Tell Me Again My Love Book 1 Chapter 297

Volume 1 Chapter 297 I Am So Stupid

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A week passed and Jeremy did not feel any better. He tried to call her but every time she would reply she was too exhausted to speak. She said she would call him later but never once did that. He was getting frustrated. He missed her like crazy but could not go to her.

His work was too many to ignore!

He could not send Mika to her. No. He did not want to send his little sister to Ryn. Mika was busy with her wedding preparation and the launching of the cosmetic brand.

And he knew if he let's those two women together, Ryn would soon forget about him because Mika would conquer all of Ryn's time.

He sighed heavily, throwing the pen he was holding. Then, he stood up and went to look at the huge window. The scenery he always enjoyed did not give any joy. All he could think of was the time he could reunite back with his sweetheart.

Three more weeks to go.

How was she? Was she sleeping well? Having enough rest? What about her meals? Did she skip any to rush to her work?

He did not want her to ruin her health because of her jobs. And he also did not want her to lose more weight. He noticed whenever she was busy, her weight would go down despite her eating a lot. He had no idea why but he hated seeing her so skinny and weak looking.

He checked his phone but still no reply from her. Even when he checked her media social account, not much he could glean except pictures of buildings or anything that grabbed her interest. She still posted a picture a day without fail. If only she remembered to reply to his messages or call him when she had the time.

But when would she have the time?

Jacob was standing outside the room, shivering a bit. Lately, the boss was having a bad mood. Everyone was afraid to even appear in front of him or they would receive lashing of hurtful and angry words from the boss.

The female workers were crying in the bathroom the first day they saw him like that and the rest of the week they quickly ran away whenever they even hear his footsteps. That was how much they all feared him. The male workers were scared as well.

Hence, the only person who had to receive Jeremy's bad mood was him, Jacob. Whether he liked it or not, He could not run away like his other colleagues and had to face the demon in order to do his job. He lost count how many stares, glares and scolds he received from his boss.

But he could not run away. He was the personal assistant of Jeremy Long. Without him reminding his boss about appointments and meetings, and even about the progress of the projects, the company would be in huge trouble.

He would not like that.

No one wanted that.

He took a deep breath to prepare himself. Then, he knocked on the door and waited. Once Jeremy called him to come in, Jacob quickly opened the door and walked into the office. His eyes saw Jeremy standing facing the huge window and quickly lowered down his eyes worriedly.

Oh no, the boss was in a bad mood again.

When would it end? This bad mood period?

"What is it?" Jeremy asked, turning around to face his personal assistant. He c.o.c.ked an eyebrow.

Jacob gulped. He held himself from hugging himself in horror. Would the boss blame him?

"If you have nothing to say, leave," Jeremy muttered warningly.

"I....err... sir...please..." Jacob choked out. His face was pale and he could not stop wiping the swear on his face.

"Hmm...?" Jeremy just stared at his assistant, this time crossing his arms. Was this worker wanted to waste his time by stammering without reason?

"Sir... I'm sorry to interrupt you. About the project in Green Island," Jacob paused. He did not know how to continue.

"Green Island? Problems?" Jeremy asked. It was actually a project from the main company but because he had to cover both companies, he ordered both companies to send any project progress to Jacob to report to him. The Green Island project was actually a six-star hotel overlooking the blue sea. It was situated on top of a hill and would be provided with an outdoor and indoor pool as well as private pools for each room.

Once it was launched, it would be the only hotel that has more than 200 pools.

It would be written in the Guinness Book of Record.

"Yes... sir... The... The contractor tried to run away with the money," Jacob reported.

"Isn't the contractor comes from He Daji?" Jeremy asked. He remembered the owner of the company. The daughter tried hard to be Mika's friend but Mika refused. He did not ask the reason why but Mika told him that Jolyn talked badly about Ryn in front of her, accusing Ryn as a golddigger and Mika should stick to those from her own world aka from the socialites from rich families.

Despite Mika's reluctant to invite these socialites to her events but these women were her clients and she had to fake her dislike to gather them whenever she had a new collection to show.

"We ate a bunch of hypocrites, old brother," she commented dryly whenever she was exhausted facing these women during events. He could only smile and rubbed her head to comfort her.

"Do you know they tried to run away?" Jeremy asked.

"Mr He second wife wanted to have an extravagant birthday celebration in the Maldives with all her close friends and Mr He even used the money from us to support the celebration. He realized he could not cover the cost when the company needed to pay for the construction materials.

"How much has the project complete?" Jeremy asked.

"About 50%."

Jeremy sighed. His hands gripped tightly. Maybe He Daiji thought he would not do anything because he was still young and so-called 'inexperience' in his eyes. But he was wrong.

"Have you called the police about this?" Jeremy asked.

"Yes, sir. I would like to know if you want to go there. There is an evening flight available."

"Bring the lawyer too and you, Jacob. You will follow me," Jeremy said.

"Yes, sir. I will prepare everything."

"And send people to observe He Daiji and his family. Don't let them leave the country," Jeremy said.

"Yes, sir," Jacob quickly bowed his head and headed outside. He needed to contact the men to go to the He residence and company. He also needed to contact the lawyer and book the tickets. About the police, he needed to call the person in charge to inform about their arrival so the police could tell them the progress of the case.

It would be a hectic day for him but he was already used with it. He even needed to pack some doc.u.ments so the boss could read and make decisions about them during the journey.

Jeremy cracked his neck and stretched his arms and back. Despite mooning over Rynb, he needed to finish some of his work. Handling the Green Island problem would take more of his time and hopefully it would distract him from missing Ryn so much.

He sighed.

"Ryn, what are you doing now, sweetheart? Are you missing me? Why don't you quickly come home so we can be together?"


Ryn dropped on the bed tiredly. She was beyond exhausted. She did not even have the mood to have a shower to clean herself from all the sweats and dirt she gathered the whole day. All she could think of was sleeping.

Despite the tiredness, her hand reached for her mobile phone. She still needed to recharge both her phone and her power bank. It would be a disaster if the phone suddenly died during her work. Hence, she pushed herself to crawl to the socket and connected both phone and power bank to it.

"Done," she murmured tiredly and crawled back to the centre of the bed. Then, she promptly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

For the whole week, all she did was working and flying to the next work destination. She barely registered what day it was. She depended on her phone for her schedule always set an hour before to arrive at each destination, including the airport.

Three more weeks to go before she could return. And none of the notes she brought she has time to read. He schedule was too full for her to steal the time for some reading.

Three hours later her alarm clock made a loud noise and she woke up. Barely opening her eyes, she walked to the bathroom to clean herself as quickly as possible and put on her clothes. She stole some time to wash her underwear and a pair of shirt and pants. She almost ran out of clean clothes and did not want to wear dirty clothes to work in. Another pair was enough for her to survive tomorrow and tonight she planned to wash all the clothes she has left.

"Time to go," she tried to cheer herself in the mirror after she was done with the washing and hanging them. Now she was ready to go to work.

"One more day to survive," she murmured. Three more weeks to go.

Whose stupid ideas to accept all these jobs? Oh yes, it was her. She should blame herself for being so kind-hearted and accepted so many jobs back to back without a break.

I am so stupid, she scolded herself.

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