Supreme Killer Chapter 10451

Chapter 5295: Confrontation (Part 2)

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"Are you threatening me?"

Qing Tian smashed the wine glass on the table heavily, and with a twist of his eyebrows, a tyrannical aura burst out and went straight to the old man guarding the tomb.

The eyes of the old man guarding the tomb became fierce, without any fear. He still had only a few words: "Mutual each other!"

If you didn't threaten Lao Tzu first, how could Lao Tzu threaten you?

Why, you can only threaten Lao Tzu, but Lao Tzu can't threaten you?

Cang Tian waved his hand, and the powerful aura on Qing Tian's body instantly dissipated invisible.

With this move, the old man tomb guard was surprised secretly, and Heaven's strength was obviously becoming more and more unfathomable.

Worthy of being the number one master of the Chaos Xianling Race!

"You brought the Primordial Chaos Spirit Clan to Attachment Thirty at the beginning. It was a helpless move. After all, you don't want to be annihilated. We can understand this."

The old man's eyes softened again, and he took a deep breath and said: "Although the Primordial Chaos and the Ten Thousand Clan were endlessly immortal, it is not good to say that this is at best just fighting in the nest.

And thirty, at best, it is an outsider, don't you understand that? "

"Of course we know, but also use you as an example?" Qing Tian sneered, aggressively.

"If you face Thirty, you can have this kind of aura, I might admire you." The old man tomb guard said in a calm way.

Qingtian's face was flushed, but he was unable to refute. He softened and leaned on the chair without speaking.

"The enemies of the Primordial Chaos and the Ten Thousand Races are not a dead knot." The old tomb guard continued, "Since it is not a dead knot, there is a way to untie it."

"Then you say, after the 30th destruction, how will the Primordial Chaos Spirit Race and the Ten Thousand Races get along?" Heaven's voice sounded again.

The cultivation method of the Primordial Chaos Spirit Race is best to not allow the existence of the world, as it is destined to destroy the heavens and the world.

The ten thousand races must rely on the world to be strong, after all, not everyone can survive in chaos.

However, upon hearing the words of the heavens, the old grave guard gave a thumbs up: "Heaven, you hid so deeply, I didn't expect you to be sure of annihilation!"

Cangtian opened his mouth, but couldn't say a word.

Destruction 30?

Where does Lao Tzu have any **** assurance, but since the two parties have joined forces, what if it is done?


Seeing that Cangtian was choked, Qingtian coughed dryly.

If they had the confidence to destroy 30, how could they shrink to the present?

"Things always have to be considered, don't they?" Qing Tian took back the words of the old tomb guard.

"This is not bad." The old grave guard nodded, "However, what I want to tell you is that even if you are willing to join hands with us, we are not too sure."


Suddenly, the old man from the tomb guard changed his conversation, his expression resolute: "If we kill each other, whether it is the Primordial Chaos Spirits or the Ten Thousands, we will all have to die."

"We have taken refuge in Thirty." Qing Tian said indifferently.

"Heh~" The old tomb guard smiled contemptuously, "That's because you still have a bit of use value. Just relying on the ruins clan, do you think they can resist the ten thousand clan in these years?

But once the ten thousand races are destroyed, what value will you have? "

The hall fell silent again, how could Cang Tian and Qing Tian not know this.

At the beginning, the reason why Thirty surrendered them was to use their means to deal with all races.

Moreover, if it wasn't that they were both defeated and injured by the Ten Thousand Races, they had fallen several of the most powerful, with their strength, they were completely capable of fighting Thirty One.

Of course, it was just a battle.

The final result will not change.

"It's worthy of being the son of the emperor, with a sharp mouth." After a long time, the sky spoke again.

If Xiao Fan heard this, he would definitely be shocked.

The old man guarding the tomb is really the son of the emperor!

This old thing is not hidden deep.

"However," Cangtian narrowed his eyes and stared at the old man guarding the tomb and said, "You have to have a reason to let us die with you."

Hearing this, the old grave guard grinned, showing his iconic big yellow teeth.

He knew that the words had reached this point, and the sky had loosened somewhat.

The old man of the tomb guard no longer kept anything, saying: "The destruction of 30's second clone is just the first step. Next, we will destroy his first clone and third clone one by one."

"Have you really found it?" Qing Tian looked at the old grave guard in amazement.

At their level, few things can surprise them so much.

But the words of the old grave guard made them no longer able to calm down.

The old tomb guard nodded solemnly: "I found it, Doutian has already gone."

"He alone?" Qing Tian smiled contemptuously.

Although Doutian's strength is strong, he alone wants to kill the other two clones of Thirty, which is simply a fantasy.

"Don't you still have me and you?" The old grave guard looked at the two with a smile.

Cang Tian and Qing Tian were silent for a while, and if the two of them joined and killed the other two clones of Thirty, there would indeed be a great chance.

However, their ultimate enemy is not Thirty's clone, but Thirty.

"Time and Space, Samsara, Shura, and the Demon Lord?" Qingtian asked in a deep voice, "It's just to deal with the two clones of Thirty, and we don't need to act."

He is not a fool, how could he easily make a move.

Once joined, the death of the two clones of Thirty is related to them, and Thirtys body cannot let them go.

For them, the best way is to watch the final battle between the Ten Thousand Races and Thirty.

If the Ten Thousand Clan can gain the upper hand, they will make another defiance and destroy Thirty in that way. It is the best for them, because they don't have to worry about Thirty's revenge.

But what if the Ten Thousand Clan is lost?

"There is no free lunch in the world." The old grave guard shook his head and narrowed his eyes. "If you don't agree, how can we rest assured you?"

Chaos ancestors, they don't care about other people.

But Cang Tian and Qing Tian, they are extremely jealous.

After all, at the time when they led the Chaos Xianling Clan, they were comparable to the Ten Thousand Clan with the six strongest powers. One can imagine the terrifying strength of these two people.

To deal with thirty, one must be single-minded, and how can one give the back to the former enemy.

Asking them to take action against Thirty's two clones is undoubtedly only for their names.

"What if we don't agree?" Qingtian frowned.

"Don't agree?" The old tomb guard smiled, and suddenly his face became extremely cold: "Then we will destroy the Primordial Chaos Spirit Race first!"

"Only with you?" Qing Tian stood up suddenly and said coldly.

The sky also showed cold light on his face, and his murderous aura was looming. "Yes, just relying on us, isn't that enough?" The old tomb guard was not angry, but said with a smile: "Time and space, reincarnation, Shura, demon lord, ghost lord, demon, and me, you only have two, others Ignorable, it should be barely enough

Right. "

Qingtian's face was dark, gloomy and terrible.

What a reluctance, you and he really praised us too much.

Taking a deep breath, Qing Tian sat down again with a decadent expression on his face. He knows that today's ten thousand races have returned to their peak, and they are still just walking in place, how are ten thousand races opponents?

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