The Best Actor And Actress Are Flirting Again Chapter 1026

Chapter 1026: Fight again next year

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Chapter 1026 Fight again next year

Sister Ming sat on the chair, looking down at the comment, feeling unspeakable in her heart.

Today, Chang Yuxin was shooting a big night scene. It is estimated that it will take until four or five oclock the next day to finish work, and then rest for two or three hours to continue filming.

All her attention was on the phone, looking at the screenshot of Su Xia sending a red envelope in the group, she pinched her lips to lock the phone, and then raised her head, her gaze fluttering without knowing where she was looking.

Su Xia is generous, she admits this.

In the few years she stayed with her, there were a lot of red envelopes, monthly bonuses, and final year-end bonuses.

At that time, staying beside Su Xia felt nothing, but when I went to work elsewhere, I realized that Su Xia was really nice to the staff around him.

is the kind of words that others treat her well, and she will return it back.

is generally reflected in the monthly bonus.

But this is exactly what they really need.

Su Xia has nothing to say to the people around her, but if she offends her, it is not a good thing.

Just like she is now.

In the final analysis, Su Xia is kind to those staff, but in fact it is for herself.

Only in this way can people around me willingly do things for her, including the current situation, and be able to express some good remarks towards her.

But lets not talk about anything else, EM Entertainment really didnt say anything in terms of benefits.

is incomparable to all the entertainment companies of Inner Entertainment.

Chang Yuxin over there had finished filming a scene. Sister Ming stood up when she saw it, and walked to her side to touch up her makeup.

Chang Yuxin asked: "Where is my phone?"

The assistant took her mobile phone out of her bag and handed it to her.

She looked at WeChat, her eyebrows couldn't help but a little smile overflowed. Sister Ming smiled and asked, "What's wrong, what's wrong?"

"Tomorrow night he said that he happened to be here for something, and asked me if I want to go out to dinner with him."

Ming sister raised her eyebrows: "Then you want to go?"

"Of course I want to go." Chang Yuxin looked around for a while, then lowered her voice and asked, "What time will the filming be tomorrow?"

"It's more than five o'clock." The assistant said.

Chang Yuxin smiled and said, "That's just right."

Jiang Chengjun, this person really likes beautiful women.

It has only been a few days, and it has developed so quickly.

Chang Yuxin handed the phone to her assistant in a very good mood: "Brother Wang won't come tomorrow, right?"

Sister Ming nodded and said: "He has something to do not come."

"That's good, according to Wang's temperament, it must be the trick that made me refuse first, and I want to play with it. I don't think Jiang Chengjun will eat this at all." She smiled, lowered her voice and continued, "Tomorrow he Come to pick me up, you have to pay attention to whether there are paparazzi around you."

If is photographed, it will be over.

In terms of her current persona, it is all collapsed. At that time, it is estimated that not only will be laughed at by the group, but her fans may even become fans.

and its not easy to turn over.

She was holding the script, her eyes fell on the lines of the blockbuster film, but she couldn't see it.

At this time, the actor came to look for her to speak to her, and she immediately nodded with a smile, looking very gentle and kind.

There is nothing unusual on the actors face, but there is an inexplicable feeling in his heart...

Chang Yuxins smile is so fake...

was so fake that he felt a little repulsive in his heart.

Ive never felt this way before in filming, but it was Chang Yuxin that made him very uncomfortable.

Fortunately, many years of acting experience has allowed him to practice good expression management. His face is as usual and his attention is focused on the lines, naturally facing the words.

Su Xia is waiting at home for Xue Mingan to pick her up to the companys annual meeting.

She doesnt even bother to change her makeup. She wears her own clothes as before, regardless of the theme of this years annual meeting. She slumps on the sofa and plays with her mobile phone.

The whole annual meeting, the only thing that made her feel a little bit interesting was the lottery.

I dont know what the first prize is this year. Last year, Rong Chu gave out a house and put herself in, but the thing that left her most speechless was the free ticket for being late last year.

Lets see how far Rong Chu can be deducted this year.

Not long after, Xue Mingan sent her a message to let her go downstairs. Su Xia went downstairs and got into the car wrapped in her big cotton jacket. She just fastened her seat belt and looked at him. Then she looked at Xue Mingan gloomily. .

"This year, will you still play a ghost to scare me?"

Xue Mingan's expression suddenly faltered, he coughed softly and said, I was discovered by you last year. How can I scare you again? If you scare you again, then you can guess its me all at once.

He was serious: "I'm not that stupid."

Su Xia said, "Maybe you are using this kind of human psychology, so that I won't doubt you."

Xue Mingan waved his hand: "I didn't, really not, how can I be so boring."

Su Xia smiled but didn't smile: "Not so boring? It's not you who have played ghosts to scare me for two consecutive years?"

She continued: If I didnt find out that it was you last year, I guess you will come again this year.

Xue Mingan: "..."

However, although

She was right.

Su Xia is so vigilant, she should think about whether she should wear the outfit she spares.

Its all the blame for accidentally being discovered by her last year, otherwise how could she have guessed it was him!

This year's company is still surrounded by media reporters who came to hear the news, carrying machines, and staring at everyone who enters the EM Entertainment company building.

Last year, no one photographed Su Xia, which made them greatly frustrated.

No matter what happens this year, you must catch her!

The flashes were on one after another, and the media opened their eyes wide and didn't let anyone off.

However, Su Xia, who had entered the company through the side door a long time ago, stood by the window, watching the people piled downstairs, drinking juice and watching with interest.

She feels that year after year, she is always dressing herself up, and she still doesnt steal everyones exposure.

So until the end, I didnt see Su Xias media. The beginning of the cries turned over the photos just taken.

Su Xia, when did she go in again?

This year is another year in which Su Xia was not photographed.


Fight again next year.

The theme of the company this year is no different from last year. Due to the sudden explosion of Ultraman this year, there are many thieves pretending to be Ultraman.

Anyway, it is estimated that they have been discussed. Altman did not repeat it. At the same time, there were more people pretending to be monsters. There were everything in the whole hall, and Su Xia was in the middle, and she was quite an alien.

"You really are like this again," a familiar voice rang, Su Xia turned around, and Rong Chu continued with a helpless expression, "Can you cooperate, this friend."

(End of this chapter)

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