Supreme Killer Chapter 10449

Chapter 5293: Reinforce the seal

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Reinforce the seal?

Hearing this, Hun Yuan's pupils suddenly shrank, and he thought he had heard it wrong.

You are just a fairy king Luo Tian!

Why do I feel insignificant in front of the escaping breath of this seal, like a worm, how can your confidence strengthen the seal?

Hunyuan Pilihuo believes that Xiao Fan is definitely pretending to be a pig and eat a tiger.

It's just that when he thought of the things he threatened Xiao Fan at the beginning, he felt a little panicked.

This guy, you won't bother yourself when you look back, right?

Then, should I run away now while he is not paying attention?

Forget it, in case you meet him again later.

Xiao Fan naturally didn't know the complicated thoughts in Hunyuan Pilihuo's heart. He had come under the seal of six reincarnations, and slowly stretched out his palm.

In an instant, a fairy light bloomed from his palm, and a peculiar energy quickly poured into the six seals of reincarnation.

The six seals of reincarnation are like a thirsty person, absorbing it frantically.

A fraction of the power in Xiao Fan's body was drawn in an instant, his face changed drastically in fright, and he quickly retracted his palm.

He fucks, if this goes on, he can **** himself up and do it in a few breaths.

"Fairy, can you help me?" Even if he knew the danger, Xiao Fan didn't hesitate.

If the fairy can replenish the power of the fairy for him at all times, then there is no danger.

However, he waited for a while, but did not get an answer from the fairy.

Xiao Fan couldn't help frowning, but under induction, he realized that he couldn't reach the fairy anymore.

Could it be that the river of time and space can cut off the original world?

Thinking of this, Xiao Fan quickly tried to sense the source clone of the source world, and as he expected, he couldn't sense it at all.

Xiao Fan was very surprised, marveling at the special nature of the river of time and space.

You know, the fairy said that any world can sense the original world, even at the other end of the river of time and space.

But now, he can't sense the original world, how can this make him calm?

After a long time, Xiao Fan looked up again at the six seals of reincarnation. Without the help of the fairy, he could only rely on himself.

He stretched out his palm again, ready to try.

But this time, the six reincarnation seals swallowed the immortal power faster, and in just two breaths, it swallowed most of his immortal power.

If he hadn't stopped in time, he estimated that he would be emptied of all the power of the immortal.

Xiao Fan furrowed his brows and thought in his heart: "It seems that it is very difficult for me to reinforce the seal of the six reincarnations."

After thinking about it, Xiao Fan was relieved.

Even Thirty couldn't break the six seals of reincarnation, how could this seal be so simple.

After all, it was originally arranged by the six top powerhouses of the old reincarnation.

Which one of their strengths is not stronger than Huang Tian?

He didn't know the flow of time in the River of Time, but he didn't have much options at the moment, he could only do his best to strengthen it.

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Fan waved his hand, and the original fairy crystals appeared in front of him.

"Essential Immortal Crystal?" Hun Yuan's pupils shrank violently when he saw the fire.

It swears that it has never seen so many original fairy crystals in its entire life!

If you can refine them, you can definitely attack the Immortal King Hongmeng.

At that time, even if he meets Huang Tian again, he will be fearless.

However, the next thing made Hun Yuan Pilihuo dumbfounded.

I saw Xiao Fan suddenly opened his mouth and inhaled. Thousands of Primal Immortal Crystals around him exploded and turned into powder, and the rolling Primal Immortal Power was refined by Xiao Fan.

"Too extravagant, too wasteful." Hun Yuan Pilihuo went mad in his heart.

Thousands of original fairy crystals were actually used by Xiao Fan to reinforce a seal?

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe it if he was killed.

However, this is only the beginning.

Xiao Fan seemed to not care about the origin immortal crystal at all, so he took out almost all of his inventory and used it to transform into six reincarnation immortal powers to reinforce the seal.

In his opinion, as long as it can kill Thirty's clone, what is this point of Origin Immortal Crystal?

When the original fairy crystals are used up, they can also extract and refine them from the Chaos Ruins.

But God endless if they had an accident, Immortal Forbidden Tribulation Land could be over.


After a long time, the six seals of reincarnation suddenly burst with dazzling light, becoming more mysterious and powerful.

The chains of the immortal gods became crystal clear, like giant dragons, coming back to life.

"There is only so much I can do. Then I'll let my fate." Xiao Fan sighed, stepped back, and took out a few original immortal crystals to restore his immortal power.

Immortal forbidden robbery land, market city.

God endless five people besieged Thirty's clone madly, even if the five people join forces, they still fight extremely embarrassed, it can even be said to be extremely miserable.


It's too strong!

Compared with him in the ancient times, Thirty's clone is several times stronger.

You know, they were only the top Hunyuan Immortal King at the beginning, but they still killed Thirty's clone. No, to be precise, they were letting them fall asleep.

But now, they have broken through to the Hongmeng Immortal King Realm, but they are still not the opponents of Thirty's clone.

This surprised them!

They don't understand, there is only a clone of Thirty in front of them, why he has become so powerful.

If it's the body again, wouldn't it be that they all only have to be killed by a spike.

"Hey, his breath seems to have weakened." After Huang Mo and several others attacked again, he suddenly exclaimed.

The four gods endlessly were also astonished. Just now the five of them joined forces and hardly obtained any benefits.

But the attack just now hurt Thirty's clone.

"What's the matter?" Pluto was surprised.

"It doesn't matter what's going on, it's the best to get rid of him." The demon lord was fierce and mighty, without stopping, he killed him again.

God endless few people also did not hesitate to shoot, without any reservation at all.

"court death!"

Thirty's clone gave a cold cry, and his expression, who had been calm and calm, finally changed his expression.

Just now, the source of power he mobilized, actually weakened a bit.

Moreover, the power is still declining.

He fought hard and once again shook the Five Gods, but he suddenly felt that his strength had weakened by a large amount.

If this continues, he may have to repeat the same mistakes.

"He is weak again!"

"Quickly, take advantage of his illness and kill him!"

Pluto, the demon master clamored one after another, and became extremely excited as if they had been beaten with chicken blood.

They didn't have much hope at first, but now they are rekindling their fighting spirit.


There was a loud explosion, the five people attacked fiercely, and the avatar of the 30 killed was retreating. This made the five people more crazy.

"Asshole, who moved the seal!" Thirty's clone roared in a low voice, his expression extremely embarrassing.

Originally, he still wanted to have fun with these people, but now, he is a little panicked.

He didn't expect that someone would even think of attacking the seal of the six reincarnations.

What he didn't even know was that the person who shot was just an Immortal King Luo Tian.

If he knew, he would probably vomit blood out of anger. "Haha, 30, I said, we will kill you again." The wild demon laughed up to the sky and threw out aggressively again.

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