Supreme Conquering System Chapter 3489

Chapter 3490: The astonishment of the Frost Wandao Sword

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"You have an extraordinary talent for refining, work hard, don't let down your talents, but don't be too obsessed with other people."

The Frost Wandao Sword was vague, and couldn't help but exhort Master Lingtian.

Master Lingtian has extraordinary talents, and he can come up with a way to combine many semi-perfect imperial artifacts to refine the quasi-tianzun artifacts, which is ingenuity beyond ordinary people.

But these thoughts are not the right way after all. It is not a good thing if you keep clinging to these thoughts and keep yourself trapped in the distance.

He couldn't bear such a good seedling, and because of these, he wasted his talents, so he would specially remind Master Lingtian.

"Ling Tian would like to follow Bing Ancestor's teachings."

Master Lingtian hurriedly bowed.

"Well, this quasi-tianzun device, you take it well."

The Frost Ten Thousand Dao Sword God nodded in satisfaction, and stretched out his hand to draw, the bronze bell took advantage of the trend and flew towards Master Lingtian.

Under his guidance, the surviving power of the Thunder Tribulation was compressed to the range that the bronze bell could bear, and was consumed little by little.

However, because of his control, it did not cause much damage to the bronze bell.

"Xie Bingzu."

Master Lingtian looked excited and quickly took over the bronze bell.

"Junior, this is the only thing I can do for you."

The **** of the Frost Wandao Sword looked down at Master Lingtian, sighing for the talent that Master Lingtian showed on the refining tool.

Even though he has broken through the seventh realm, he has never set foot on the path of the heavenly sovereign, but he can refine the quasi-celestial weapon.

Even if he almost failed, he still couldn't deny the talent of Master Lingtian.

Such an amazing talent is no different from the Wanbao Tianzun who has obtained the Tianzun together with the refining tool.

I thought that the Kylin clan, even if it would not decline after the ancestor and master left, would be far inferior to the ancient times.

Never thought that he could see such a stunning junior.

It seems that the refining device is only good at refining. In the eyes of ordinary people, the combat power may not be strong, but in fact, the practitioners who practice the refining device are not inferior to those who practice other great roads.

For example, the emperor who practiced the refining device far surpassed the power of the same level on the refining device, and the methods and speed of refining the emperor were not comparable to the power of the same level.

To use an analogy, it takes tens of millions of years for an ordinary emperor to refine an emperor, and it is likely to fail because of this.

But the emperor who practiced the refining device only needed millions of years, and the chance of success in refining was not even possible for other emperors.

Over the years, the emperor who practiced the refining device generally held a few pieces in his hand, or even dozens of imperial devices, or even more.

For example, the Wanbao Tianzun who used the refining tool to prove the Dao Tianzun together, you can know from his name that this is a Tianzun who is called a multi-treasure casting.

This Tianzun is said to have tens of thousands of imperial implements, dozens of quasi-tianzun implements, and three Tianzun implements. The wealth of his family has reached an unimaginable level.

Relying on these imperial artifacts and Tianzun artifacts, Wanbao Tianzun is not afraid of any Tianzun.

Even, to a certain extent, other Tianzun still fears Wanbao Tianzun, after all, if all the Tianzun tools are smashed down, Tianzun will also be frightened.

"The ancestor, master, there are successors of the Kylin clan, and they have not declined."

The deity of the Frost Wandao Sword flashed a hint of relief on his face.

In his view, Master Ling Tian has the qualifications to become Tianzun.

Although Wanbao Tianzun has not yet fallen, as long as Lingtian Master grows to the level of quasi-tianzun, the Qilin tribe can sit back and relax.

As long as Tianzun doesn't make the move, the Kirin clan will not have the worries of extinction.

As he thought about it, the figure of the Frost Ten Thousand Dao Sword God grew dim.

But at the last moment when he was about to disappear, he saw a scene that surprised him.

Master Lingtian actually took the bronze bell and dedicated it to Qin Yi!

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