Supreme Conquering System Chapter 3473

Chapter 3474: Tower Of All Souls

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"It's not that I don't let it, but I can't..."

Master Ling Tian looked at the many imperial artifacts in the scarlet fireball and gave a wry smile.

As a refiner, how does he not want these imperial artifacts to complete the transformation? Which one of these imperial artifacts did not cost him a lot of effort before it could be made.

Unable to transform successfully, his heart is full of sorrow.

"Can't...because of the third elder of the Qilin tribe?"

Qin Yi's eyes moved.

"Exactly, the three elders have set up a big deception formation in this small world, and it is impossible to cause Thunder Tribulation."

Master Lingtian sighed lightly, looking lonely.

With the power of the overlord of the heavens in the ninth realm, it is simply not too easy to seal a small world.

Unless the power of the same level makes a move, with the power of Master Lingtian and many emperor weapons themselves, there is no possibility of breaking the deception formation.


For a craftsman, it is so sad that the imperial crafts forged by himself cannot be completely transformed.

But no matter how sad, what can He do?

The situation is pressing!

In the Qilin Clan, the Qilin Clan is far stronger than him, how can he resist the Qilin Clan?

Of course, it is not that he has never thought of leaving the Qilin clan, but in his current situation, even this small world can't leave, so how to leave the Qilin clan.

"I don't know Master Lingtian, why did you offend the third elder of the Qilin tribe?"

Qin Yi asked curiously.

He was curious as to why this Qilin Clan's first master craftsman was not only demoted to the foot of the Qilin Mountain, but even, in order to prevent Master Lingtian from crafting crafts, the three elders personally took action and set up a deceiving formation.

"Several epochs ago, the three elders broke through the ninth realm and became the overlord of the heavens. At that time, the three elders sought out the elders and wanted to refine an imperial weapon.

The old man did not agree and offended the three elders. "

Master Lingtian shook his head and sighed slightly.

It was precisely because he was unwilling to refine tools for the three elders that he had just landed in such a field.

However, even once again, Master Lingtian could not agree to the three elders.

"Oh? What imperial weapon does the three elders refining?"

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly, and his doubts became deeper.

It's just an emperor, why would Master Lingtian refuse the request of the three elders of the Qilin clan?

As the first master craftsman of the Qilin clan, Master Lingtian refining imperial weapons for the Qilin clan powerhouse is quite normal.

"The Three Elders want to refine the Tower of Ten Thousand Spirits."

As if seeing Qin Yi's doubts, Master Lingtian sighed.

"The Tower of All Souls?"

Qin Yi's pupils shrank, and he instantly understood why Master Lingtian refused.

The Tower of All Souls.

Among the heavens and all realms, a famous imperial weapon.

The reason why its fame is so huge is not because it is an imperial weapon that has reached the quasi-tianzun level.

But because the process of refining this imperial weapon is too cruel!

The origin of the refining method of the Wanling Demon Tower is unknown. The rumor comes from the Nine Nether Abyss, the Nether Hell, or a certain demon **** from the heavens and ten thousand realms.

The initial method of refining the Tower of All Souls is the same as that of a normal imperial weapon.

But in order to successfully refine the last step of the Tower of All Souls, removing the baptism of thunder tribulation, it also requires the flesh and soul of hundreds of millions of creatures as sacrifices, so that the Tower of All Souls can be transformed successfully!

All spirits are blood sacrifices to cast magic towers!

This is the reason why the Tower of All Souls is so famous. Few strong people will refine the Tower of All Souls.

Even the refining method of the Pagoda of All Souls has been wiped out by Buddhism and many self-righteous strong men.

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