Supreme Conquering System Chapter 3475

Chapter 3476: Self Strategy

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"Chen Lingtian, I have seen the emperor."

Master Lingtian bowed to Qin Yi with a respectful posture.

His mentality was extremely upright, and he soon replaced himself as an undefeated courtier.

"Get up."

Qin Yi waved his hand casually.

In fact, even he didn't expect that all this would go so smoothly.

The Lingtian master surrendered to him so easily, even some of the rhetoric he prepared at the beginning was useless.

"It always feels weird."

Qin Yi muttered in his heart.

He also knew very well that the reason why he was able to draw Master Lingtian, the number one master of Qilin clan, to the Buluo Empire so easily.

There are many reasons for the impact.

One is because Master Lingtian was relegated to this place by the three elders of the Qilin tribe and was trapped here for several epochs.

Such a long time was enough to make Master Lingtian lose all his feelings.

For both, Master Lingtian used the disc in his hand to see a trace of the future, and had planted a seed as early as an epoch.

In an era, Master Lingtian has been waiting for Qin Yi's arrival.


It can be said that in this epoch, Master Lingtian has been trying to guide himself.

Waiting until Qin Yi came, this strategy has been completed, and there is no need for Qin Yi to do anything, Master Lingtian naturally surrendered to Qin Yi.

"Forget it, it's always a good thing."

Qin Yi let out a laugh.

In any case, the purpose of his trip has been achieved.

Master Lingtian, the first master craftsman of the Qilin clan, has been recruited by him.

There is this Lingtian master who can stay here, and the level of many refiners who do not fall into the emperor dynasty can be greatly improved if he wants to.

Master Lingtian also mastered the refining methods of many war weapons such as Chuantianzhou, and there was no need for him to search in the Qilin clan.

"As for this big formation."

Qin Yi's eyes fell, looking at the big formation that trapped Master Lingtian.


I saw Qin Yi's eyes gleam slightly, and a red light appeared behind him.

At the moment the red light emerged, strands of divine intent filled the void, shaking the void of the entire small world.

that moment.

The thinking of Master Lingtian seemed to stagnate for a moment.

When he returned to his senses, he looked into the red light behind Qin Yi, and he could see a red gourd floating in the red light.

The gourd is not big, but it seems to contain countless vast worlds, these worlds in the birth and death, bred unimaginable killing Dao rhyme.

A little drop at will is enough to kill a seventh-level giant like him.


With a movement of Qin Yi's eyes, following his thoughts, a ray of killing rhyme fell down, breaking through the chains of the void.

next moment.


With the sound of the chain breaking, Master Lingtian looked excited, only feeling that the shackles that had been carrying for countless years disappeared, and the whole person was extremely relaxed.

He knew that this was the great array that had trapped him for countless years and was broken.

A feeling of a trapped dragon ascending to heaven suddenly came to my heart.

"Thank you the emperor for his salvation."

Master Lingtian immediately thanked Qin Yi and thanked Qin Yi very much.

Because he knew that if it weren't for Qin Yi's move, he would probably not be able to break away from this big formation and leave this small world in his life.

Unless he is willing to agree to the three elders of the Qilin clan to refine the Tower of All Souls.

This is impossible!

As long as he does not agree to refining the Ten Thousand Spirits Demon Tower, there is basically no possibility that he wants to leave here, and the three elders of the Qilin tribe will never allow this to happen.

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