Supreme Conquering System Chapter 3474

Chapter 3475: Ling Tian Master Refuge

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"The old man does not know where the three elders found the method of refining the Tower of All Souls, but it is absolutely impossible for the old man to refine the Tower of All Souls."

Master Lingtian looked straight.

He believes that he is not a decent person, but he will never refine the Tower of All Souls.

Refining a Tower of All Souls requires at least hundreds of millions of creatures as blood sacrifices.

Master Lingtian didn't want to lose the lives of hundreds of millions of living beings because of his fault, let alone contaminate this cause and effect.

Although there is no such rigorous cycle of cause and effect as the Westward Journey and the Primordial Realm in the heavens and ten thousand realms, letting hundreds of millions of living creatures fall will also cause the Lingtian master's luck to fall drastically.

"So, the master was relegated to this place by the three elders, trapped here for several epochs?"

Qin Yi looked around, a bright light flashed in his eyes.

The world in front of him changed drastically in an instant.

In the void, a series of patterns and chaos are linked, turning into countless chains, interlacing and crisscrossing this small world.

The very center of the chain is the spiritual master in front of him.

Under the lock of the chain, Master Lingtian was trapped and locked in this world and could not leave, and even could only move within a very small area.

For a giant of the heavens, how frustrated this is.

But with the cultivation base of the seventh realm of Master Lingtian, there is no possibility of breaking away from these chains.

After all, this is the handwriting of a ninth-level heaven overlord, and it is not a giant in the seventh-level that can be destroyed.


Master Lingtian smiled, seemingly disapproving.

For several epochs, He has become accustomed to such a life.

"Don't you want to leave this place?"

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Master Lingtian with a faint look.

"How can the old man not think about it, it is a pity, how can he leave the unicorn clan by himself, and how can he escape the pursuit of the unicorn clan?"

Master Lingtian looked very openly.

Not to mention that he didn't break the big formation laid down by the Three Elders at all, but he was able to leave the Qilin Clan, and how could he escape the pursuit of the Qilin Clan.

In any case, the Kylin tribe is one of the great forces in the heavens and all realms.

It is that he can leave the Qilin tribe without the protection of the same level of forces. How can he survive when the Qilin tribe is chased and killed?

"I can help you."

Qin Yi smiled faintly.

"Look at the memory of the old man, I haven't asked the name of the distinguished guest."

Master Lingtian was silent for a while, and asked with a smile.

"I am the emperor who never falls, from the eastern frontier."

Qin Yi's words are concise and concise.

"East Frontier Realm? Doesn't the emperor fall?"

Hearing this, Master Lingtian was not surprised but rejoiced, and his eyes were bright.

This one is indeed the one he is waiting for!

As early as when Qin Yi arrived, he had a faint feeling that Qin Yi was the noble man he had been waiting for for a long time.

When Qin Yi's reply was received, he was determined accordingly.

"Master, is this?"

Qin Yi's eyes condensed, and he looked at Master Lingtian with some doubts.

"Let the emperor laugh, the old man is a little gaffe, the old man has been waiting for the emperor for an era, but he finally waited for the emperor today."

Master Lingtian smiled heartily.

"Waiting for me an era?"

Qin Yi was even more puzzled. It was the first time he had met Master Lingtian, so why wait for a while.

Master Lingtian, what do you mean by this?

Is anyone calculating me?

Buddhism, or ten thousand gods?

Qin Yi's eyes flashed, and his eyes flicked with murderous intent.

"The old man was fortunate to have obtained a treasure of luck in an ancient mystery. This treasure of luck was cast by the Avenue of Time."

Master Lingtian explained with a smile.

While speaking, Master Lingtian flipped his hand, and a disc appeared in his hand.

The disc is not big, the whole body is purple-gold, and there are many mysterious **** patterns inscribed on it, and there are cracks everywhere on it, as if it may break at any time.


The moment the disc was taken out, a vast and majestic breath spread out, shaking the void of the entire small world.

A long and rolling river emerges, knowing where it starts, does not know where it ends, and runs through the universe.

In the long river, countless or dim, or clear pictures flashed one by one.

Qin Yi glanced at it, and it seemed that he had just arrived in this world at the beginning, the image of Emperor Xuanye attacking Tianyao in the past, and the image of Jinwu Taoism and other forces jointly attacking the imperial imperial dynasty.

Time and space!

This long river is naturally a long river of time and space, driven by the disc in the hands of Master Lingtian.

"Relying on this precious treasure, the old man has spied a trace of future generations."

Master Lingtian looked at the disc in his hand and said with a smile.

This treasure in his hands, since he became an emperor, he has followed him for many years, and because of this treasure, it has helped him through not many crises.

It's just that every time you touch this treasure, it is a great coincidence. At the same time, every time you use it, this treasure will damage one point.

After so many years, this treasure is on the verge of collapse.

At the beginning, after he was relegated to this place, it was also by chance and coincidence that he saw a picture of his escape in the future and received a few messages.

East Xinjiang, do not fall.

And when he heard Qin Yi's words just now, Master Lingtian knew that Qin Yi was the one he was waiting for an era.

"That's it."

Qin Yi looked at the disc in Master Lingtian's hand and nodded slightly.

The disc in the hands of Master Lingtian, although its rank is not high, only the level of a middle-rank imperial weapon, but it contains traces of the Great Way of Time.

It was not impossible that Master Lingtian could barely snoop a trace of the future by relying on the disc.

This kind of imperial weapon cast from the Great Avenue of Time is very rare among the heavens and all realms.

After all, there are few experts who practice the Dao of Time in the heavens and worlds, not to mention the materials for refining the Imperial Artifacts of Time, which are far more precious than the other Imperial Artifacts.

The cost of an intermediate-level imperial artifact may be higher than the cost of refining a high-level imperial artifact, and even comparable to the quasi-tianzun artifact.

If it hadn't been for the disc to be nearly broken, I'm afraid Qin Yi would be tempted.

"Then, the master is willing to leave with me and serve me?"

Qin Yi also dispelled the doubts in his heart and asked immediately.

"The old man is willing to be used by the emperor, my spiritual heaven, I am willing to serve the imperial imperial dynasty, and be the ministers of the imperial imperial dynasty. !"

Without any hesitation, Master Lingtian immediately took the great oath.

For the Kylin tribe, he has no feelings for a long time.

As early as countless years ago, he wanted to leave the Qilin clan, and now he has waited for such a long time to arrive, how could he give up.

Even if he becomes a minister of his people, he will not hesitate.

No matter how bad the situation is, it is better than the prisoner-like situation like the one it is now.


The Great Avenue of the Heavens trembled, and the imprint fell into the center of Master Lingtian's eyebrows.

The great oath, it's done!

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