Supreme Conquering System Chapter 3488

Chapter 3489: Thunder Tribulation is over

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The bronze bell burst out with brilliant light, the breath continued to rise, and the golden divine glory was like thunder beating, lingering around the bronze bell.

Just a few breaths, the breath of the bronze bell skyrocketed dozens of times.

Even, the speed of improvement is getting faster and faster!

The power of the bronze bell is more and more reaching a higher level. If it can break through the bronze bell, it will transform into a real quasi-tianzun.

At that time, through the thunder and robbery of becoming a weapon, it was no more than turning back and forth.


The **** pattern on the surface of the bronze clock flows like water, and the mountains, rivers, sun and moon, stars, gods and beasts inscribed on it also swim.

It is like an ancient fairy world, opened up by the fairy king.

Everything in it is true!


Suddenly, the breath of the bronze bell shook, as if it had broken a certain bottleneck, and the whole breath suddenly jumped to a new level.


A huge bell rang, and the eternal time and space trembled.

The immeasurable space was destroyed by the sound of bells and turned into nothingness, and the avenues of heavens roared endlessly, as if they were ringing together with a bronze bell.

The void collapsed in pieces, revealing a surging chaotic current, rolling up a sky storm, surging like a sea tide.

Immediately, the bronze bell was silent.

A vast and majestic breath spreads, covering endless time and space.

The raging chaotic turbulence was suppressed, and the boiling avenues of the heavens also stagnated slightly, and calmed down in an instant.

Thousands of shocks, a quiet chaos!

As soon as the bronze bell became a quasi-tianzun tool, it showed amazing power, far surpassing the power of high-level imperial tools such as Eternal Xianlu.

Compared with Dilu Temple Spirit, it may be a bit weaker, but not far from it.

After all, the Dilu Temple Spirit was personally forged by the Seven Prison Heavenly Sovereigns. As early as dozens of epochs, it had already become the quasi-tianzun weapon.

The bronze bell has just become a quasi-tianzun device, and its spontaneous combustion cannot be compared with it.

However, the power of the bronze bell is undeniable.

"Yes, Yuanyuan Rongyi, among the quasi-tianzun who has just been refined, is considered top grade."

The **** of the Frost Wandao Sword also nodded with satisfaction.

With his gaze and vision, it is natural to see that the origin of the bronze bell has been purified and is no longer complicated. If it can continue to be warmed up, it may not be comparable to those old quasi-tianzun implements.

"No matter, since it was made by the younger generation of the Qilin clan, this seat will help again."

The eyes of the **** of Frost Wandao Sword were faintly bright, and when he raised his hand, the thunder sea behind him boiled.

Under his guidance, Lei Hai dropped countless Aurora chains.


Hundreds of thousands of thunders flooded the bronze bell like a nine-day galaxy.

The bronze bell that had just broken through suddenly fell into the vortex of the storm, and with countless thunders ups and downs, it seemed to be torn apart by the violent thunder.

If you look closely, you can find that although these thunders are violent, they have always been within the tolerance limit of the bronze bell.

Under the baptism of Thunder, the inner essence of the bronze bell became stronger and stronger.

From the world on the surface of the bronze bell, one can also see that many things in this world are becoming more and more lifelike, as if they have come to life.

This baptism lasted a full day and night.

In the end, the light on the surface of the bronze bell dimmed, returning to primitive simplicity. At first glance, you could not see the magic of the bronze bell.

People with strength can see the tyranny of the bronze bell even more.


The **** of Frost Wandao Sword showed a smile at the corner of his mouth, and his hammering of the bronze bell was over.

At this time, the thunder sea in the sky is already close to nothingness, and the figure of the **** itself has also become blurred, as if it will be blown away by the wind at any time.

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