The Big Villain Asked Me To Save Him When I Was Reborn Chapter 119

Chapter 117: Mom Mine Is Yours..

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That night, Qiu Li put the diary in front of Xie Yuan, and all the truth was instantly clear.

Back then, Bu Tanyan found the hypnotist who was said to be the most authoritative in the industry, hoping to get his help to help her get rid of her original family.

There is a paragraph in the diary, recording Bu Tanyan's original words back then--

"I originally thought that as long as I helped them take off the crown of queen, they would let me and Xie Yuan no longer disturb our lives, but I was wrong. After all, there was a ballet queen in Bu's family, how could they possibly be? Allow her to make half-step mistakes. The taint of having a child out of wedlock will bring shame to the whole family."

"No matter how hard I try, it is impossible to live the life I want. I will be nailed to the altar forever if I win the queen. I have no choice but to die."

In order to get rid of the shackles of Bu's family, Bu Tanyan started her suspended animation plan. That century performance, Bu Tanyan's "Swan Lake", surprised everyone and became a classic performance that is difficult for future generations to replicate.

No one knows that the performance was completed by her under Qiu Shao's hypnosis, and after the performance, Bu Tanyan fell to the ground and "dead" in full view and left the world.

Later, with Qiu Shao's help, the vehicle transported from the Art Center to the funeral home was in a "car accident". Qiu Shao took Bu Tanyan and fled the scene in the chaos.

Bu's family couldn't accept Bu Tanyan's act of suspending her disappearance in order to be with the man she liked.

She just took off the crown of queen. If such a scandal occurs, the efforts of the Bu family will disappear from generation to generation.

She would put the whole family to shame.

So Bu's family had no choice but to do everything, and announced Bu Tanyan's death to the outside world.

And the most splendid death on the stage completely created Bu Tanyan's immortal ballet legend.

However, Bu Tanyan did not expect that after she was far away from Bu's control, she fell into a more terrifying whirlpool again.

Qiu Shao shut her in the basement of his consultation room and began to perform long-term and secret deep hypnosis on her, bit by bit, filling the memory of Liu Ye into Bu Tanyan's mind, and recalling the memories that belonged to her. Peel slowly until it disappears.

Judging from the diary, this process took at least five years, a little bit turning Bu Tanyan into "Liu Ye", and Qiu Li was seven years old at that time.

At the same time, her appearance has also been changed by modern and superb plastic surgery techniques, and she has been plasticized to look like a willow leaf.

However, just like the appearance of cosmetic surgery will definitely leave flaws or differences, the indoctrination of memory cannot completely turn one person into another.

Qiu Shao hypnotized Bu Tanyan according to his own memories, but Bu Tanyan did not personally experience many details, so it was like watching a novel or TV series. These memories are still very strange to her.

Therefore, after Qiu Shao was arrested and imprisoned, Bu Tanyan lost little by little the memories he had instilled in her.

"Liu Ye" always said that he has intermittent amnesia, sometimes he can think of something, and sometimes he forgets it.

But the only thing she was impressed... was the child.

She often looked at the grass outside the window through the skylight in the basement, and she could always see the child playing with puzzles lying on the grass.

She could not talk to him, but she knew it was "her son".

Later, the police took Qiu Shao away, but did not know that there was a hidden basement in the consultation room. The food in the basement sustained Bu Tanyan's life for two months. Later, she was released by the landlord who came to collect the house.

At that time, Bu Tanyan's memory was already confused.

She started her new life with the "Liu Ye" ID card that Qiu Shao gave her.


Xie Yuan's hand holding the diary was trembling, and he couldn't imagine what Atan had experienced over the years.

If it weren't for Qiu Shao's death, perhaps Xie Yuan would want to end his life immediately.

Liu Ye spent a few hours reading the diary roughly. The memories that Qiu Shao had implanted in her mind slowly began to recover. She recalled many things in the past, but she couldnt remember about it. Bu Tanyan's matter.

"It will take time."

On the sofa, Qiu Li explained, "Qiu Shao spent five years stripping away Xiaoyu's mother's memory. It cannot be restored in a short while, but I will try my best to make her remember."

Of course Xie Yuan also understood that it is not so easy to change "Liu Ye" back to the former Bu Tanyan, he can wait patiently. The only thing that is hard to let go is that his favorite woman has suffered the hardships of this half of his life.

Xie Yuan held Bu Tanyan's hand and pressed his throat and said: "Atan, tell me, did he bully you?"

Bu Tanyan could see the suppressed anger in his heart from his patience eyes, but the instigator had already passed away, and he could not even avenge her.

Bu Tanyan recalled the memories of those fragments in the past. She couldn't say that Qiu Shao was very good to her because he shut her down for five years.

But he did not hurt her, because any physical injury, if it were not out of her own will, would destroy the implantation of the memory and cause her to fall into pain.

And this pain, sooner or later, will lead to mental breakdown.

Qiu Shao is not an impulsive man, but on the contrary, he has terrible self-discipline.

"It's okay."

For a long time, she could only say these two words to him after all.

"I will heal you and make you forget the bad memories that don't belong to you." Xie Yuan stroked Bu Tanyan's cheek, comfortingly said: "Forget those unbearable..."

For Bu Tanyan, all these experiences were indeed terrifying to appalling.

But for "Liuye", those memories are not completely unbearable. At least, there is still a most sincere beauty in her memory...

That was the child who "Liu Ye" had to spare his life and wanted to save.

The memory of "Liu Ye" was planted in Bu Tanyan's mind. At the same time, that love was deeply rooted in her mind.

She looked at Qiu Li.

The young man in front of him was tall, stiff and taciturn, just like she saw him puzzle pieces alone on the grass through the low skylight at the beginning. His immature facial features at that time are now more and more fierce, and the pupils of the abyss show him. The years of growing up are not lush.

He must have experienced a lot of suffering.

"Little Li."

Bu Tanyan reached out and grabbed the back of Qiuli's hand, Qiuli instinctively shrank back a bit, seemingly at a loss.

Bu Tanyan still held his hand, very hard: "Xiao Li, I am a mother."


The word "mother" has been enshrined by Qiu Li in the most sacred ancestral hall in my heart for a long time.

That is his only hope and light.

But later, the light dimmed, and the woman was not his mother.

His mother is...dead.

The Bu Tanyan in front of him, has a similar face to his mother, has a common even if not clear memory, and has the deepest love for him...

Qiuli raised his head stiffly and looked at the woman in front of him: "Mom..."

At this moment, Xie Yuan suddenly grabbed his collar and kicked him out.

Qiu Li fell heavily on the cold and hard floor, and the injured leg buckled, and the pain made him let out a muffled snort.

Tan Yan exclaimed for the sudden change, and Jiang Yu immediately ran to help Qiu Li up: "Dad, what are you doing!"

Bu Tanyan also stood up: "Xiao Li, are you okay!"

Xie Yuan squeezed her hand and pulled her back: "He is not your child, Xiao Yu is the one, and I should be your husband. That womans life is not yours! You are the father of this guy. Hurt! Do you still recognize the murderer's son now!"

Bu Tanyan was severely grasped by Xie Yuan and prevented her from taking a step closer to Qiu Li.

Jiang Yu looked at Xie Yuan in disbelief, tears oozing from the corners of his eyes, and said distressedly: "What does this have to do with him! He is also a victim."

Xie Yuan had been swept by anger and reason, unable to hear anything.

He looked at Qiu Lis face, and his mind was full of what his father Qiu Shao had done to Bu Tanyan in the past few years...

"You get out of my house and leave my family." He said solemnly: "Otherwise I want you to look good."

Qiu Li stood up with difficulty, and reluctantly bowed deeply to him: "I'm sorry."

After speaking, he dragged his leg and limped out of the door of Xie's house.

Jiang Yu immediately chased after him, and Xie Yuan shouted sharply behind him: "Jiang Yu, you come back for me!"

Jiang Yu didn't look back, Xie Yuan wanted to catch up angrily, but Bu Tanyan stopped him: "You calm down, how can you vent your anger on my child!"

"He is not your child!" Xie Yuan shouted angrily: "He is the murderer's child!"

"You can't say that to him."

Although Bu Tanyan loves Xie Yuan very much, whether it is with the incomplete memory of Willow Leaf or her original subconscious, she loves Xie Yuan...

But now, Qiu Li also occupies a very important position in her mind. She could discard most of Willow's memories, but Qiu Li...she couldn't bear to lose it.

"Xie Yuan, you can't bully my son."

"He is not your son!"

Xie Yuan restrained for most of his life, never showing his emotions, but at this moment, he really couldn't control himself. He was very angry. This anger came from heartache.

His heart was broken when he saw that diary.

"Atan." He held her face, breathed quickly, and kissed her forehead and nose: "You are my Atan, I and Xiaoyu's Atan, we are a family."

Bu Tanyan kissed him back and said softly, "You calm down first, okay?"

In the soft voice of the woman, Xie Yuan finally calmed down a bit. He didn't want to bother about anyone or anything. He just wanted to guard the two most important women around him.


Qiu Li hurt his leg and walked very slowly. Under the cool moonlight, his limping figure Xiao Shu was cold and quiet.

Jiang Yu caught up with him and helped him: "Ali, my dad didn't mean it, he just..."

"The murderer is dead, and Xie Yuan's rage has no place to vent. I am his best outlet."

Qiu Li saw it thoroughly: "He should be angry, I don't blame him."

Jiang Yu was afraid that Qiu Li would be sad. After all, his previous feelings for Xie Yuan did not seem to be false, he really regarded Xie Yuan as his father. Seeing that he was still in a calm mood, she also breathed a sigh of relief: "As long as you are well, I will feel at ease."

Qiu Li stopped, stroked Jiang Yu's hair between the temples, and said softly: "I have experienced life and death, and hell, nothing is more important than the sister in front of me..."

After he experienced the **** in his heart after he almost thought Jiang Yu was really his "sister" today, there was nothing more to make Qiuli feel scared and apprehensive.

His eyes were extremely firm, and this firm strength also infected Jiang Yu.

All of a sudden, she felt that her heart was settled by the man's side.

"You should go back now, and finally find your mother. You should stay with them." Qiu Li said to Jiang Yu beside him: "After a while, Aunt Bu is in a better condition. I'm helping her hypnotize, try Retrieve the memories of the past"

Jiang Yu looked down at the faint shadows under the moonlight, paused for a moment, reached out and grabbed his fingers, and said seriously: "Ali has a mother now."

"She... is your mother."

She looked at him with a smile in her eyes: "Mine is yours."

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