Supreme Killer Chapter 10375

Chapter 5219: Time and space

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In the passage of time and space, the people of Killing Gods were silent for a while, their expressions were extremely alert, and their hearts could not be calm for a long time.

Immortal forbidden robbery land!

This place they had heard of, but was extremely afraid.

What is the purpose of my own line?

There are only a handful of places where the heavens and myriad worlds can make them awe in this group of heavenly kings and even the immortal kings.

Immortal Demon Cave is counted as one, and Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land is counted as one.

"Senior Sword, this is the river of time and space?" Xiao Fan broke the calm for a long time.

He entered the river of time and space several times and knew something about the river of time and space. The feeling in front of him was almost the same as that of traveling through the river of time and space.

Could it be that the entrance of Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land is really in the river of time and space?

Soon, Xiao Fan got the answer.

I saw the Sword Evil King faithfully said: "It's true, but it's not really a river of time and space, here is a passage of time and space parallel to the river of time and space."

"Oh?" Xiao Fan was astonished, and his heart was terrified.

He who understands the power of time and space, knows how difficult it is to open a passage of time and space, and the other party's comprehension of the power of time and space will inevitably reach the peak.

Even the current him is incomparable.

And such people, looking at the heavens and the world, there have been only one or two throughout the ages.

Not only that, it also requires the opponent to have proficient knowledge in the battle method, and the combination of the two can open up such a small space channel.

"The entrance of the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land is above the river of time and space? Doesn't it belong to this era?" God Killing exclaimed, he didn't know how long he had not been so shocked.

Ye Qingcheng and Long Xiao were also very uneasy. How many of them were going to go there?

"Don't care about these little details." The King of Sword Evil smiled faintly, "According to the River of Time and Space, it does belong to the Primordial Era, because the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land existed at the beginning of the Primordial Age.

However, the time and space of Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land is not static, it is not much different from the ordinary world.

You can think so, this hour-space channel is a branch of the river of time and space. "

"The gate of the fairyland can connect the Immortal Demon Realm and the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land?" Xiao Fan suddenly thought of something.

When the gate of the fairyland appeared, it took away the ancestor king realm of the heavens and ten thousand realms, and it should be sent to the immortal forbidden robbery land.

In this way, doesn't it mean that the gate of fairyland can connect the two places?

"The gate of the fairyland, can it be regarded as the space-time teleportation formation of the two places." Sword Evil King did not hide, "you guessed it, those ancestral kings are sent to the immortal forbidden territory.

Not only that, most of the ancestral kingdoms were sent there from the deserted ancient times, the ancient times, and even the ancient times.

This is also nothing to do. The combination of the Chaos Xian Ling Clan and the Ruins Clan is too strong.

Even so, we are still at a disadvantage. "

"Senior Sword, who is the strongest on our side?" Suddenly asked God Suddenly, with a curious look on his face.

Xiao Fan was also interested. He traveled through time and space, traveled to the Primordial Era, and witnessed the birth of many powerful men.

Among them, Doutian, Pluto and others are the strongest.

He was wondering if he could see them again in Xian Jie Di.

The Sword Evil King pondered for a few breaths, and still said: "For the time being, there are three leaders on our side, the old man of reincarnation, the old man of time and space, and the lord."

"Cthulhu?" Xiao Fan blurted out, revealing an unbelievable color.

"Cthulhu? Isn't he just the Heavenly Sovereign Realm?" The killing of the gods was also difficult to calm. As soon as the words were spoken, he quickly covered his mouth, a little regretful.

No wonder he was so shocked, but Xie Yu personally said that Cthulhu was only in the heavenly realm.

In this prosperous world where the Ancestral King Realm is springing up like bamboo shoots after a rain, the Heavenly Venerable Realm is really not enough to see.

"Heh~" The Sword Evil King chuckled lightly, without explaining much.

"Senior Sword, I have a lot of strong people in the Ten Thousand Races Alliance, and I'm slowly waking up, how can I not stop them?" Xiao Fan turned the topic off.

From Huang Mo's mouth, I learned that the situation in the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land is not optimistic.

However, as far as he knew, the ghost master of the nine ghosts should have been awakened, and the Asura ancestor demons would wake up almost in all likelihood.

With their strength, the Alliance of Ten Thousand Races is so powerful that they want to deal with the Primordial Chaos Spirit Race and the Ruins Race.

But the fact is the opposite, which makes it difficult for Xiao Fan to understand.

"Our people are slowly waking up, and the people on their side are also waking up." The Sword Evil King shook his head, his expression a bit solemn.

"Okay, here we are."

Before Xiao Fan asked, the Sword Evil King suddenly stopped.

Not far away, a huge six-pointed star array lay horizontally in front of the hour-sky passage, exuding a looming light.

The chains of order gods all around stretched across the sky, with one end in the hexagonal starburst array, while the other end was submerged in the void.

The Six Paths of Reincarnation!

Xiao Fan recognized it at a glance, but compared to the six great reincarnation formations on the River of Time and Space, the great formation in front of him was obviously weaker.

The Sword Evil King ignored everyone, and walked alone under the six reincarnation formations, took out a jade order, raised his hand and threw it into the void.

At the same time, he pinched his hands to make a series of hand-determinations.

Yu Ling burst into the big array of six reincarnations with a dazzling light.

In an instant, the six reincarnation formations seemed to come alive, and the countless lines above began to wander, like a dragon.


Without waiting for Xiao Fan and the others to think about it, a mechanical sound rang, and the large array of six reincarnations suddenly burst out with six-colored rays of light, forming a gate of time and space.

Xiao Fan was stunned at the sight, and these six reincarnation formations were too mysterious.

Moreover, the Sword Evil King may not be too careful, entering the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land is so complicated.

Ordinary people don't say that they found this entrance, even if they find it, they probably won't be able to get in.

"In the face of the Primordial Chaos Spirit Race and the Ruins Race, we have to be careful." The Sword Evil King smiled, "Let's go, the Lord has been waiting for you for a long time."

After all, the Sword Evil King led Xiao Fan and his entourage into the gate of time and space.

When they reappeared, a strong murderous air and a heavy feeling hit their faces, and the breathing of several people suddenly became involuntarily rapid.

Above the sky, a simple and dark ancient ship was instantly imprinted in the eyes of a few people.

Even if it is extremely far away, you can still feel its hugeness and majesty, covering a starry sky, spanning thousands of miles.

"Samsara Ferry." Xiao Fan recognized it at a glance, surprised.

This is the magic weapon for the reincarnation old man, so it is placed in the starry sky?

However, everyone was quickly attracted by the vast ocean in front of them. The dark water was breathtaking, and huge waves rose up into the sky from time to time, roaring like living individuals.

The weird thing is that each wave clearly looks very small, but it seems to contain a world.

The endless black sea made Xiao Fan a little frightened.

"Welcome to the sea of time and space." When a few people lost their minds, a kind voice rang in their ears.

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