The Adventures Of My All Rounder Wife Chapter 1262

Chapter 1261: The Big Guys Change Their Faces Collectively

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Fulong met the coldness in Steven's eyes, raised his finger around the leaders of the countries he had brought, and said lightly: "Everyone is here to thank President Feng and Miss Lu."

When the words fell, he represented the leaders of nearly twenty countries, facing Feng Ting and Lu Mian, and sincerely spoke.

"Thanks to President Feng for his action, and thanks to Miss Lu Mian and her team for their contributions to the world. Since the laboratory leak, whether it is IEG or Country Z, we have all seen the efforts to save the victims."

Fulong said it sincerely.

The leaders next to each other joined in.

"You never hide your personal information, and open LA specific drugs to victims around the world in times of crisis. You have adjusted the drug to the lowest price regardless of the cost. Except for your country Z, no other country can do this."

"Yes, only you have this confidence and strength, you are a well-deserved great nation of chivalrous people!"

"You are the real first country..."

Neither Feng Ting nor Lu Mian expected such a scene.

Feng Ting remembered that he didn't have much friendship with these leaders, at least the friendship was definitely not enough for them to offend Country M in public and speak for themselves.

The camera is still shooting, the live broadcast is still going on, but Steven's face is already green beyond control.

He was very surprised. How come these leaders who have good relations with Country M have changed their faces one by one?

How could they slap him in the face like this? !

"The LA specific medicine hasn't been put into the clinic in large quantities. Have you made the decision so hastily?" Steven gritted his teeth, his face darkened, and asked gloomily.

Fulong put aside his face and said nothing.

Carver, who had always been silent, the leader from O State A, stood up fearlessly.

The previous country A had always wanted to squeeze into the O emperor faction, but after going through the laboratory, they looked down a lot.

Carver faced Feng Ting, placed one hand between his waist and abdomen, with the back of his other hand behind him, making a deep bend and bow.

This is the great gift of their country, grand and sacred.

Feng Tingxu helped.

"Mr. Carver, no need to be polite."

Carvers eyes were a little red, and he said with some emotion: "When my people were in dire straits, it was President Feng Ting who provided us with the LA special medicine. In four days, we have completely controlled the disease and greatly reduced it. mortality rate."

Grant frowned. "Didn't you agree to get the medicine from them?"

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"The disaster is now, I just want to save my people." Carver said deeply.

Grant and Steven were a little dumb.

Feng Ting nodded, and then asked Xiao Qimo in a low voice.

"Mr. Xiao, did you arrange it?"

"No." Xiao Qimo shook his head.

Lu Mian also shook his head gently.

However, Fulong didn't wait for them to answer, and walked over with a smile, approaching Lu Mian and Xiao Qimo and said, "I didn't expect the two to have such a close relationship with the magician leader. They are disrespectful and disrespectful."

The magician leader?

Old man Yun?

Lu Mian and Xiao Qimo showed up in front of them at the same time, a silly old man with no seriousness.

Don't ask, it must be Old Man Yun who was worried that they might not be able to handle it, and secretly arranged the Secretary-General and so many leaders.

The couple looked at each other angrily, quite boring.

Lu Mian slowly put away the black pen, and tossed it to Xiao Qimo.

Now it seems that the row is useless.

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