The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 714

Chapter 683: Patron Saint

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When the Dementor appeared outside the door of the car, not only Percys face froze, but also the expressions of other prefects in the car. This was the first time they faced the dementor directly. This evil dark creature.

No matter what they thought before, now they only feel a chill rising from their spine and spreading rapidly throughout the body, making them unable to feel any happiness.

"Blake is not here!"

A voice suddenly sounded in the quiet carriage.

Albert frowned when he saw that the Dementor was actually taking a deep breath into their carriage, and he clearly felt that some of his happiness had been sucked away by the Dementor.

Isabel around him seemed to be affected by the Dementor, making Albert's mood even worse.

Albert directly stretched his hand away from the frozen Percy, raised his wand toward the dementor who was about to enter the carriage, and repeated: "Sirius Black is not here!"

After seeing the dementor still reaching for him, Albert immediately recalled his first date with Isabel, raised his wand and pointed it at the dementor's face, and whispered the spell he had practiced countless times: " Call God to guard!"

A huge lion and eagle head sprayed out of Albert's wand head, and the huge body directly hit the dementor's face, knocking the ominous monster out of the carriage.

"Get out, didn't you hear?"

Albert's tone was cold, like a cold winter wind, "There is no one you are looking for, and you are not welcome."

With that, he stepped out of the carriage and commanded the patron saint to drive the dementors away.

As for the dementor to harm other students, it is not his concern.

When Albert returned to the carriage, he found that the prefects in the carriage were all staring at him dumbfounded.

Watching Albert command the silver-white lion-body eagle-headed beast hovering above the crowd, dispelling the remaining cold air from the dementor, and then turning it into mottled light spots.

"What kind of monster is that!" Shanna folded her shoulders, shivering.

"Dementor, the guard of Azkaban." Albert explained casually, and regardless of everyone's complicated gaze, he walked directly to Isobel.

It was probably the first time I encountered a relationship with a dementor, and Isobel's face was very pale.

Just now, unsuspectingly, Percy's face facing the dementor was also ugly. He was sitting on a chair by his girlfriend Penello.

No one laughed at Percy, most of the prefects were still pale.

"What was that just now..."

"Lion's eagle head beast?" someone muttered softly.

"It's Anderson's patron saint."

Several students who knew the patron saint curse looked at Albert with awe and admiration.

Only a powerful patron saint can drive away the dementors.

"Patron saint, what is that"

The prefects began to whisper, exchanging news of the patron saint, and they were also interested in the "cool magic" Albert used.

However, when the prefects learned that the patron saint curse was a very high and deep curse, they were silent because it was very difficult to cast the patron saint of flesh.

He is indeed the most talented wizard ever at Hogwarts.

This is the common idea in everyone's head.

Albert, no matter what other people thought, he returned to Isabel, and put his arm around Isabel, who was pale, and leaned her on his shoulder.

Then Albert took out another bottle of euphoria from his pocket, bit off the sealing wax, poured some into the milk tea, and gave it to Isabel to drink, then unpacked the chocolate in his pocket and handed it to her.

"Some not-so-good memories." Isobel took a bite of chocolate and whispered, "It's really useless, obviously I can also guardian curse."

Albert comforted softly, "Don't mind, you just drew it unpreparedly."

The girls all felt stomachache when they saw this scene, and secretly compared Albert with his boyfriend.

Sure enough, nothing can be compared.

So they are sad!

"Are you okay!" Katrina also walked over.

In fact, she felt that she might be superfluous, but seeing that Isobel, who had always been strong, seemed to be ill, she was still a little worried.

This is the first time Katrina has seen such a weak side of Isabel.

"It's okay, but I don't have much strength."

"Those... dementors... what do they want to do"

"Search for Black?"

"No, the hunt for Black was incidental. I think they shouldn't expect to find Black on the train. After all, the Dementors have spent half a summer vacation and haven't been able to find Black. Entering the train inspection, they are more hungry. , Came to the train to look for food." Albert glanced at Percy, who was pale, and handed Penello the bottle with the euphoria, poured a cup of hot milk tea for him by the way, and then took a few macarons. Replenish Percy's strength.

"Other people also come over to drink some hot drinks, that will make you more comfortable, and then go out to maintain order, now the whole train is probably in a mess.

No one cares about Albert's command now, and they are even thankful that someone is commanding, so that everyone will not be too flustered now.

"Then... what should those dementors do?" someone asked in a low voice, obviously not wanting to face the dementors anymore.

"Blake thinks and knows that if not on the train, the group of dementors will soon be full and leave, and will not stay on the train, otherwise it is estimated that someone will write to the Ministry of Magic to protest." Albert gave the group The elders hinted a little and asked them to gather more students and parents to protest to the Ministry of Magic.

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Before the rank leaders began to fulfill their responsibilities, the door of the rank leader's compartment was opened again. A man in his 30s who looked a bit vicissitudes of life walked in and immediately aroused the vigilance of other leaders.

Being pointed at by a large group of people with a magic wand, the middle-aged man's expression was a little stiff, and he raised his hand to show that he was not malicious.

"I am your new Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts. You can call me Professor Lupin." Professor Lu Ping introduced himself, "I need to find a driver if I have something to do."

"Sorry, the dementors made everyone nervous." Percy looked up Professor Lupin suspiciously, and said, "I plan to find the driver too, let's go together!"

Having said that, the two left together.

"That guy is really our Defense Against the Dark Arts professor?"

The crowd stared at the back of Professor Lu Ping's departure and expressed doubts about it.

"Do you think he was Sirius? Black in disguise." A famous prefect whispered: "It is said that a potion can transform a person into another person's appearance. Maybe it's hidden from a dementor."

Can the compound medicine conceal the dementor?

Albert actually didn't know it. He didn't think the possibility was high. After all, the Dementors were blind people, and they didn't rely on sight to distinguish them.

The frost on the window glass has disappeared silently, and the rain outside the window is even heavier. The train shook suddenly and moved forward slowly in the rain.

Percy returned soon, telling everyone that the Dementor's search of the Hogwarts Express was only a routine business, but no one had any good feelings for the evil group of guys. The students on the train were terrified. It was a bad experience for them.

After a break, Isabel's situation has improved a lot, and he is talking to Katrina.

Albert temporarily returned to his original carriage, ready to go back and put on his robe, the train was almost at Hogsmeade station.

In the carriage, Fred and George were telling him what had just happened.

"The three of you used the patron saint to drive away the dementors?"

"No, after the lights went out, we summoned the patron saint as soon as possible. Although we could not summon the physical patron saint, it was undoubtedly successful. The dementor didn't enter the carriage for inspection and left soon. "

"Your patron saint is more fragile than a piece of paper in front of the dementor." Albert looked at the dead trio silently, and solemnly reminded, "Only the patron saint of the flesh can drive away. Dementor."

"Well, we will stay away from the dementors before we master the patron saint curse." George knew Albert was right. Their patron saint was too weak to deal with the dementors.

"Did you use it? Someone said just now that a lion-eagle head beast drove the dementor away. UU reading www.uukanshu.com"

"Yeah, muddled that dementor's face."

When Albert talked about what happened in the prefect's compartment not long ago, Fred and George were very excited, especially when they heard Albert said that Percy hit the Dementor as soon as he opened the door, and they turned pale with fright. At the time, I wish I was there and witnessed Percys ugly state with my own eyes.

"However, there are really few students who know how to use the patron saint curse." Lee Jordan felt more and more that there was a reason why he could not learn the patron saint curse.

"Don't make excuses for yourself. You can't learn that you didn't work hard enough." Albert could not help rolling his eyes when he heard Lee Jordan's words.

"By the way, that little idiot from Malfoy ran into our car, and his **** peeed from the dementia." Fred and George turned off the conversation and talked about some interesting things that happened here.

"Your euphoria is very effective, and we feel better after drinking it."

"Just now someone said that Harry Potter was scared by a dementor and passed out."

"Did you not pay attention to your sister?" Albert reminded: "After those things happened a while ago, I dare say that the Dementor must have a great influence on Ginny."

With that said, Albert was about to return to the prefect car, but he was still a little worried about Isabel.

"You said Ginny was also affected."

Hearing Albert's words, Fred and George both stood up, reached out and grabbed Albert's hand and asked, "Do you still have euphoria on your side?"

"No, I ran out just now." Albert reminded: "If you still have candies made with cheers, give her some, and there is chocolate."

After Albert left, Fred and George also followed. They were also a little worried about Ginny's situation.

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