Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 711

Chapter 715 The Requiting Devil Saber

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Chapter 715 The Requiting Devil Saber

Ding Hao grasped the saber in his hand. The massive black wolf claw looked about to crumble even before he could strike. It found it difficult to get close to Ding Hao.

"What kind of power is this? How is it possible" That imposing voice exclaimed.

Ding Hao did not say a word, slashing his saber with a backhand.

Crimson light filled the air, as if the void had been dyed with blood.

A terrible scorching light streamed toward them. Everyone felt like he had been engulfed by flowing lava. Before they realized what had happened, they heard the voice, once so imperious, now screaming in mortified pain. The black Demon Aura all over the sky instantly disappeared, like a thin layer of snow melted by hot soup.

That Martial Grand Emperor master from the Black Demon Wolf Tribe, who had attacked through the void, had obviously suffered a blow. He could no longer interfere in this matter.

The Black Wolf Demons face was deathly pale.

He trembled as if he were shivering, no longer as arrogant and brutal as before. He slumped limply to the floor, his eyes staring Ding Hao like a dead fishs, pleading fearfully. "No spare spare me"

Ding Hao walked down the spiral staircase and came to him.

"When you ate my Clansmens flesh and blood, you didnt imagine this would happen to you, did you?" Ding Haos face was cold. Without hesitating, he swung his sword with a backhand.

Blood spurted out.

The head of the Black Wolf Demon fell to the ground.

Crimson lupine blood spurted high into the air, splashing on the blade of the Devil Saber.

Then, a strange thing happened. Ding Hao saw very clearly blood instantly seeping into the fractured blade. It had not evaporated, but was instead absorbed into the blade, like water being absorbed by a sponge.

After that, something even more bizarre happened

The Devil Saber buzzed and trembled in Ding Haos hand, as if it had its own consciousness. It released a strange force on its own that enveloped the Black Wolf Demons body.


A large quantity of blood and Demon Royal essence drained out from that gash on the Wolf Demons neck. Like a ferocious blood dragon, it was instantly absorbed into the Devil Saber.

In the end, the gigantic Wolf Demons body was so desiccated that it became like a dry skin bag. Swept by the wind, it scattered like black dust before landing on the ground.

This bizarre scene made everyones hair stand on end.

Halos of crimson light appeared on the Devil Saber, vanishing in a flash.

All around, everyone stared at the Devil Saber like they had just seen a ghost. They felt their eyes riveted to it, unable to shift away. Deep in their hearts, they were overcome by an indescribable fear, triggering negative, uncontrollable emotions.

Some of the weaker experts of the Human and the Demon Clans had already slumped to the floor quite unconsciously.

Ding Hao was also extremely surprised.

It was not the first time he had executed the power of the Devil Saber. Yet Ding Hao had never seen such a bizarre change in the saber before. Like a bloodthirsty demon, it had devoured the gigantic Wolf Demons body in an instant.

He lowered his head and looked. The blade seemed the same. Nothing appeared to have changed.

But if he examined it carefully, he could see that dark crimson symbol on the blade now more intense in color, as if dyed with blood. The saber quieted down, no longer struggling, and remained motionless in Ding Haos hand.

Just when Ding Hao was about to put away his Devil Saber, a strange expression suddenly appeared on his face.

Without any warning, a warm current suddenly streamed out from the saber handle at that moment. It flowed into his body through Ding Haos palm.

"Whats this?"

After his momentary shock, Ding Hao soon realized that the heat current was an extremely pure and refined primeval energy. Injected into his body, it entered his meridian channels, turning into Qi power. He could now use this power like it were his own.

He never expected this Devil Saber to have such power.

It could actually devour an enemys flesh, blood, and bone essences, refining them into the purest and primitive energy. In doing so, it was requiting the saber wielder. This ability was even more terrifying than its brutal attacking power. Even the mythic divine weapons were nothing compared to it.

If the Devil Saber could slay and devour enough experts and creatures, its energy would be enough to make Ding Hao a peerless master, in the shortest time!

This thought came into Ding Haos mind. It was such a tempting thought.

From out of the corner of his eye, Ding Hao caught a glimpse of the experts of the Human and Demon Clans. For some reason, an unquenchable murderous intent suddenly welled up in his heart. He wanted to pull out his saber and kill them all!

"Somethings wrong!"

At almost the same time, Ding Hao trembled and bit the tip of his tongue.

The intense pain cleared his mind. He forced himself to activate the Mind Essential. The Divine Master at the "My Thoughts and I are One" Realm erupted and suppressed his murderous intent.

The heat current from the saber handle also vanished.

Ding Hao immediately kept it into his Storage Ring.

He observed a little with his inner eye. That pure primitive energy that had just flowed into his body was equivalent to several months of diligent cultivation. At this moment, a flaming, almost irrepressible Qi was surging in the Middle Dantian of his chest. The Hell Ice Qi in the lower Dantian of his abdomen showed signs of recovery, no longer stagnated and completely suppressed by the Towering Buddha Pagoda.

It was time to unseal the next acupoint.

But this was obviously not a suitable place for such a breakthrough.

Ding Haos eyes swept over the torn limbs of the Human masters who had died miserably here, sprawling on the floor. He sighed and flicked out a red flame with his fingers. It dropped on the floor, incinerating everything in an instant. He had given these slain experts the last shred of dignity befitting their martial status.

Lu Tianhuas eyes lit up.

He had a treasure left by an absolute master of the Human Clan who had entered the tower. It could resist the suppression power of this celestial tower, allowing him to activate his Blood-coagulating Twin Swords through his Qi. However, this powerful, brawny, and mysterious man in black armor could activate a flaming Qi with a flick of his fingers. So

Was this brawny man in black armor actually an absolute master, disguised as a lowly subordinate?

"If thats the case, good!"

Now that another warrior had joined the ranks of absolute masters, it was even more likely for the Human Clan to seize the Three Great Divine Weapons.

"Hahaha, you did a good job, lad!" Uncle Tianshu edged to Ding Hao with wicked intentions. He put his arms around Ding Haos shoulder and said with a sly smile, "By the way, that worn saber you were wielding is quite powerful. Why havent I seen it before? Come, let me have a look"

Ding Hao said, "Get lost."

In the last few days when they were fellow travelers, Uncle Tianshu had borrowed more than a dozen items from Ding Hao in that same coaxing tone. He never returned any one of them.

So Ding Hao refused him outright.

"Youre so petty and mean. Im going to sever my brotherly ties with you" Uncle Tianshu yelled out angrily.

Ding Hao said, "Sever our brotherly ties? Are we ever sworn brothers?"

Tianshu said, "Well"

"Lets move on. If we continue to delay, theyll rob you of all your treasures on the other floors. Then youll be heartbroken" Ding Hao reminded him.

Uncle Tianshu shivered. He dashed madly to the spiral staircase without saying a word.

Ding Hao had successfully changed the subject.

Everyone looked with dumbfounded eyes, as Ding Hao disappeared up the spiral staircase to the 96th floor.

Ding Haos powerful strength and mysterious aura had made everyone here regard him as a deity-like master. But Tianshu had spoken to him in such an easy tone and manner. They found this sagely, white-bearded old man even more mysterious.

"Who the hell is he?"

They thought, racking their brains. Yet none of these Human experts could recollect who this brawny black-armored Human giant was, despite his amazing saber skills and near-invincible physical strength.

Many continued in a daze, even after Ding Hao and his companions disappeared.

Lu Tianhuas eyes swept over the crowd. Suddenly, he realized something and proclaimed aloud, "Now that the gatekeeper of the Demon Clan is dead, every Human warrior can go up to the 96th floor. Do that before they appoint another Demon gatekeeper! Dont waste this golden opportunity!"

As soon as he finished speaking

The scales fell from the Human experts eyes. They realized that they had a big advantage. Overjoyed, they rushed up the spiral staircase, one after another.

As for the experts of the Demon Clan, they were all looking bitter and resentful. But there was nothing they could do.

The gatekeeper of the Demon Clan was dead, but the gatekeeper of the Human Clan was still alive.

Lu Tianhuas Blood-coagulating Twin Swords were imperious. They had been trapped here for a long time. And everyone could see that there were no absolute experts of the Demon Clan left to defeat Lu Tianhua. So they would never be able to go up the 96th story through the spiral staircase!

Nearly 200 experts of the Human and Demon Clans had gathered on the 96th floor of the Towering Buddha Pagoda.

Like on the previous floor, there were also gatekeepers at the spiral staircase leading up.

However, the number of gatekeepers on this floor had doubledthere were two gatekeepers each from the Human and the Demon Clans.

The air was still filled with the faint stench of blood.

There were sprawling corpses in front of the gatekeepers.

However, the scene was not as appalling and tragic as on the 95th floor.

The moment Ding Hao entered the 96th floor, everyone fixed his eyes at him.

Although the absolute masters of the Black Wolf Demon Tribe did not reach this level, their black Demonic Aura had. Hearing their furious bellows from below, the experts here knew that a Human Clan master had defeated an absolute Black Wolf Demon expert on the 95th level.

So this was the human expert who defeated that Patriarch of the Black Wolf Demon Tribe?

Everyones eyes fell on Ding Hao, and they were flabbergasted.

The experts here had reacted just like those experts on the 95th level at first. They also found it difficult to believe that this brawny man, who looked like a common third or fourth-rate warrior, had defeated the Patriarch of the Black Wolf Demon Tribe.

So when Uncle Tianshu, dressed in a white robe like a sagely immortal, showed up, they seemed to suddenly realize something.

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