Wakana to become a reaper's slave. She is carrying my child. I want her to rest and take care of herself."

Nakashima Wakana lowers her head. He has truly accepted his child as his.

"I also want her to do that." Natsumi slams the table. "But we are talking about the god of death here. Do any laws apply to a primordial god?"

"Primordials might be exceptions to many rules." Sung Soo-Hwan interjects, "But they do have rules among themselves. Maybe we should take a look at the contract between Wakana and the reapers."

Natsumi realizes that Sung Soo-Hwan is saying the right thing. Maybe she can make the contract invalid. "Wakana, where's the contract? You must have a copy."

"I don't have it." Wakana scratches her chin awkwardly. "I forgot to ask for the copy."

Why does she have a stupid sister? Natsumi shakes her head, feeling her head throbbing.It's hard to believe that a lawyer's sister is such a fool.

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