The Adventures Of My All Rounder Wife Chapter 1264

Chapter 1263: Lu Mian Is Here For The Exam

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On the way to the examination room, Shu Shu and Qiao Yaning met class two students who both majored in applied physics.

They are all in the same examination room, so naturally they need to travel a distance.

"Hey, why didn't you see Classmate Lu Mian?"

Most of the students at National Tsing Hua University knew that Lu Mian had gone abroad to attend the seminar. After seeing the two of Shu Shu, they came over curiously.

A long-haired girl holding a thick study material, asked: "Two classmates, will Lu Mian not take the exam, right?"

Shu Shu paused, before he had time to speak, another boy with a big bright back combed his head, raised his hand and looked at the time, and said first with a very understanding.

Draw red envelopes!

"Calculated by time, Lu Mian ended the seminar. Even if he took the fastest flight back to China and arrived at school at the smoothest speed, it would be four o'clock. She would definitely not be able to make the two o'clock exam."

The long-haired girl covered her mouth, "Ah? Isn't she going to drop her class?"

The tone is not worried, but a bit happy.

In universities, dismissal of subjects is a very troublesome and influential matter, not to mention in institutions of higher learning such as National Tsing Hua University.

The big-backed boy shook his head, and his smile was not very friendly.

"Who knows? Lu Mian challenged country Z this time, and the principal will definitely not let her fail her course." The main reason is that, as long as Mr. President informs the school, who would dare to fail Lu Mian. ?

"Of course." As he walked, the boy with a big back head analyzed the incident in a serious way: "If I were Lu Mian, I would not take the exam when I returned to China. I don't usually go to class, and I don't have time to review before the exam, even if I sit in the exam room. I can only write nonsense. Instead of destroying my image as a high school leader, I might as well walk away from the relationship and just get over it. What do you think?"

The long-haired girl hesitated for a moment, then nodded weakly.

Several students in Class 2 also followed suit.

"That's right, it's better not to take a **** exam. Lu Mian's current status is different anyway, she doesn't necessarily care about an exam."

"Of course they don't care about the exam. Lu Mian went to the National Tsing Hua University, it was just a ticket, gold-plated and mixed academic qualifications. But like us, study and exams diligently, hoping to have a good way out..."

"Isn't she very good in everything, all-round development, I see the identity of a college student, she doesn't matter."

These people just ignored Shu Shu and Qiao Ya'ning.

Class 1 and Class 2 are in competition. If Lu Mian doesn't come, Class 2 will have a chance to get ahead. It's no wonder they are weird and bad.

Shu Shu couldn't listen anymore, holding the review materials, her pretty figure burst out with strength.

She yelled: "What are you talking nonsense? Lu Mian always relies on his strength, not his relationship. Are you so guessing about her?"

The long-haired girl and the big-backed guy looked back at Shu Shu, they were speechless.

"We just talked and didn't scold her."

"Yeah, it's not just us who think so, everyone thinks so..."

"If you don't want others to say, then take the test honestly and don't let people find faults."

After a few people in Class 2 finished speaking, they quickened their pace and left.

After all, he wasn't a classmate, and he didn't have such a deep friendship with Lu Mian. Knowing that she has achieved so much and so many achievements, there are always some speculations and doubts.

And no matter where it is, lemon essence is indispensable. Some people just get jealous and get sour.

Shu Shu and Qiao Yaning looked at each other, very depressed.

"It's nonsense. If Mianmian doesn't pay attention to the exam, will she ask the principal to delay the exam time!" Shu Shu was indignant.

Qiao Yaning comforted Shu Shu while saying, "They are the hearts of villains. It would be nice if Lu Mian could come back in time, and kill them with the spirit of these people."

Two people came to the examination room with a sad face.

Before I went in, I heard a strange whisper from inside.

"Lu Mian?" This was the voice of the big-backed boy who had been talking about Lu Mian before.

Shu Shu and Qiao Yaning looked at each other, and the two wrinkled bun faces stretched out instantly.

The two hurriedly stepped into the examination room, and at a glance they saw the front row by the window, the cold and beautiful girl lying there, closing her eyes and rested.

The afternoon sunlight sprinkled randomly on her ink-colored hair, and the girl was covered with a faint halo, quiet and beautiful.

At this moment, she is a domineering girl who firmly safeguards the glory of Country Z at the seminar.

He is also a student of National Tsing Hua University who is quiet and mixed with ordinary people.

Multiple identities switched back and forth on her body, she was always the calm and calm Lu Mian who couldn't get anything into her heart.


Shu Shu trot over happily.

Lu Mian opened her eyes when she heard a familiar person calling her name.

Pull his lips and chuckle.

"I'm back." She patiently responded to the concerns from her roommate.

Shu Shu and Qiao Yaning both breathed a sigh of relief, the kind of secret joy that was favored and valued, and climbed up to the eyebrows.

Lu Mian really didn't say to her friends that no matter how old she was, she would never neglect her friends, let alone make her friends feel distanced.

The neglected big-backed boy whispered and then changed his mind.

"No, Lu Mian, why are you here?"

"Examination." Lu Mian said lightly.

Then she changed her prone position, lazily and casually raised her eyelids, very puzzled by this question.


The students in Class 2 looked at each other with surprises.

Lu Mian was already so awesome, and he really rushed back to take the final exam.

It's just an exam, she can say hello to the school leader, there is no need to fight like this, right?

But for Lu Mian, it is only natural for students to take the exam.

If they knew that Lu Mian had decisively pushed the celebration banquet in the presence of so many leaders in order to take this exam, this group of people would definitely kneel down and call Dad.

The guy with the big back head looked at his watch, "No matter how fast you are, the flight from Country M to Jinjing will land at four o'clock..."

Lu Mian glanced at him, her expression very pale.

"Private jet, no need to wait for the flight."

Boy with big back head:

He was unworthy, and he didn't expect this level.


Shu Shu snorted in retribution, crouching his waist and angrily scolded the second class students who were watching the excitement.

"Look at what, we came to take the exam on time, Mian Mian, right?! Who said she was going to the back door to find a relationship?"

Qiao Yaning was not to be outdone, "Should you apologize to Lu Mian?"

The few students in Class 2 looked around in grief.

"Come on, this is what it should be, there is nothing to be proud of."

"Furthermore, even if you come to the exam, how many points can you take?"

"It's gone, hurry up and prepare for the exam..."

The crowd dispersed in a rush.

Both Shu Shu and Qiao Yaning stamped their feet with anger.

Lu Mian chuckled lightly, "It doesn't matter."

"But they talk nonsense and take the opportunity to ridicule you..."

"Let them be happy first." Lu Mian held her temples with one hand, and lazily squeezed the broken hair around her ears, and the blood-stained bottoms of her eyes proved that she was not getting enough sleep in the past few days.

Shu Shu and Qiao Yaning felt distressed and wished to take her back to the dormitory to sleep, but they suppressed the urge to think of the next exam.

The two girls were still not reconciled.

"Hey, I will go to bed first."

Lu Mian comforted them and lay down again.

Seeing that she was really tired, the two girls didn't say much.

"Okay, you rest first." Qiao Yaning put the admission ticket and stationery in the corner of the table.

Shu Shu didn't force Lu Mian to read the review materials, and silently returned to his exam seat.

The students entered the examination room one after another.

When many classmates saw Lu Mian, they were surprised at first, and then tacitly did not dare to come over and disturb her.

However, what everyone didn't expect was--

Lu Mian slept directly for nearly two hours.

There are only twenty minutes left before the exam is over.

The invigilator hesitated and struggled, always thinking about whether to wake up the girl who won glory for the country.

None of the students in the second class in the examination room were willing to hand in their papers first, and they all smiled, ready to read a joke.

Classmates held a heart, and several times approaching classmates tried to wake up Lu Mian, but the voice was too small to wake up.

Just when everyone felt that Lu Mian had given up the exam, the cold girl finally woke up from her deep sleep and lazily picked up the pen.

Start answering the question.

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