Supreme Martial Artist Chapter 1983

Chapter 1983: Green Pine

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Although Earth Spirit Venerable is strong, as he said, he may not be able to persist through the grassland.

At this time, his spiritual energy was consumed too much, and he was already in a state of no support. The earth giants soon suffered losses and were crushed by the grass.

As he stepped on, the agitated clods became less and less, and he could no longer protect everyone.

Soon, someone was attacked by a blade of grass and killed instantly.

In less than ten breaths of time, a hundred people died, people were in chaos, the team became chaotic, and their lives were saved. This made them lose their lives faster.

Qin Fei and several people have come to the vicinity of the Earth Spirit Venerable. The place where they had been erected before was covered by grass.

Zhou Kun said anxiously: "My lord, what should I do?"

Qin Fei didn't answer him, but carefully observed the situation of the Earth Spirit Venerable. At present, the Earth Spirit Venerable can still control a radius of 100 meters, and the blade of grass cannot attack. As for the greater distance, there is nothing that can be done.

Outside the scope, many people are constantly falling.

According to his speculation, the scope of the control of the earth spirits will continue to shrink, and the speed will be very fast.

This can't continue. If everyone dies, although it will be a great help for him to enter the Dongchen Palace, but in the end, this is not a good thing, he is not happy to see it, after all, these are talents who will resist the demon in the future.

He quietly released the power of the Overlord and merged into the aura released by the Earth Spirit Venerable. Suddenly, the Earth Spirit Venerables eyes suddenly brightened, revealing an incredible color. He knew the situation in his body and the spiritual energy had been consumed too much. Thinking that he was dead this time, the strange power that suddenly appeared, made his own spiritual energy flourish, even surpassing the period of heyday, which puzzled him, but at this time he couldn't allow him to think about it. Anyway, this It's a good thing after all!

He received the new power, screamed, and slammed on the ground. The range suddenly expanded, instantly spreading the power of kilometers, covering all the surviving people.

Seeing this situation, the monks who thought they were dead, heaved a sigh of relief and gratefully looked at the Earth Spirit Venerable.

Earth Spirit Zun has great power and vigor, and shouted loudly: "Everyone, follow me, let's pass this level together!"

Everyone got excited and followed him forward.

As he marched, Wei Dong whispered to Qin Fei suspiciously: "Brother Qin, this Earth Spirit Venerable is really unfathomable! Just now he was almost exhausted, but suddenly he became stronger again, even more fierce than before. , It seems that he has hidden his strength! We have to be careful in the future!"

Qin Fei nodded and said, "Yes, he is really amazing!"

He was inconvenient to say what happened secretly, so let everyone think that this is the credit of the Earth Spirit Venerable!

On the way, Qin Fei would secretly help each time the Earth Spirit Venerable's spiritual energy was consumed too much and there was a sign of instability. In less than a quarter of an hour, he passed through the grassland and more than a thousand people successfully escaped.

On the other side of the grassland, the monks who were considering their own safety regretted it. The Earth Spirit took people across the grassland and was very close to the Dongchen Palace. Because of their wrong choices, this event had no relationship with them. Any relationship can only be disappointed.

"Which friend helped Tu Mou?" After passing the grassland, after everyone took a break, Tu Ling Zun asked the crowd.

Everyone is inexplicable, who helped the earth spirits?


Seeing that no one answered, Tu Ling said, because he had not said clearly enough, he said loudly: "Every time Tu Mou's aura was consumed so quickly that he couldn't support it, someone secretly helped Tu Mou with magical power. Tu Mou must face to face. Thank you! Let everyone know that it is not Tu Mous contribution that saved you, but yours. I hope you can make it clear that Tu Mou will repay you in the future!"

What he said finally made everyone understand that it turned out that the earth spirits did not do it alone through the grassland. Someone has become the hero behind it!

Zhou Kun glanced at Qin Fei with a proud smile at the corner of his mouth. He instantly thought that this was most likely to be Qin Fei's work, and the destined master of the Jiu Ming Prison naturally had this ability.

But no one answered the Earth Spirit Venerable. Everyone at the scene was silent, looking at others curiously, not knowing who this secretly helping others was?

After a while, no one was born to indicate this, and Earth Spirit Venerable was very confused. How come there are people in this world who have done good things and don't want to reveal it?

"Your Excellency refused to show up, is it because you look down on Tu somebody's gratitude?" Tu Ling frowned, and the other party secretly helped him, but refused to reveal his identity. It is really not clear whether it is an enemy or a friend.

"Haha, the Earth Spirit Venerable is so polite, he is only doing his best! Not enough!" A middle-aged man let out a hearty laugh, arrogant.

Tu Lingzun's eyes lit up, walked up to the man a few steps, and saluted: "It turned out to be Mr. Qingsong Keqing for helping! Tu is very grateful! Mr. Qing is indeed a predecessor who is well-known in the Eastern Region for thousands of years, and he is a hero in the world! "

Qing Songke smiled and said, "The Earth Spirit Venerable is polite! You are only doing your best, mainly because the Earth Spirit Venerable your earth spirit is so powerful that Qing can be lucky enough to help one or two!"

Seeing the Qing Songke, many monks flattered, and praised endlessly. It could be seen that the Qing Songke should have a good reputation in the Eastern Region.

Qin Fei frowned slightly. Only he knew what Qing Songke did. He was a deceitful person.

He looked at Zhou Kun and said, "This person is very famous?"

Zhou Kun nodded fiercely, and said: "My lord, Qingsongke is very famous in our Eastern Regions. Many people admire him very much. I really didn't expect to meet him here, and also helped Earth Spirit Venerable!"

Seeing Qing Songke, Zhou Kun thought it was Qin Fei secretly helping Earth Spirit Venerable, but now he changed his mind and felt that Qin Fei would not do this. After all, these people are now enemies, and it is absolutely impossible for Qin Fei. Save everyone, only a hero like Qingsongke can do this.

Qing Songke said to everyone: "You are welcome, the main force of this crisis is the Earth Spirit Venerable. Qing is just the icing on the cake! Let's not delay time, hurry up on the road, time is running out!"

Tu Ling said: "Mr. Qing, Tu has a suggestion. This place is less than a thousand miles away from Dongchen Palace. There must be many organ formations on the way. We cannot walk blindly like a plate of scattered sand, otherwise the loss will be heavy. , How about we form a temporary alliance, work together, and wait until the end to rely on our own skills?"

Qingsongke smiled and said, "It's so good! Do you have any opinions?"

Of course, other people have no opinion, and they all agree.

Tu Ling Zun said again: "Since forming an alliance, then there must be a leader. Tu suggested that Mr. Qing is extremely capable and wise, far above all of us. It is worse than Mr. Qing to be the leader of the alliance and lead us through numerous Risky! What do you think? "

Everyone agreed and shouted in unison to let Qingsongke be the leader.

Qing Songke hurriedly waved his hand and said, "How can Qing be competent? This crisis depends on the earth spirits to be able to pass. According to Qing, it is better for the earth spirits to be the leader!"

The Earth Spirit shook his head hurriedly, and said: "Mr. Qing don't want to resign, how can Tumo? Or you are the most competent. If Mr. Qing refuses to be the leader, then the alliance does not need to exist. You have the world in your heart. Don't want to see everyone say each other next time, right?"

Qing Songke seriously pondered for a while, sighed, and said: "Well, in that case, for everyone's safety, Qing will be the leader! I hope everyone will support you!"

The crowd hurriedly agreed, showing that they would obey him completely.

Qin Fei curled his lips. This deceitful guy really knows how to pretend, but he doesn't bother to expose the other party's shamelessness. Anyway, this alliance is temporary. Whoever is the leader has nothing to do with him.

Among the monks, female monks accounted for 30%, but most of them were not very attractive. When Qing Songke glanced at Qin Fei's side, he saw Zhou Zhiqing, his eyes suddenly brightened, and then retracted his gaze and said to the crowd: " Our journey is difficult and dangerous, and there are many crises. Qing has a suggestion that women are always weaker, so we should take care of women. We men should stand at the forefront to face the dangers. What do you think?"

"The leader is absolutely right!"

Everyone agrees.

Qing Songke smiled and said: "Then it is set, all female monks will be personally protected by Qing! Qing must protect everyone well, please come to Qing, and the others will follow the earth spirits first!"

Everyone felt okay with his arrangement.

Many female monks walked to Qingsongke and looked at him with admiration. Ken still wanted to protect them in this situation. Naturally, they were extremely grateful to Qingsongke.

Qing Songke looked at Zhou Zhiqing and said, "This girl, come to Qing, and Qing will protect you!"

Zhou Zhiqing glanced at him, with indifference in her beautiful eyes, and said: "The Youth League master is polite, but no, I can still protect myself! And I am with them, there is no need to follow you!"

Qing Songke looked at Qin Fei and the others, and said: "So, they can protect you? That's it, Qing doesn't force it! Everything is up to you! Earth Spirit Venerable, we set off right away, but Qing Someone has a suggestion that we should first separate a small team of vanguards and go to the front to investigate the situation. If there is a danger, we should find out in advance and be fully prepared!"

Venerable Earth Spirit thought for a while, felt that this meant a great deal, nodded and said, "Mr. Qing is super wise, and he should be so!"

Qing Songke pointed to Qin Fei and said, "These brothers are smart and brave at first sight, so let them do it!"

This is good. Seeing Zhou Zhiqing refused to go to his side, he turned his anger on Qin Fei and the others. To put it nicely, he was a pioneer, but to put it bluntly he was a cannon fodder.

Qin Fei had a better understanding of this guy's shamelessness. He was so despicable and cunning that he dared to make his own mind.

Tu Lingzun was shocked. Originally thought that Qingsongke would select the most powerful group of people to form a team as the vanguard, but he chose Qin Fei, who seemed to be very face-to-face, to do it. In his mind, Qin Fei and the others should not be strong enough. It means that he hasn't seen him before, but he recognizes anyone who is slightly stronger in the Eastern Region, so he feels that Qin Fei is not suitable.

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