Supreme Martial Artist Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984: Star Behemoth

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Earth Lingzun said to Qingsong, "Mr. Qing, maybe they are not suitable?"

Qingsongke smiled and said: "It's right, absolutely right! Let's just set it, there is not much time left! Thousands of miles, we can't tolerate our delay!"

Earth Spirit Venerable also wanted to persuade each other, Qing Songke has shown displeased color, only then remembered that they are now the leader of the alliance, or the leader of their own initiative, if they oppose the Qing Songke now, it will cause uneasiness and speculation among other allies. Unity will be destroyed.

He nodded and said, "Everything is up to you! But let me be with them, so I can take care of it!"

Qing Songke didn't say much, but if the earth spirits were willing to go, he didn't care.

Earth Lingzun came to Qin Fei and said: "Brothers, let's go, you can rest assured, I will protect you!"

Qin Fei's impression of him is getting better and better. This Earth Spirit Venerable is really a selfless person. Now, especially under such circumstances, such actions by the Earth Spirit Venerable are really rare.

People like Qing Songke are a typical cruel character who crosses the river and demolishes the bridge. The Earth Spirit Venerable pushes him to the leader. Now he doesn't care about the Earth Spirit Venerable anymore. Why do you want to go?

Qin Fei smiled at the Earth Spirit Venerable and said: "Long admiring the Earth Spirit Venerable and generous and generous, I really admire Qin Fei if I will meet today!"

Earth Lingzun smiled and said: "Brother Qin is serious, everyone has the same purpose. If we are lucky enough to join the Holy Star in the future, we can take care of each other!"

A few people left the team and headed forward, while Qing Songke was walking with others behind, and everyone was a hundred meters away.

Zhou Kun kept complaining on the road, saying: "This Qingsongke is really a name, and I didn't expect to deliberately target us!"

Qin Fei smiled and said: "You don't have to complain, we have to choose other people if we don't choose, it is not a good job for anyone to be a pioneer, since we have been selected, there is nothing to complain about!"

Tu Lingzun smiled heartily and said, "Brother Qin takes care of the overall situation, and Tu is really admired!"

While speaking, a dense forest appeared in front of him. At first glance, there was a towering peak behind the dense forest, and a large number of magnificent buildings were faintly visible on the peak.

The earthling said: "This dense forest is past, and Dongchen Palace is located. There must be danger in the dense forest. We must be careful!"

Qin Fei nodded, and a few people entered the dense forest. Just after walking a hundred meters in the forest, deafening roars of beasts came from the three fronts. The forest vibrated, and the sound of stepping on the ground was like a galloping horse.

"It's a tide of beasts! It was the same test in the previous few times. Dongchen Palace has raised tens of thousands of giant star beasts, which are used to test newcomers every time!" Earth Spirit Venerable's expression changed and became serious. The strongest test coming!

Soon, there appeared beast shadows, wolves, tigers, leopards, and bears, boundless, rushing towards this side, the breath of the beasts soaring to the sky, the savage and savage breath was moving.

These beasts are shining with bright stars, which is an obvious sign of the giant beasts in the Eastern Territory.

Earth Lingzun's expression straightened, his whole body filled with rusticity, forming a thick protective cover to protect Qin Fei and others in it, and said solemnly: "We must hold on and wait for Mr. Qing and others to help!"

At this time, Qing Songke led the people of the alliance on the edge of the dense forest, separated by a hundred meters. Seeing this scene, many people were eager to move, preparing for a final battle!

Qing Songke's eyes condensed, and said: "Don't worry, everyone! Earth Spirit Venerable is strong, and Qin Fei is also extraordinary. They should be able to hold the behemoth in the starry sky for a while. Let's wait a while and see the situation!"

Someone said: "Leader of the Qing League, no, so many star beasts, even if the Earth Spirits are strong, I am afraid they can't resist! We have to work together to kill these beasts!"

"Yeah, how can they resist?"

"They will die!"

Qing Songke coldly said, "Since you have chosen Qing as the leader, you should follow the orders and not disrupt the deployment!"

His prestige has been growing for a long time, and people suddenly dare not say anything when they see him angry. Even if they have thoughts in their hearts, they can't say more at this time. Anyway, it is not themselves who are dead. Why offend Qingsongke for these people?

Qing Songke is very insidious. He caught Zhou Zhiqing with a glance. He felt that this woman was the best choice for her figure and figure, and wanted to get it. But this woman actually ignored him and would rather follow Qin Fei's few unknown pawns. He is willing to follow him, so he will destroy Qin Fei and the others. When Zhou Zhiqing is in crisis, he will help him again. When that time Zhou Zhiqing will be grateful to him, and he will agree with him. The one who doesn't die doesn't care at all, he only needs this woman!

On Qin Fei's side, the giant beast had already rushed to the protective cover and kept attacking the cover. The Earth Spirit Venerable continued to replenish the spiritual energy. Even the spiritual cave was used, and the surrounding giants also appeared to block the giant beast.

However, the manpower is always limited, and the star beasts are not good stubbles. Within half an hour, the Earth Spirit Venerable couldn't help shouting.

With a bang, the protective cover shattered, and the giant beast rushed in. Qin Fei had to take action at this time. Of course, he would not personally take a shot at the giant beast. He secretly passed the overlord power and merged into the earth's spiritual energy, and suddenly broke out, instantly. Soaring soaring several times, Earth Lingzun's eyes brightened, looked at him in surprise, and said: "It turns out that you are helping me, Qingsongke lied to me!"

Qin Fei smiled, and said, "Brother Tu don't want to say anything. I have troubles and inconvenience to disclose it. I hope Brother Tu keeps it secret!"

Tu Ling nodded solemnly, and said, "Brother Qin, don't worry, Tu will never tell others about this!"

The protective cover continued to light up, resisting the attack of the beasts, and the earth spirits moved towards the depths of the dense forest, not caring about the attacks of the beasts around him.

Qing Songke did not expect that this would be the case. The Earth Spirit Venerable is so powerful, and he can continue to move forward under the attack of all the beasts. This is not enough. Let the Earth Spirit Venerable pass through first. Wouldn't it take the lead?

He also didn't care about Qin Fei and the others, so he hurriedly made everyone rush up to fight with the beasts!

The crowd and the beasts fought together, and the scene was tragic. The monks were still very powerful. A giant beast was killed, and many monks were also destroyed during the period. The battle between the two sides was almost equal, with mutual casualties.

However, in general, the monks are still great, after all, there is a huge gap between the two sides, and the monks can be equal to the monster.

The battle continues, time is passing, and counting, only half a quarter of an hour is left to be the agreed time. If you can't reach the Dongchen Palace by then, everyone will lose their qualifications and won't be able to enter the Holy Star.

Everyone is a little anxious, and this is no way to go on. People like themselves lose their qualifications, and Dong Chenxing will naturally choose from others. Anyway, there are too many cultivators in the Eastern Region to count, and they are not in a hurry.

"Damn it! Don't use our full strength, no one can pass, you don't hide it!" Qing Songke shouted, bursting with blue light, swept around, and instantly swept dozens of star giants. The beast flies.

At this moment, he showed his true power. On the grassland, there is really no way to deal with the blade of grass, but here, in the face of these star beasts, he has the ability to deal with it!

Others also burst out their full strength, not retaining their strength.

Qing Songke is right, hiding at this time is tantamount to asking for trouble.

The behemoth of the starry sky was quickly killed by 30%. At this time, there was a long roar from the depths of the forest. The behemoth of the starry sky hulled away, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. This level was over!

At the forefront, Qin Fei, Tu Lingzun and others were already more than three hundred meters away and rushed towards the front.

Upon seeing this, Qing Songke hurriedly greeted the people to follow, but he was very cunning. He still didnt know if there was any danger ahead, so he let others rush forward. He found a reason to take care of the female monks. Stayed at the end.

The dense forest soon reached the edge. As soon as Qin Fei rushed out of the dense forest, they saw dozens of powerful monks waiting there.

"We are the last level. You have killed so many of our disciples. Take your life to pay for it!" The first white-haired old man shouted, murderously.

"The elder, it's him, it's him who is merciful!" A disciple of Dongchen Palace shouted, pointing at Qin Fei.

"Oh? It's just that when you fight with my palace disciple, you always show mercy and never kill a killer?" The old man's expression eased.

Qin Fei nodded and said: "Yes, the juniors don't think there is any need to kill them!"

The old man laughed and said: "Very good! You have passed the final test, go ahead, go to the palace gate to report!"

Qin Fei was overjoyed. He didn't expect an unintentional move in advance, but he received such an effect and saved a big battle!

He and Tu Ling Zun and others passed quickly, and their own disciples led them to report.

Others came, and they had no such good luck. They were stopped by the elders of Dongchen Palace, and they were beaten to death. Most of them died in the blink of an eye.

Qing Songke was so frightened that he was so scared. He didn't expect that there was still such a level waiting for everyone. Knowing that he was not an opponent, he hurriedly told the girls to stop and didn't dare to move on.

"What's the matter with you? Why don't you go out of the woods for the final assessment?" The white-haired old man suddenly appeared in front of the Qingsong guest, frowning and drinking.

Qingsongke hurriedly said: "My lord, for Qingsongke, it doesn't matter whether you can pass the assessment. You have promised to protect them is the most important promise, so you have to protect them! If an adult wants to kill them, he will work hard. And for!"

He saw that the old man hadn't done it first, and he had a secret idea in his heart, and simply made up.

The old man nodded and said: "It's not bad, you are a good person, and you know that it is not easy to protect others. Just like the Qin Fei Tu Lingzun and others who passed before, you have a kind heart! Go there! Go report!"

Qing Songke played to the end, pointing to the women and said: "What about them?"

The old man said coldly: "You don't need to protect them. There are only a hundred people. If they have passed, they will exceed the rules. So you can open the Internet, but you can't!"

Seeing that the old man was not pleased, Qing Songke deliberately pretended to be disappointed and turned around...

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