The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 713

Chapter 682: Dementor

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A siren suddenly sounded on the platform.

A stream of steam spouted from the chimney of the locomotive and instantly flooded the entire platform. The train shook and began to move.

The Weasley brothers hurriedly put the macarons in their mouths, put their arms out of the car window, and waved goodbye to the Weasleys on the platform until the train completely left the people on the platform behind.

After Albert finished the macarons, he stood up and said to the three of them: "I have to go to the prefect coach."

"Oh, we almost forgot. You are already the prefect." The three winked at Albert and said happily, "We have the prefect now."

"By the way, this is for you."

When Albert opened the door of the car to leave, he seemed to think of something, and handed a bottle of potion to Fred.

"what is this?"

Fred took the glass medicine bottle, stared at the golden liquid in it, blinked and asked, "Fortune?"

"It's a euphoria," Albert said grimly.

"We thought it was a blessing potion." The twins pretended to be disappointed and asked, "what do you give us a blessing potion?"

"The dementor will definitely come and check the train to see if Black is hiding in a car on the train."

"Why did the dementors come to check the train? Could it be that Black really hid on the train?" Lee Jordan couldn't understand how Black got on the train.

"Black is definitely not that stupid, it should be just a routine investigation." The three of them all looked at Albert, hoping to get a satisfactory answer.

"The Dementors will not let this opportunity pass. For them, this train is a feast." Albert said meaningfully. "When the group of guys are over, you can drink this stuff. Make you feel more comfortable."

"They shouldn't do anything to students, right!" George asked worriedly.

"Those hapless guys who are aroused will get some happiness away. If you dont like it, you can curse the patron saint to the learner, and then just stick a patron saint on the faces of the dementors. However, If you cant summon the patron saint of the flesh, dont use the patron saint curse on the dementors. That's a provocation."

"Okay, see you later."

Albert beckoned to the fat cat Tom: "Leave Tom, you are so heavy, don't expect me to hold you all the time."

Looking at the closed car door, Fred suddenly said: "I think he intends to do that."

"Isn't it said that the dementor is Azkaban's guard?" Lee Jordan frowned. He thought that the dementor would probably go to the train for inspection.

"Dementors are evil monsters. They are unreliable."

Albert was walking in the aisle of the train, feeling that many people were staring at him with great interest, and a few of them even stabbed the person sitting next to him with their elbows, pointing to him and whispering.

After passing through a few cars, Albert came to the front chief car. Before opening the car door, he took out the prefect's badge from his pocket and put it on his chest before opening the door and walking in.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, all the people in the carriage turned their heads and looked over.

Albert met many acquaintances.

Shanna of Gryffindor, Katrina of Ravenclaw, and Diggory of Hufflepuff all became prefects. As for the Slytherin side, Albert didn't bother to pay attention, because the relationship between the two parties has always been bad.

Of course, their predecessors, the previous prefects are also here.

Everyone looked at Albert, but no one was surprised by his appearance.

Being stared at by seventeen pairs of eyes, Albert was not embarrassed. After nodding to Percy and Isobel, he sat directly on the empty seat next to Shanna, bent over and picked up the fat cat Tom and put it on the table. .


Percy Weasley cleared his throat and said, "Okay, everyone is here. Now let me talk about the powers and responsibilities that I have after becoming a prefect."

"Tom has gotten fatter!"

Shanna raised her hand and poked Tom, who was curled up into a ball, and whispered.

"The amount of exercise has been a little bit recently, I'm trying to lose weight." Albert stroked Tom's soft hair, a little helpless in his voice.

On the other side, Percy Weasley has already begun to talk about the rights and responsibilities of the prefect.

It is nothing more than patrolling, maintaining order, preventing students from fighting and frolicking, using prohibited items, providing help to professors at Hogwarts, and leading the way for freshmen in their respective colleges...

Of course, the prefect and the president of the student union will have their own meeting room, and by the way, they can also use the prefects bathroom in the castle...

In short, there is not much that the prefect needs to do, but Percy just put on the airs of leadership and forcibly told everyone for more than half an hour, which made everyone very impatient.

The girls need to go to Isabel for another few minutes.

After the training of the rank leader, Percy asked the newly appointed leader to go out on patrols so that other students could get to know him.

In Albert's words: show off the authority of the prefect.

"Aren't you going out on patrol?" Percy looked at Albert suspiciously.

"I'm not interested in showing off." Albert shrugged, walked to the empty seat beside Isobel, and sat with her.

Percy was speechless.

The girls in the carriage looked at the two of them curiously and talked quietly.

"It's time to lose weight." Isabel rubbed Tom's ear and exclaimed. "It's too fat. Be careful not to catch mice."

"Tom doesn't eat mice." Albert took out the comb from his pocket, and after thinking about it he took out another photo and showed it to Isabel.

"I forgot to tell you last time, Tom gave birth to litters with other female cats."

"It's so cute, are there any other pictures?"

Isabel looked at the litter of cats in the photo and murmured softly.

"Yes, but I only have this picture by my side." Albert looked at Tom who was lying lazily on the table letting Isobel comb his hair, and he couldn't help shaking his head: This guy is now an uncle cat.

The Hogwarts Express train continued to drive north, and the scenery outside the window was getting darker and darker. When everyone started to enjoy lunch, it started to rain, the scenery outside the window began to become blurred, and the temperature in the carriage also dropped a little.

"It seems to want to eat?" Isobel moved the pumpkin pie he had just bought, and found that Tom's sight had been moving with it.

"No, it's just hungry." Albert took out a packet of dried fish from his pocket, tore the package, and fed it to Tom.

"Is that okay?"

"This is its lunch." Albert gave Tom the remaining dried fish, watched it lick the paper bag, and then looked at him eagerly.

"No, you are losing weight."


Tom yelled dissatisfiedly, then turned and pointed his **** at Albert.

"It's angry"

"Who makes it not exercise at ordinary times."

Albert took a bite of the pumpkin pie and took out a box from the non-marking stretch bag, neatly containing the French dessert macarons made by the house elves.

Isobel thoughtfully took out a thermos and poured Albert a cup of steaming milk tea.

The scent of milk tea instantly permeated the entire carriage.

The prefects compared their lunches, and suddenly felt a little unbalanced, feeling that the cauldron scones bought on the food cart just now didn't smell good.

"I really envy your understanding."

Penello can understand the envy and jealousy of the other girls now.

This is like a relationship between boy and girl friends.

Those guys who want to dig into the corner simply think too much.

Isabel also poured a cup of milk tea for Penello, and the two sides are also good friends. After a while, Percy also sat over, and several people chatted casually about what happened after graduating from school.

After learning that Isabel graduated from school, he didn't even plan to enter the Ministry of Magic. Percy was very surprised.

"We are not interested in working in the Ministry of Magic." Albert said calmly, "I will probably open a store, while selling something, while continuing to study what I am interested in, Isobel will probably come to help me, we have Many interests are the same."

"Will you get married in the future?" Penello was very interested in this topic.

Isabel sipped his tea and said noncommitantly, "That's for the future."

"It's enviable." Penello's eyes were full of longing.

"What about you?" Isabel asked.

Penello was silent for a long time before saying, "We didn't think about the future."

Weasley's family is not rich. If the two really want to get married, they will have to wait for Percy to work for a few years and have a savings.

Moreover, Penello really didn't think about it, and didn't dare to think about it.

Percy was also a little silent. UU Reading www.uukahnshu.com didn't know why it felt so heavy when talking about this topic. He changed the subject and asked, "What kind of dessert is this?"

"Macaron, a famous French dessert." Albert said.

"French dessert" Penello took a bite, it tasted really good, but I don't know why it feels a little sour.

The train continued to drive north, the rain knocked on the window, making the view outside the window appear a dense gray, and the lights in the corridor and on the luggage rack were all on.

"What's the matter, the train is slowing down, has it arrived at Hogwarts School?"

"It's not here yet." Percy took out his pocket watch and glanced at the time, stood up and said, "I went to the locomotive and asked the driver what happened."

Albert looked at the layer of frost that was gradually spreading outside the car window, and gave a soft breath, and said calmly: "An uninvited villain has got on the car."

All the lights suddenly went out, and the carriage plunged into darkness.

"Prefects, keep the train in order." Percy lighted his wand and shouted.

"Do you know what's going on?" Diggory frowned and looked at the glass outside the window.

"80% of the dementors came up to check if Black was hiding in the train." Albert drew out his wand, his tone was calm.

"How do you know?" the Hufflepuff girl next to Diggory asked curiously.

"It's not hard to guess by looking at the glass. I think there are probably a lot of dementors outside. They are hungry and ready to get in the car to enjoy the feast."

"Don't talk nonsense, the Dementor is the Ministry of Magic..."

As soon as Percy opened the door of the car, he felt a chill rushing toward him. He raised his head stiffly and looked at the cloaked monster standing outside the car, which was as tall as the ceiling. The expression on his face was instantly stiff. Living.

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