The Adventures Of My All Rounder Wife Chapter 1263

Chapter 1262: The Seminar Is Over Preparing For The Wedding

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At this moment, Yun Zhijuan in the old house of the Yun family sneezed inexplicably.

He raised his head and glanced at the unhappy baby apprentice on the TV. After a chill, he weakly hugged himself.

He should have done nothing wrong... right?

Yunsang graciously held the tea and served him to Yun Zhijuan.

"Uncle, are you calling these people? I think my sister and Qi Mo seem to be quite surprised."

He is not a member of Feng Ting's circle, but he also understands that such a lineup and arrangement is definitely not the conscience of these leaders who came to power, and there must be someone behind them.

After thinking about it, this person seems to be his unreliable eldest uncle.

Yun Zhijuan took the teacup and held the stand of everyone else, with a proud hum.

This is one of the few highlight moments when he is at home.

"I said earlier, Mianmian and Qi Mo will be fine."

Xiao Huazun gave a thumbs up, "This time, thanks to Mr. Yun!"

"Yeah, the President of Country M was so arrogant just now, and he can't jump up right now."

"I didn't expect Mr. Yun to have such a network."

The Xiao family all expressed great affirmation to Yun Zhijuan.

With such appealing power, it can be seen how deep the network of people behind Yun Zhijuan is.

On the contrary, the Yun family didn't say anything, they were just very emotional.

The eldest brother of their family is really unsightly!

After the seminar subsided, Lu Xun paid attention to the Internet public opinion at home and abroad. The current trend has all reversed and received rave reviews.

Whether it's the recognition of LA's specific drugs, or support for Feng Ting, or praise for Lu Mian, there have been few negative comments.

Those misunderstandings about their daughter, malicious speculations, and unwarranted charges were all beaten back.

The name "Lu Mian" was also engraved on the historical corridor, and was known and remembered by many, many people.

"Wife, I don't know why, I was a little touched."

Straight man Lu Xun held his glasses frame and wiped his reddish eyes.

Yun Zhishu gently rubbed her husband's hair, "How can parents not be proud of their children? Mianmian is excellent and well-behaved. It is our blessing that we are her parents..."

"Yes..." Lu Xun hugged his wife backhand, "Tonight is the only two happiest and most exciting moment in my life."

Yunsang raised his head, raised his beautiful and delicate eyebrows, and asked, "What about the first time?"

For sure when he won the CTF global championship!

Although he is not as good as his sister, he is also very good compared to his peers.

At the time he won the championship trophy, his parents should be very proud.

Lu Xun didn't know his son's thoughts, but just glanced affectionately at Yun Zhishu.

"The first time was of course my wedding night with your mother."

Yunsang's eyebrows collapsed quickly, and his mouth opened.

Just... has nothing to do with him?

This family, I am afraid it can't accommodate him...

Qi Zhen covered her mouth, smiled softly, patted the injured Yunsang, and comforted: "Smelly boy, you are also excellent. If we have a daughter in my family, I will definitely bring you together."

"Mother Xiao, don't make fun of me." Yunsang shook his head repeatedly, unable to imagine how he would be in love.

He only has family, friends and CTF in his heart, let alone the rest.

Others didn't care about his relationship very much, and after relaxing, everyone thought of another thing.

"Should we prepare for Mian Mian and Qi Mo's wedding?" Qi Zhen asked.

Xiao Jianli immediately made a final decision, "Yes, prepare now. It is rare for the Yunxiao family to have such a big event, so we must do it!"

Qi Zhen and Yun Zhishu immediately became energetic and chatted about the details of the wedding.

Lu Xun and Xiao Huazun discussed which guests to invite.

Xiao Jianli and Yun Zhijuan, the older ones, opened the almanac and carefully selected suitable dates.


He looked at such a harmonious family together, couldn't help but lifted the corners of his lips, his eyes filled with smiles.

A year ago, the Yun family never dared to expect such a warm scene.

I never thought that the Yunxiao family could have a deeper relationship.

Now that my sister is back, she has changed the Yun family, changed the Xiao family, and changed the fate of many people.

His sister, like the sun, warmed the hearts of so many people.

This scene is really beautiful, not an illusory beauty, but the warmth and harmony that you can touch with your feet on the ground.

Yun Sang thought silently in his heart that he was willing to exchange a lifetime of happiness to the sky to protect this beauty.

"Yunsang, don't froze, help your sister choose the wedding address!"

Yun Zhishu yelled at his son, Yunsang's lips smiled deeper, "coming!"

On the side of the seminar, it finally ended with Steven's departure.

After the devastated Grant stepped down, he wanted to add a friend to Lu Mian, but was also rejected.

"Miss Lu, if I have an opportunity in the future, can I go to listen to your lecture or invite you to visit our laboratory?" Grant's attitude changed a hundred and eighty degrees.

At first, he didn't look at Lu Mian with his straight eyes, but now he chased her and chattered endlessly.

Lu Mian waved her hand, "I'm not interested, and I won't be in this circle in the future."

"Miss Lu, think twice!" Grant eagerly persuaded: "You are a very talented young man. You will definitely have a lot to do in the medical circle in the future. Isn't this more promising than your career in other industries? If you want, I will follow Applying from the Medical Association of Country M, let you join in exceptionally! This is a good opportunity that no one else will get in a few lifetimes!"

Grant cherishes talents and supports younger generations.

Lu Mian squinted his eyes, a little impatient.

Grants apprentice said, "Ms. Lu, the medical association of country M has the worlds top equipment and instruments, and has recruited the worlds most sophisticated medical talents, and medical research is the most advanced and developed. My master is cherishing talents and letting you What are you hesitating about joining in exceptionally?"

Xiao Qimo sneered next to him, just wanting to count his wife's honor in all walks of life. In which industry does Mianmian have no future?

Besides, how could Mianmian be rare for the Medical Association of M country? !

"Everyone has their own ambitions. My wife will do whatever she wants, without others' fingertips." Xiao Qimo stopped the entangled Grant and refused his invitation.

The couple left hand in hand.

Grant and his apprentice stood awkwardly in place, relatively speechless.

"Master, this Lu Mian is too ignorant of good and bad! Even such a good opportunity to join the Medical Association is not easy to grasp."

Grant looked at Lu Mian's back and sighed several times.

"Such a high talent is wasted..."

The apprentice curled his lips: "Master, wait, she will regret it sooner or later! It's just that when she comes to beg you, it won't be so easy to join..."

The master and apprentice said so.

The medical team of country Z couldn't stand it anymore, and kindly reminded me.

"If you have time, let's take a look at our domestic snoods. Search for Lu Mian, there are surprises!"

Hello everyone, our official account will find gold and red envelopes every day, as long as you pay attention to it, you can receive the last benefit at the end of the year. Please seize the opportunity of the official account.

At the end of the seminar, Secretary-General Fulong and leaders of various countries all wanted to talk to Xiao Qimo and Lu Mian.

The couple don't like to deal with this kind of thing, and they are ready to **** if they find a gap.

Feng Ting and Si Kongjian have been chasing outside the door.

"Lu Mian, Mr. Xiao, come together for the evening celebration banquet, everyone in the conference hall is here." Feng Ting stayed. "Moreover, the present results of this seminar are all due to the two of you. You are protagonist."

Feng Ting knows very well that because of their identities as husband and wife, country Z has benefited a lot from the seminar and in the future development.

The irritation and shock he received were not small, but he was always grateful.

After this incident, the international influence and strength of country Z can already surpass country M.

Lu Mian once promised his promise, and she really did it.

Lu Mian was indispensable for this celebration banquet anyway.

However, the person involved didn't feel much about the celebration banquet. Lu Mian raised his hand to look at the time, and slowly said the words that made Feng Ting vomit blood completely.

"No, I have to hurry back to the exam."

Feng Ting looked like "You are kidding me" and looked at Lu Mian with his mouth open for a long time.

Sikong laughed, "Exams are more important than international celebrations?"

Almost all the most distinguished people in the world gathered in this celebration banquet. How many people have struggled for a lifetime, and this girl even refused to go back to the exam?

This let those leaders know, it is estimated that they will be crazy.

"It's my duty as a student to take the exam." The girl explained solemnly.

Feng Ting:...

Sikong sees:...

Lu Mian was still calm and calm, and smiled.

"President Feng, you have to seize the opportunity, and our country will get better and better."

As she said, she took Xiao Qimo's hand and walked toward the apron, "Go, it's time to hand in the paper in vain later."

Feng Ting kept looking at Xiao Qimo.

Xiao Qimo had no right to decide at all, and followed his wife with a face of slavery.

FengJian two people looked at each other bitterly.

One word: service!

At noon the next day, National Tsing Hua University.

Shu Shu and Qiao Ya Ning silently counted the time, waiting in the dormitory anxiously.

"Exam at two o'clock. It's half past one and I haven't come back. I shouldn't be able to make it?" Shu Shu climbed the door frame, eagerly like a watchman.

Qiao Yaning counted the test equipment and certificates prepared for Lu Mian, and sighed.

"There is a time difference between country M and our country. Even if Lu Mian comes back, it will have to be jet lag." Qiao Yaning shook her head: "I watched the live broadcast of the seminar last night. They have twists and turns abroad. They must be very tired."

"It's a pity that I didn't take a photo of the highlight moments of sleep." Shu Shu regretted everything, his eyes lit up when he thought of something, "However, I know the identity of sleep again! I have one more material! "

"Okay, let's take the things and go downstairs in the examination room and wait for Lu Mian. If she can't come back, let's ask the teacher for leave as soon as possible."


The sisters carried their bags, packed up their things, and were ready to go to the examination room.

"Bring the printed knowledge points, maybe you can take a look before Mianmian enters the examination room." Qiao Yaning reminded.

"Yes, take it, take it. Take one more look, and take one more point on the test."

Shu Shu picked up a thick stack of paper on the table, and the two of them walked towards the examination room.

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