The Alchemist Of Harry Potter Chapter 715

Chapter 684: Dumbledore Has Something To Say

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The train finally arrived at Hogsmeade Station.

The student who had just got off the train was immediately poured over by the cold rain outside, shaking with cold.

Damn it!

It's not so cold in December.

Albert, who had just got off the train, felt a chill pounce on his face, and he actually exhaled a big breath of heat.

However, Albert prepared early and put on a thick cloak and a raincoat outside. He raised his wand to support the umbrella to block the cold rain falling from the top of his head.

It's all the Dementor's fault!

It must be the activity of those guys that caused the chill of this scale, otherwise how could the platform freeze in the weather like this.

Damn it!

Is the physique of the wizard so good?

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Being caught in a rain like this, didn't actually catch a collective cold?

"Come here for first-year students!"

At one end of the platform, Hagrid was holding a lantern, beckoning to the panicked new students, preparing to lead them on a traditional lake crossing journey.

The remaining students huddled together, shivering, and crowded toward the carriage line on the street under the rain curtain. They could not wait to get on the carriage and head to the warm Hogwarts Castle.

Albert found Fred, George, and Lee Jordan easily. The three of them all mastered the trick of using magic wands to make umbrellas. They were waiting for him at the platform, especially prominent in the shivering crowd.

"Oh, my goodness, you are so prepared."

Fred, George, and Lee Jordan all stared at the heavily armed Albert.

"I had long guessed that the Dementors would make the Hogwarts weather like this kind of ghost." Albert raised his finger to the sky above the crowd and motioned for the three of them to look up.

The dementors were faintly visible in the rain screen monitoring the railway platform from above.

"Azkaban prison must be terrible!" George murmured.

"Keep up, don't fall behind."

Everyone crossed the rough and muddy trails and finally found the horse caravan on Hogsmeade Street. The students rushed to the carriage of their choice and quickly got into the carriage, seeming to want to isolate the rain and cold outside from the carriage.

After the four people got in the car, they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Even with their umbrellas, some of their robes were wet from the rain, not to mention the hapless ones who were thoroughly wet, I am afraid they are now shivering in the corner of the car!

"It's really choking!"

Fred could not help shivering, sniffing the musty and straw in the air.

Albert drew out his magic wand and evaporated the wet rain on the robes for the three of them. He reminded: "You'd better take the time to learn this. Some magic is still very useful, and you can use it to invent similar magic items in the future. I I think most students will be willing to spend some money to buy this thing, because there are always rainy days in the beginning of the school season."

"You're right, the other hapless ones who got soaked in the rain will definitely buy it for some reason." Both Fred and George felt that there should be a market for this thing, and a market meant that there was money.

The carriage drove towards the castle. As he passed the gate of Hogwarts School, Albert saw two tall cloaked dementors standing guard on both sides of the gate.

An inexplicable chill hit the carriage.

Fred, George, and Jordan Lee were just pointing at the dementors outside the car without realizing it. Perhaps Albert was sitting next to them, giving them full courage.

The horse-drawn carriage drove along a long ramp lane and eventually stopped in front of the castle.

The four of them got out of the carriage and held up their umbrellas to join the crowd rushing to the stone steps.

After passing the huge oak door, the chill in the air was dissipated by the torches on the wall.

Albert followed the crowd to the hall, his eyes swept over the candles floating in the air. These magical candles were enchanted so that no wax would drip from his head, otherwise it would be another scenery.

Albert found a place to sit down, and when he looked up at the teacher's bench, he noticed something more interesting. Their potions professor, Snape, kept his gaze on the newly appointed Defence Against the Dark Arts professor, and there was a distorted anger and hatred on that thin, gray face.

"Look at the faculty seat," Albert said softly. "Our potions professor seems to know the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor..."

"It's definitely not just because the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor was robbed." Fred looked a little gloating, and Snape's unhappiness was their source of happiness.

"I suspect they have hatred." George added in a low voice.

"Perhaps, Snape was robbed of his girlfriend by the other party." Li Jordan guessed maliciously, "Otherwise, there would be no such unforgettable hatred."

"Can Snape find a girlfriend?" Fred and George were skeptical.

"Don't forget, Snape received Valentine's Day chocolates." Albert reminded the three of them kindly.

These words directly shut up the three of them, and they were afraid that Snape would find out if they laughed out loud.

"Ahem, where did you say Professor McGonagall went?" Fred looked at Professor Flitwick who walked into the auditorium with an old hat and a three-legged stool, and quickly changed the subject.

"Probably...Sent Harry to the school hospital." George speculated, and he noticed that there was an empty seat beside Ron, and Harry Potter was not in the auditorium now.

"Quiet, the sorting ceremony is about to begin."

Albert looked at the sorting hat on the three-legged stool quietly, recalling his memories of sorting.


There is nothing wrong with it.

Albert actually didn't care about the sorting house. He was a little hungry and regretted not having a snack just now.

Most of the students in the hall might not have much patience with the sorting ceremony, so they can't wait to skip this **** ceremony and start enjoying the big meal.

it's finally over.

After the sorting ceremony, Albert was also relieved and heard a whisper behind him. He followed everyone back and found that they were all watching Harry and discussing the famous Harry Potter contemplating the soul. Strange things to pass out in front of you.

However, everyone soon had no time to discuss Harry Potter.

On the teacher's bench, the principal stood up and spoke.


Dumbledore spread his arms and said, "Welcome to Hogwarts in the new school year! Welcome to our old students-before you get confused by the food, I have a very serious thing to tell you all. say clearly."

All the murmurs disappeared, and the auditorium suddenly became quiet.

Dumbledore seldom talked nonsense before the banquet. He spoke now, obviously to say something very important.

"The dementors from Azkaban will perform the official duties of the Ministry of Magic at Hogwarts." Dumbledore cleared his throat and sternly warned: "During their stay here, no one has You are not allowed to leave the school."

"Don't play tricks with dementors, let alone try to deceive them with disguise, even invisibility cloaks, they don't know what requests or excuses are by nature." When Dumbledore said this, he was still moving towards Ha Lee glanced over there and continued: "I hope that the prefects, as well as our new chairman of the Boys Student Union and Girls Student Union, will ensure that no student will conflict with the Dementors."

"Please don't give the dementors an excuse to hurt you, okay?"

When Dumbledore mentioned the president of the student union, Percy could not help but puff up his chest, as if to let people see the emblem of the president of the student union on his chest.

"I feel Dumbledore is talking about you." George touched Albert's rib with his elbow and smiled. "He just looked over here."

"You are too worried," Albert said calmly.

"Someone blurs the dementor's face with a patron saint when he doesn't agree."

"I think if you meet dementors in Hogsmeade, you might do the same." Lee Jordan had such an expression, "Summon the patron saint directly to drive them away."

"Don't be silly, I dare say that this year the school will send a professor to Hogsmeade to stare, and will not let things happen over there." Albert did not hide his aversion to Dementors, he believed no one would. Like those monsters.

"...Two new teachers have joined our team." Dumbledore continued: "The first one is Professor Lupin. He agreed to fill the vacancy in the course of Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"By the way, there are still people who dare to apply for the post of Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"Perhaps, he needs this decent job. Professor Lupin doesn't look like a rich man." Albert analyzed calmly, "If his teaching level is good, but he can't find a job, something will happen. It is very doubtful."

"What is questionable."


"Identity? You think Professor Lupin has a problem, is he really Sirius Black in disguise?"

"It should not be, otherwise Dumbledore will definitely find something is wrong."

"...Rubber Hagrid is here to fill the vacancy. He has agreed to serve as a teacher in addition to serving as a hunting ground guard."

"Don't be too happy. Hagrid may know very well about magical beasts, but he is definitely not a qualified professor." Albert looked at the three people applauding and poured cold water nonchalantly.

"That biting book does not look very reliable!" Fred murmured.

"Think of the cuties that Hagrid raised. God knows what will appear in his class."

"Three-headed dog."

"Fire Dragon."

"Eight-eyed giant spider."

"Oh, my goodness, this is really not a good idea." Fred muttered quietly. "He won't really get the eight-eyed giant spider into class, right?"

He hates those big spiders.

"Probably not."

Wouldn't anyone really bring the Eight-Eyed Giant Spider to the class?

"Fortunately, after this year, we won't have to take the class of protecting magical creatures."

"...Now let's eat!"

As soon as they finished speaking, the golden plates and wine glasses in front of them were suddenly full of food and drinks. UU Reading www.uukanshu. The com table even groaned overwhelmedly.

When Albert was cutting a steak, Nick, who almost brows, floated over, smiled and said to Albert, "You really have become the prefect."

"Thank you."

"Professor McGonagall asked me to tell you, the password: It's a lucky star."

"This is the benefit of the prefect." Lee Jordan joked.

"Shut up and eat your potatoes."

After everyone had eaten and drank enough, the auditorium gradually became noisy, and Dumbledore said a few more words before letting everyone go back to rest.

"See you later." After saying goodbye to Fred, George, and Jordan Lee, Albert walked to the end of the long Gryffindor table and shouted toward the side of the table, "First-year freshman, please go here!"

This time, Albert and Shanna didn't copy the way in. After walking out of the restaurant, they climbed the marble stairs and walked honestly on the path Percy took them.

Albert led the freshman through the door hidden behind the sliding baffle and hanging curtain, dragged heavy steps up many stairs, and finally came to the portrait of the fat lady at the end of the corridor.


"Good luck."

"This is Gryffindor's common room." Albert introduced the freshmen. "You will live here in the future."

"The girls, please." He said to Shanna.

"Okay." Shanna said behind her. "Girls, keep up."

Albert led the boys to their dormitory. If Percy hadn't mentioned it to him on the train, he still didn't know where the freshman's dormitory was.

After finally finishing his work, Albert dragged his tired pace back to the dormitory.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw a fat cat squatting on the table and staring at him, with a stern look that seemed to say: I'm hungry.

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