Tell Me Again My Love Book 1 Chapter 296

Volume 1 Chapter 296 I Am Sorry

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Jeremy glanced at Ryn a few times while driving. The romantic dinner he painfully planned failed and it all because of the person who made her unhappy. Who was it who dared to make his love sad?

Jeremy sighed. Until they got into the car and now, her mouth seemed to be glued. She was unable to say anything despite he asked many times for her to open her heart for him.

Instead of sending her home, he drove to his place. He had no plan to let her alone in her home. He did not want her to start thinking about weird things and jeopardize their relationship. Nothing could break their relationship.

To his gladness, she did not comment when they arrived at a very familiar building.

She knew he was sad the dinner did not go as plan and felt sorry for him. Hence, he did not complain when he brought her to his place. Besides, she could spend the night in the guest room. About clothes to bring for the work trip, she could rush back to her place early in the morning to get both her bag and her passport.

As he unlocked the door, he told her rather cheerfully of the password and even asked her to repeat them twice just to make sure she remembered it. Once the door flung open, he, without warning, scooped her up like a bride and entered his house. A smile on his face was so wide, it almost touched both ears.

He believed they could still 'recover' their romantic date.

He brought her inside. Instead of placing her gently on the sofa after kicking the door close, he simply climbed up the stairs. He planned to bring her straight to his room.

"Put me down," she said but he ignored her. He was too happy to hear anything. Finally, they could have a romantic moment!

He kicked the door of his room and walked to the huge bed. Carefully he lowered her down on the bed.

"What do you have in mind, J?" she asked, quickly scooping backwards to avoid touching him. She needed space between them so she could think rationally.

He did not know what to say. He suddenly lost his words. Of course, he wanted to say he wanted them to spend the night together in bed but seeing how uncomfortable she was, he gulped hard.

"I... it's better for me to sleep in the guest room," Ryn said hurriedly. She quickly jumped to her feet but instead of going to the guest room, she went to Mika's room. "I'm borrowing Mika's pyjama."

He watched her running away sadly. His date, his romantic date was ruined now... officially. He sighed heavily.

"I guess I'm sleeping alone tonight... again..."


He woke up with a shake on his bare shoulders. Without thinking, he reached out and grabbed whoever touching him. Then, he pulled the person down and blocked the way out using his body.

"Jeremy, wake up. I need to go home to get my bag and passport," Ryn said, this time patting both Jeremy's cheeks to wake him up.

"Hmm...?" he was still drowsy and did not register what she said. He opened his eyes blearily and smiled handsomely seeing the beautiful her in front of him. This was what he always dream about since two years ago. Waking up with her in his arms, such as heaven. It used to be a dream but now it was a reality. He lowered down to kiss her red lips.

"Wake up. I need to move now or I will miss my flight," she pushed his face away before his lips touched hers. She knew if she let him do whatever he wanted, they would not get out of the bed soon.

It took him another five minutes to finally aware of why she was waking him up desperately. Without wasting another moment, he went to the bathroom for a quick wash and then put on a new set of clean clothes.

She already waited downstairs with a mug of coffee for him. She did not prepare any breakfast as there was nothing in the fridge and kitchen cabinet. Even the bread was long past the due date. She could not believe when she saw the date when she wanted to toast it. Luckily she noticed it. If not...

She could not imagine how he lived with no one taking care of him. Why didn't he just live in the mansion just like Mika? The cook and maids would make sure everything was prepared and he would not be left starving.

Oh, Jeremy, why are you acting like a kid now? her heart whispered about his stubbornness of staying alone.

With Mika, at least she would make sure the food was not past the due date, or Jason would make sure of it. Ryn would not get worried with Mika staying with Jeremy but now with Mika busy preparing her wedding and the launch of their cosmetic brand, Jeremy would be left alone to fend for himself.

"Why are you giving me that look?" Jeremy asked when he saw her troubled look. He took the mug of coffee and sipped it slowly. The caffeine at least would keep his eyes stay open. He was still sleepy to be the truth. Waking up at 3 in the morning was not in his plan at all. He planned to spend the day with his love... preferably on the bed!

"If you're still sleepy, I can take a cab," she said worriedly. She swore she saw him trying to hide his yawn.

"It's okay. I'll go back to sleep when I get back," he reassured her, taking her hand to kiss the back of it gently.

She sighed.

They went into his car quietly. She kept glancing at him worriedly whenever she heard the sound. He kept trying to hide the yawns but it was clear how sleepy he was!

"While I go upstairs, you can rest for a while," she told him once they arrived in front of her apartment.

He nodded and quickly lowered the back of his seat. He closed his eyes tiredly. Just a few winks to make him feel better.

She checked the time and walked to the lift. It was quiet as it was still early. Too early. There was no one there. She did not feel anything because she was used going out and going home in random times because of her job. She simply looked around carefully just to ensure her safety and then walked to her house once the elevator's door opened.

It took her about half an hour because she hadn't packed her bag yet. She did not bring much, just enough for a few days and again she would wash the used clothes at the laundry place in between her jobs and flying around.

When she returned to the car, he was already deep in his sleep. She knocked the window to wake him up but he did not even stir. She quickly called him and only after the third ring he woke up and saw her.

"Are you sure?" she asked again worriedly.

"Hmm... don't worry," he said as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. He would buy a cup of coffee once they reach the airport.

He changed the gear and drove the car toward the airport. She was worried about him she quickly switched on the radio to play songs to accompany him. And she even talked with him even though it was not much. It was more of him speaking and she listened. He talked about his plan for the company and also about their future. He pictured they would get married a few months after Mika and asked her what kind of wedding she wanted.

She just smiled and said she hadn't think about it yet. She was too busy to be married now, which made him feel down.

"Our relationship is still new. Give it several years then we can talk about this again," she said rather firmly, refusing to talk about this topic anymore.

Sighing sadly, he changed the topic to Mika's wedding. As the only bridesmaid, Ryn still has to help Mika with her preparation and Jeremy informed her about the songs he chose.

"Are you sure I can do it?" she asked rather worriedly. She did not want to ruin Mika's wedding if she could not deliver the songs perfectly.

"Don't worry. I will help you. We will practice until you are comfortable enough," he reassured her. "I have everything under control."

They walked slowly into the airport, toward the departure gate. At first, he suggested they go to the coffee shop for their early breakfast but she told him she did not want to be late. If they were to have their breakfast together, she would lose time and by the time she remembered, she might miss the flight.

He never let her hand go when they were walking. Now, the reality of her leaving him hit his mind and he was unwilling to let it happen. Why she has to leave again? Why she has to leave him?

"When are you coming back?" he asked slowly.

"In... another two months..." she replied.

"So... long..." he choked out sadly. He reached for her hands and refused to let them go. Why was she leaving him when they just started back their relationship? He was going to miss her desperately.

"Hmm..." she nodded. She did not know how to coax him. This was what she signed for when she decided to make a comeback. However, the contract was not as stiff and controlled as before. She had the power to choose which project she wanted and the ones she was going to do for the month were all her pick. "I'll come back for the exam and the launch, and then fly out again."

"More?" he was heartbroken when he heard it. If she was this busy, when were they going to nurture their feelings and love?

This time she did not say anything. She just hugged him tightly as a goodbye and then tried to pull away but he refused. He refused to let her go!

"Please, J, I need to go now," she begged.

"Why... why can't you just stay? I can support you," he asked, begging her with his puppy eyes.

"I'm sorry. I've signed a contract with them," she apologized.

"But... if you were too busy, how are you going to study for your exam?" he asked desperately looking for any excuse to make her stay.

"I have all my notes with me. Don't worry."

Clutching the passport in her hand, she looked at him with sad eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry."

He watched her walking toward the immigration officer sadly. His hands clutched tightly. Another month before they could reunite. She just left for a few feets and he already missed her. How was he going to survive without her for the whole month?

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