Supreme Killer Chapter 10376

Chapter 5220: Great expectations

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Time and space boundary sea?

Xiao Fan frowned, and it was the first time they heard this name.

But this is not important. What they care about is whether this is the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land.

Thinking of this, a few people followed the prestige, but they saw a huge monument not far away, towering into the clouds, like a lighthouse, extremely conspicuous.

On the monument, there was a thin figure sitting, looking at them kindly.

"Senior Cthulhu!" Xiao Fan recognized it at a glance and bowed slightly.

What made him frizzy was that with his current cultivation base, he couldn't see through the evil **** at all.

Is this really just a Celestial Realm?

Anyway, I didn't believe that Xiao Fan was killed. At least, the strength of the Heretic God cannot be measured by the Heavenly Venerable Realm.

"Little friend, we're seeing each other again." The Cthulhu faintly smiled, and looked at Xiao Fan's gaze with some appreciation, "No wonder you can be valued by them. In just a few decades, you have come this far."

"I would like to thank the seniors for helping me in the first place." Xiao Fan smiled.

Had it not been for the Heretic God to let him enter the tombs of the gods and lay a solid foundation for him, he could not have walked so quickly until now.

The Cthulhu waved his hand and said indifferently: "Are you sure you want to enter the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land?"

Speaking of this, Cthulhu's gaze suddenly looked into the distance, as if crossing the sea of time and space, everything on the opposite side was clearly branded in his eyes.

"OK." Xiao Fan answered without hesitation.

"Crossing the sea of time and space, the opposite is the Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land." Cthulhu said, "However, the situation on the opposite side is a bit chaotic now. It is also very dangerous for you to enter.

When these words came out, Ye Qingcheng and Long Xiao frowned.

Is Cthulhu trying to persuade him to retreat?

But all came, how could Xiao Fan leave?

Thinking of this, the eyes of several people fell on Xiao Fan in unison, and Xiao Fan's eyes were extremely firm: "The juniors just want to do their meager efforts."

He said this from the heart!

For countless years, in order to protect the heavens and the realms, the powerhouses of the ten thousand races killed each other with the Primordial Primordial Chaos and the Xu Family, causing countless deaths and injuries.

Some people may not come here voluntarily, but when they come here, no matter how unwilling they are, how can they retreat if they don't want to throw their heads and blood for the ten thousand clan.

The Heretic God looked at Xiao Fan thoughtfully, and did not surprise Xiao Fan's answer.

"In that case, this is your identity token, and you can pass through the sea of time and space on your own." With a wave of the Cthulhu's detective hand, several streamers lased down, transformed into four special tokens, and appeared in front of the four people.

"Thank you senior."

Xiao Fan took the identity token, glanced at each other with Killing Gods, then stepped into the air and flew straight towards the sea of time and space.

The Sword Evil King next to him opened his mouth, but Xiao Fan's speed was too fast, and before he could speak, the four of them had already appeared in the sea of time and space.

"Master." The Sword Evil King looked at Xiao Fan and the four of them, and finally couldn't help saying: "Let them just leave like this..."

Before the Evil Sword King finished speaking, the Evil God interrupted his words and said: "The flowers in the greenhouse cannot withstand the wind and rain. Since he has chosen this path, if he can't even pass the time, space and sea, even if I There is no point in sending him there."

Sword Evil King's lips trembled slightly.

"Others are others, he is him." The evil **** looked at the backs of Xiao Fan and the four in the distance, and shook his head slightly.

What the King of Sword Evil thought in his heart, he seemed to be clear.

The Sword Evil King nodded without saying much.

If Xiao Fan knew that the Heretic God could easily send them to Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land, but deliberately let them pass through the Sea of Sending Jie, I don't know how he would feel.

This is just deliberately cheating them.

"But even so, you should tell him about the situation of Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land." The King of Sword Evil took a deep breath, refuting the Evil God in a rare way.

"Let him know it for himself, it will be better." The light in the eyes of the evil **** flickered, "You know, why the ten thousand clan once had the absolute strength to deal with the chaos ancestor spirit clan and the market clan, but the ten thousand clan has become weaker and weaker over the years ?"

The Sword Evil King sighed, he naturally knew the answer to the evil god's question, but it was precisely because of this that he was speechless.

"Thousands of races obviously had a good hand, but they played poorly in the end. In the final analysis, it is the inferior nature of the races." The evil **** said to himself.

"If this problem is not solved, even if the Chaos Ancestor Spirit Race and the Ruins Race are really destroyed, they will eventually be destroyed due to cannibalism."

The Sword Evil King nodded in agreement.

Suddenly, his eyes widened suddenly, and he looked at the evil **** in surprise: "Master, do you think he can solve this problem?"

You know, this problem has lasted for several ancient times.

Cthulhu, they thought of countless ways, but failed to do it, could it be possible that Xiao Fan could do it?

It's not that he doesn't believe in Xiao Fan, it's really incredible.

"Since it can be valued by the old time and space and the Asura Zumo, he naturally has his advantages. In fact, he did not let them down."

The Cthulhu looked at Xiao Fan and the others, and sighed: "I originally thought that he was just a talent for cultivation. I didn't expect that he would unify the world of immortals and demons. I have to admit that I underestimated this little guy."

"I didn't expect him to be today." The Sword Evil King couldn't help but marvel.

The original Xiao Fan, in his eyes, was basically an ant-like existence.

But today, Xiao Fan has become the person he must look up to, if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he would not believe it.

"The Red Dust Immortal King is still too weak after all. If he can successfully pass through the sea of time and space, he will be able to stand on the opposite side."

Cthulhu's eyes narrowed slightly, and a sharp expression flashed across his face, saying: "A clone of Thirty is about to wake up, Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land will usher in the most chaotic and darkest moment.

If they still go their own way and kill each other, how can they be 30's opponents. "

"Lord, even if he can break through the Immortal King Luo Tian, he may not be able to unify the tens of thousands of people, not to mention that time is running out, and the clone of Thirty will wake up at any time." The King of Sword Evil is still not optimistic about Xiao Fan.

"What they need is not a person who can turn the tide, but a person who can command them. At this point, the old man of time and space has better eyesight than me." Cthulhu shook his head.

Suddenly, the evil **** smiled jokingly: "You said, is it possible for him to become the second king of humans?"

The emperor is second?

The King of Sword Evil's eyes widened, revealing an unbelievable color.

Who is the emperor?

That is the real commander-in-chief of all races!

When Human Sovereign was there, the ten thousand clan would not dare to obey, and the ten thousand clan achieved unprecedented cohesion.

The reason why the Ten Thousand Clan can resist Thirty is because of the Emperor.

The Cthulhu actually thought that Xiao Fan could be a human emperor. How could this not surprise him?

Such expectations are too big. Can Xiao Fan really get to this point?

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