The Best Actor And Actress Are Flirting Again Chapter 1028

Chapter 1028: Money is best

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Chapter 1028 Money is best to use

Su Xia was really confused.

Now think about it carefully, it seems that the person just now does not have Xue Mingan Gao, nor is he strong, it is indeed not him.

Su Xia is really speechless.

Not coming next year!

Say nothing is coming!


Su Xias resentment continued until the final draw.

She took part in the fun and took a draw. After opening it, it was no surprise that it was a cash red envelope of 66 yuan. Everyone knows that this years special prize is a six-figure cash red envelope. Excited and happy, the lottery continues after a wave. After a wave, Su Xia sat and rested, and Xiao Yi also sat beside her. She also drew 66 yuan, she couldn't help sighing.

"Everyone wants to get rich overnight, right? I don't know who will get it this year."

Anyway, she listened to Xue Ming'an. The one who drew the luxury car the year before sold the car soon. Then she got rich with the money and went on vacation to travel across the country. Now she lives in a leisurely and leisurely life. comfortable.

is the happiness of the rich.

She also wants to try.

Su Xia looked at her: "The year-end bonus I gave you can't satisfy you?"

Xiaoyi paused and laughed: "Who would think that there is too much money."

Although the year-end bonus given by her sister Xia Xia is also six figures.

Emmm thinking about it now, suddenly realized that the special prize of this year's annual meeting is so low.

is the stingy boss, yes.

The two sat and chatted for a while, and suddenly they heard a scream of surprise from the crowd. With the people around them curiously surrounding, Su Xia knew that this years special prize was awarded. I got it.

Rong Chu just returned here, he walked to the center with great interest: "Who is this year?"

"it's me!"

The expressions of Su Xia and Xiao Yi couldn't help but stop, and the two looked at each other, and felt that this person's voice seemed very familiar.

Rong Chu raised her eyebrows unexpectedly, Su Xia stood up and stretched her neck to look in.

In the middle of the crowd, there was a man holding a lottery ticket, his excited mouth was almost grinning to the root of his ears.

Xue Mingan.

Good fellow.

This year is really a bit magical.

Money will be credited to his account in the next few days. After receiving everyone's enviable eyes, Xue Mingan walked over proudly: "I invite you to have dinner when you come back from the holiday."

Su Xia Tuo: "Don't just invite us two, please invite the whole team."

"Okay." Xue Mingan said, "What is the small amount of money that invites you to eat!"

Su Xia: "."

"Oh, I didn't expect it, this year's koi turned out to be me."


"I didn't think much about it. I reached in and took one casually. When I opened it, I didn't expect it to be a special prize. It was really unexpected."

"Tell me about you, Xia Xia, you have been participating for five or six years, why are you always winning consolation prizes? It's too miserable."

gradually arrogant.

Su Xia couldnt help but said silently: Brother Mingan, I dont know if you should be lucky or unlucky.

She didn't want to say.

But this person is really arrogant.

"Last year's special prize was a villa. The previous year's special prize was a luxury car. This year it is a six-figure red envelope." She shrugged, "It might be more expensive next year."

The smile on Xue Mingan's face suddenly stiffened.

Su Xia comfortedly said: "But you also got what others don't have, it's very powerful."

Xue Mingan: "."

Suddenly, I felt a little uncomfortable.

I knew I would not provoke Su Xia.

EM Entertainments annual meeting is the focus every year, and it will inevitably sweep on the hot search. All kinds of emoticons will be born on this, especially a lot of out-of-circle stalks will be created.

So this is also a good opportunity for artists to gain exposure.

Maybe you can get out of the circle with this direct fire.

But at this time of the year, Su Xias entries are exceptionally different.

The media hasnt photographed Su Xia again for a year.

"Su Xia dresses up as herself as usual".

The media will not be able to photograph her, but she will appear on the Weibo of many other EM entertainment artists. It is almost everywhere, but the waiting media just cant photograph her.

But even if they can't take pictures, Su Xia who appeared on other people's Weibo can be seen by everyone. This is another year of dressing up herself.

Someone gave her a p emoticon package.

Alternative and a bit funny hot search, it is the source of everyone's happiness every year.

The lively hot search seemed to be the Chinese New Year ahead of schedule and lasted until the next day.

Because of the reason that Su's parents and Su's mother are coming today, and the Chinese New Year is about to come, Lu Jingyao has just recently returned to Lu's old house.

Early in the morning, Su's father, Su's mother and Su Jiayu were picked up by Xue Mingan, who had not yet returned to their hometown.

After the old man thanked Xue Mingan for a while, he took out some of their specialty products from the bag he brought with him and forced him to go. Finally, he saw him accept it and let him go.

After a long time no see, Su Jiayus height has grown a lot, but her personality has not changed a bit from before. After she arrived, she just sat on the sofa and played games. Su Xia leaned over with a smile, and did not speak yet. He made a stop gesture.

"If you ask about my grades, go to my parents, I have no time to talk to you now."

Su Xia controlled the thought of slapping him on the head: "I was sick before, did you see that I didn't even say a word of concern?"

Su Jiayu finally raised her eyes and looked at her with a strange look: "Aren't you doing well now, I can see, so what are you doing?"


This guy.

What he said made Su Xia feel really reasonable.

She akimbo: "But I was really ill before, so you can't ask about it anyway."

Su Jiayu didn't even care about her right now.

Su Xia: "."

She squinted her eyes, leaned back, and leaned back on the sofa: "Chinese New Year is coming soon, this New Year's Day money."

"Oh sister!" Su Jiayu turned off the phone and reached out directly, "Are you okay? I was worried about you when you were sick and recuperating before, but now I am also very worried, but I am not good at expressing, you know Right?"

"Sister, are you okay? Do you want to drink water? I'll pour water for you?"

"Are you hungry? Or I will get you some snacks?"

Su Xia is extremely satisfied: "Go and pour a glass of water."


Su Jiayu turned around and ran to the kitchen, not even playing games.

After all, money is best used.

Su Jiayu handed the water to Su Xia with a polite expression: "Do you need anything else?"

Su Xia shook her head: "No need."

"Then my money."

Su Xia said: "I will transfer it to you."

She brought her phone and fiddled with it for a while, smiling: "Okay."

Su Jiayu opened his face expectantly, his joyous smile disappeared suddenly, and even his voice changed.

"One hundred yuan?!"

(End of this chapter)

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