The Big Villain Asked Me To Save Him When I Was Reborn Chapter 120

Chapter 118: Proposal Double More Unity Unable To Parry

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After Jiang Manyi learned that "Liu Ye" was really Bu Tanyan, he was so happy that he couldn't wait for dawn, and arrived at Xie's house overnight and saw Bu Tanyan.

She hugged her, tears in her eyes.

But now Bu Tanyan has not recovered her memory. Although she is also very happy, after all, she is not as excited as Jiang Manyi, and it is difficult to give the same emotional feedback.

Jiang Manyi didn't care, as long as she knew that she was still alive, it was the greatest gift of life.

When leaving, on the steps at the gate of the community, Jiang Manyi saw Qiuli who had been driven out, and Jiang Yu who was sitting next to him helping him massage his legs.

Jiang Manyi knew the cause and effect of the incident. Although she could understand Xie Yuan's anger, she felt more distressed.

She simply took Qiuli back to her home. Jiang Yu had to go with him, but Qiuli asked her to stay. Today is a good time for family reunion. She had better stay with her parents.

Jiang Yu nodded, just saying that he would go to see him tomorrow.

Cheng Ye expressed his righteous indignation and dissatisfaction with Xie Yuan's move.

It's not because he has a sense of justice, but Xie Yuan drove out his son-in-law and became homeless and could only live in his home, which severely damaged his romantic two-person world.

Qiu Li had already minimized his sense of existence, walked gently in slippers, usually curled up on the sofa to read a thick monograph, and it was no surprise that Cheng Ye wandered around wearing pants.

But Cheng Ye still felt uncomfortable.

Jiang Manyi felt distressed for Qiuli, and he had stewed bone soup for him over the past few days.

"Xie Yuan is not such an impulsive person." Cheng Ye scooped a bowl of Bai Chengcheng's rich bone soup, and said while drinking: "At the beginning, he asked the authoritative orthopedics experts at home and abroad to help his son-in-law for consultation. Hundreds of thousands just disappeared like this."

Jiang Manyi comforted Qiu Li and said, "Xiao Li, don't care if he admits it or not. You are our son-in-law. You just live in our house. You can't get married. My mother's words are still useful."

Before Qiu Li spoke, Cheng Ye yelled: "No... it's not a way to go on like this, you still have to let them reconcile."

"It's easier said than done."

Jiang Manyi and Xie Yuan have known each other the longest time, and he knows too much about this man's feelings for Bu Tanyan.

Although Qiu Li was also a victim, he was also the son of the culprit. Xie Yuan would think of Qiu Shao when he saw him...

It's choking.

Cheng Ye talked for a while: "I think about it, I understand Xie Yuan quite well."

"Aren't you two always at odds, why are you still talking to him?"

Cheng Ye said: "He just kicked Qiu Li out. If I change to Xie Yuan, if this happens, I...I can pay off my father's debt and my son's debt!"

Jiang Manyi looked at Qiu Li, who was silently drinking soup, and pushed Cheng Ye: "Okay, don't say it, no matter how you count this matter, you can't count it as Xiao Li."

After eating lunch, Qiuli helped clean up the dishes and walked out of the kitchen wearing a small floral apron. He happened to see Jiang Yu walking in with Bu Tanyan.

Bu Tanyan's eyes were red, and she walked to him, stroked his face with her hand, and said softly, "Xiao Li, I am my mother."

There was light in Qiu Li's eyes, but the light dimmed quickly: "Aunt Bu, I will diagnose and treat you as soon as possible. It will take a long time to restore your memory..."

Before he finished speaking, Bu Tanyan hugged him.

Qiu Li's unfinished words stalked in his throat, and looked at the woman who held him tightly in front of him at a loss: "I know, I may not be your mother by blood, but I... I really love you. ."

Liu Ye's health is not good, and the doctor has repeatedly advised that this child is best not to be born, but she still insists on giving birth to this child.

How much she loves him!

As for Liu Yes love for Qiu Li, those memories were all condensed in Bu Tanyans mind. She held the boys cheek and said emotionally: "Xiao Li, mom will protect you in the future, and mom will not let people bully you anymore. ."

Qiu Li's pupils trembled violently, and said the two words that had been missing for a long time--


That was the only light in his childhood, and after seeing Ren Xian, the only light died out. For a long time, the word "mother" became an indelible piece of heat in his heart. Blood stains.

Mom is dead!

He doesn't have a mother anymore.

"I hate that man, he deprived me of the life that originally belonged to me." Bu Tanyan whispered in his ear: "But you are my only blessing. I love you as much as she does."

She loves him as much as Willow.

"Mom, I got 749 in the college entrance examination. I am the provincial champion. Now... I was admitted to Beicheng University's most powerful psychology major with the first place."

These words, what he wanted to say to his mother after holding back for many years, he said slowly to Bu Tanyan.

Listening to Qiuli's words, Jiang Yu couldn't help turning his head, his eyes filled with sourness.

She accompanied Qiuli all the way, knowing what his mother meant to him, and the moment Bu Tanyan embraced him, everything was relieved.

All the sufferings in the past, at the moment when he called out "Mother" with trembling, all disappeared.

Bu Tanyan called the shots and took Qiu Li back home.

Xie Yuan calmed down for several days, not as excited as that night, but when he saw Qiuli again, his face was still very bad.

But it was Bu Tanyan who brought him back. Xie Yuan couldn't drive people away anymore. He could be cruel to anyone, but he was softhearted to the two women in the family.

At noon that day, Qiu Li personally cooked a table of meals. Xie Yuan was so angry that he never showed up in the study. Jiang Yu asked him to go upstairs to call Xie Yuan to create a chance for them to reconcile.

Qiu Li subconsciously shouted: "Dad, it's time to eat."

Xie Yuan threw the ceramic tea cup in his hand and smashed it on the door, smashing it to pieces: "If you dare to call like this again, I will cut off your tongue."

This scene was seen by Bu Tanyan who was passing by. She pulled Qiuli behind her and said angrily: "Whose tongue are you going to cut off?"

Xie Yuan only didn't dare to lose his temper at Bu Tanyan, because this eldest lady was really a "Lei Gong" temper. She smiled so brilliantly at ordinary times.

He looked at Qiu Li behind her, somewhat aggrieved and resentful: "Cut me, all right."

Bu Tanyan crouched on her hips and said dissatisfied: "Look, you are so cold at home all day long, so that the two children in the family are scared...they dare not speak loudly. If this continues, I will drive you away. out."

"Blam me?"

"Otherwise." Bu Tanyan said: "You are all this age, and you are still embarrassed with a child. What did he do wrong."

"You can help him speak now." Xie Yuan dissatisfied: "When you recover your memory, I see if you will help him."

"Will I recover my memory, I am Xiaoli's mother. Then he calls your father, and you have to bear it, anyway, you will call it sooner or later, right, Xiaoli."

Qiuli nodded obediently.

"Xiao Li, call Dad."


Xie Yuan was so angry that everyone was gone.


Although he still had a sorrow about it, he still couldn't stand the daily strategy of Jiang Yu and Bu Tanyan, and Qiuli's ability to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger.

As long as Bu Tanyan has time, she will enthusiasm for some small cakes at home. After making them, Qiu Li will send them to the company to bring them to Xie Yuan, which will increase the chance of contact between the two.

Xie Yuan ate Bu Tanyan's "dark cuisine" pastries like wax, and looked at the curiosity who cleverly placed the pastries in front of him.

He said calmly: "Mom said, these...I have to look at you and eat them one by one, without leaving any scum."

Xie Yuan was about to retching, and even had hallucinations in a trance, feeling Qiuli seem to be sneer.

Revenge is definitely revenge!

"Let it go, I will eat later."

Qiu Li said calmly: "I want to take the box back, and my mother wants to check it."


Xie Yuan picked up another piece of sweet-scented osmanthus crispy with stinky tofu, his hands trembling uncontrollably.

Qiu Li took a deep look at him and said, "I can help you share the burden."

Xie Yuan immediately put down his hand holding the sweet-scented osmanthus cake: "Will you be so kind?"

Qiu Li bluntly said: "I want to ask you, so naturally I have to do my best to please."

Of course Xie Yuan knew what he wanted, didn't he just wait for him to let go and let Xiao Yu marry him.

"You are direct."

"Uncle Xie is a wise man, I don't need to be circumspect."

"Is it called Uncle Xie now?"

"I want to call Dad too, for fear that you will kick me out again."

Xie Yuan handed a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake to him: "First prove your sincerity."

After Qiu Li ate the piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake, Xie Yuan felt a lot of relief when he saw him visibly retched.

He just wanted to make this kid suffer.

And Qiu Li did what he said and solved the remaining pieces of sweet-scented osmanthus cake.

Xie Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and sat calmly on the side of the sofa with his arms in his arms, scrutinizing the young man in front of him.

He can still remember the gloom of the boy when he first saw Qiu Li, and there was a wave of impatience in his eyes.

Now he, although his facial features are becoming more and more fierce, the leaning and leaning between his eyebrows has replaced the coldness and gloom of his youth.

If there was no such thing in the diary, Xie Yuan might appreciate him, but now, he hates him when he sees it.

But if you want to really say hate... it doesn't count as much. Calm down, thinking of the suffering this child has experienced in the past, Xie Yuan has such a trace of pity for him.

He watched Qiuli finish eating the sweet-scented osmanthus cake in silence, and then said: "In fact, you don't have to spend so much time to please me, isn't your hypnosis very good? Looking at the Haicheng case, you can still hallucinate the hypnotized person. . You can completely hypnotize me and let me accept you."

Qiu Li wiped off the debris from the corner of his mouth and said seriously: "I promised Xiao Yu not to hypnotize my family."

"I am not your family."

"You are... Dad."

When uttering these two words, Qiuli still paused.

The haze his father left him was too deep, and it was difficult for him to pronounce these two words without scruples.

Xie Yuan felt his hesitation, but he was still willing to call him "dad".

Xie Yuan himself was also a father. After calming down, he felt a little more pity for the child in front of him.

"Tell me about your childhood."

Qiu Li drank a large glass of water, calmed down the nausea in his belly a little bit, and then slowly said: "From the beginning of my memory, I know that I am not the same as other children. The children in the community, some people shout when they eat, Parents watched when they came out to play, but I did not.

"I don't know when I learned how to make instant noodles by myself, and I figured out how to eat them. For that man, his home is just a place to sleep. When he comes back, he will shut himself in his room and read a book. I spoke."

"I asked him if he is my father and why other people have a mother, but I don't." Jolie pulled his fingernails and said calmly: "This question will always irritate him."

"Later I was a little older. One time he called in the study. It seemed that some of the volunteers who conducted the mental experiment had some problems. The association urgently stopped his experiment without granting any approval or funding."

When he was a child, Qiu Li thought that man was a madman, but later he realized that he was a madman and a demon at all.

He was lying by the door listening to him talking on the phone with excitement, watching his cellphone slammed down in desperation. At that time, he wouldn't know that his nightmare had just begun.

"That was the only time he spoke to me in a very gentle tone, let me sit on a chair in a dark room, and then gave me a lollipop."

"I was flattered. I tore open the lollipop paper and couldn't bear to eat it. Then he started playing slides in the dark room and forced me to watch. The first slide was a picture of a man and a woman talking..."

"Okay, don't say it."

Xie Yuan interrupted him, clenching his fists.

Qiu Li shut up very obediently.

After a long time, Xie Yuan's fist slowly loosened, and he came to the window and lit a cigarette to calm the emotions in his heart.

"I won't mention the past, and within half a year, heal my leg injury."

"Half a year?"

"I don't want to limping to pick up Xiao Yu from my hand during the wedding ceremony."

It is often said that the more afraid of something, the more something will come. I don't know if it was coincidence or deliberate. During that time, Jiang Yu always met Huo Cheng.

On the way home, along the tree-lined path of Beicheng University, and even at the romantic wedding of Jiang Manyi and Cheng Ye, Jiang Yu can always see Huocheng.

He is like a scary shadow, following Jiang Yu like a shadow, staring at her in a secluded corner.

Jiang Yu was about to be driven mad by Huo Cheng.

She is not afraid of Huo Cheng, but she is afraid of the contact between Qiu Li and Huo Cheng, because the [Knowing] app has not reminded her that the mission was successful, so Qiu Li still has the possibility of going to jail.

Jiang Yu never mentioned anything about Huo Cheng. She absolutely couldn't let Qiu Li know that Huo Cheng would often show up near her and stare at her.

Qiu Li's last life killed Huo Cheng and was sentenced to life imprisonment, and again, Jiang Yu couldn't let him repeat the same mistakes.

During that time, Jiang Yu couldn't sleep well every night, always dreaming about things from the previous life.

Qiuli in the dream, holding the sharp blade, the blade dripping with blood, he stood in a pool of blood and smiled at her remotely.

Jiang Yu woke up from the nightmare, cold sweat.

Qiu Li naturally noticed that during that time, Jiang Yu's mental state was very bad, not only was he often wandering while dancing, even when he knelt down on one knee to propose to her, her eyes passed through him. It fell somewhere behind him, eyes full of horror.

Qiu Li turned his head and saw nothing, he frowned slightly.

This is his meticulously designed marriage proposal ceremony, inviting many friends and relatives to witness it. On the big lawn of Esmeral, there are romantic bouquets of small daisies and pink balloons.

The idea was given by Cheng Ye, but the arrangement of every flower on the scene was done by Qiu Li personally, and he rehearsed in the air very seriously all afternoon.

However, instead of giving the expected surprise, Jiang Yu was so scared that he couldn't speak.

At night, Jiang Yu slowly recovered.

When she proposed to marry her, she saw Huocheng. Huocheng stood at the end of the lawn in Esmera campus, rushed to the distance and smiled.

This scared Jiang Yu enough, she was so afraid that Qiu Li looked back at Huo Cheng, so that the two people would conflict again.

Fortunately, Huo Cheng just looked at her from a distance and did not approach her. He disappeared from the crowd until the proposal was over.

Jiang Yu sat on the lazy chair with his knees, watching the rain ticking down by the floor-to-ceiling windows. The diamond ring in his hand was the size of a dove egg. It was all the savings Qiu Li had earned after graduation and gave her a customized diamond ring. .

Jiang Yu rubbed the delicately cut surface of the diamond ring, her eyes were tender.

Facts have proved that Xie Yuan does have a business vision. The studio he invested in Qiu Li has recovered all the costs in one year, and it has become profitable in the first half of this year, and he can get a lump sum every month. Philippine dividends.

Of course, he accepted all the money as per the bill, then opened a special account to store it, and gave the bank card to Jiang Yu for safekeeping.

Although Jiang Yu is not short of this money, anything can happen in the future marriage life for decades, and it is impossible for her parents to accompany her for a lifetime. Therefore, he must make good plans for Jiang Yu.

Parents beloved sons have far-reaching plans.

Jiang Yu accepted Xie Yuan's arrangement and took good care of this bank card. In fact, even if Xie Yuan did not use the Bawang contract to divide Qiuli's income source, the amount of money he earns is basically handed over to Jiang Yu.

In the future, life will be so happy forever.

Jiang Yu raised his head and suddenly saw Huo Cheng standing under the street lamp on the street outside the French windows, looking at her from a distance!

There was light rain outside. He was wearing a black suit and his clothes were soaked by the rain.

He looked at Jiang Yu from a distance, with an evil smile blooming at the corner of his mouth.

Jiang Yu was so frightened that he quickly pulled the curtains up, then turned off the light in the room, sat in the corner of the sofa, holding a pillow, panic in his heart.

This is her and Qiuli's new house. Not long after they moved in, how could Huo Cheng know her location.

What's more, how can such a high-end community let in and out of outsiders casually?

But on second thoughts, others may not be possible, but that person is Huocheng, I am afraid there is nothing he can't do, just like the last time in Esmeral, didn't he come in swaggeringly?

Just when Jiang Yu was thinking about it, the sound of unlocking the code lock came from the door. Jiang Yu was so scared that he quickly grabbed the fruit knife on the coffee table and faced the door.

The man turned on the light switch on the wall. Jiang Yu saw that the person coming in was Qiu Li, and he was immediately relieved.

Qiu Li was slightly surprised when Jiang Yu was holding a knife in his hand, "What do you want to do?"

"Ah, I think... I'll cut the fruit for you." Jiang Yu concealed the panic in his heart and said deliberately: "I heard your footsteps as soon as you got out of the elevator."

Qiu Li glanced at the fruit bowl on the coffee table: "Oh, then cut it."

Jiang Yu's hand touched the fruit plate, which contained only a plate of washed strawberries.

She bit her scalp and picked up the strawberry. She peeled off the green leaves on the top of the strawberry with a knife. She smiled reluctantly and said, "This...It's so hard to peel. You have to use a knife to peel it off."

Qiu Li walked to her, took the "cut" strawberry, threw it into her mouth, and asked, "What's the matter?"

Jiang Yu chewed on the strawberries, looking sideways, avoiding his scorching gaze: "It's okay."

"Say it again, okay?"

She knew that she couldn't hide anything from being harsh, and she said bluntly: "I'm scared."

"What are you afraid of?"

Jiang Yu chewed on the sweet and sour strawberries in his mouth: "I am afraid that I will not be a good wife; I am afraid that many things will change slowly in the next few decades; I am also afraid of so much happiness, like the little mermaid on the sea. Bubbles are all illusions, and they will all disappear as soon as the sun comes out tomorrow..."

Jiang Yu didn't lie, she was really scared, afraid that Huocheng would take away all the happiness she had now.

Qiu Li leaned over and stared at her, judging the truth or not in her words: "You have a lot of thoughts, and it's quite complicated."

"Girls will think about this before they get married, it's normal, I just haven't gotten ready yet."

"I have agreed to a marriage proposal..." He gently rubbed her ears and said in a **** and magnetic voice: "Is it too late if I say I'm not ready now?"

"Don't regret it later?"

"If my sister says this again, I will bully you." He untied his tie and hooked it to Jiang Yu's neck.

Jiang Yu's mind was full of Huo Cheng's odious face, and she blurted out: "Bull me... Then will you beat me?"


When asked this sentence, the two of them were startled at the same time.

Qiu Li looked at Jiang Yu with a complicated expression: "You...what are you asking me?"

"Not without."

"I'll hit you?"

"I was wrong."

"When did I bully you!"

It was indeed a teasing, but now Qiu Li seems to be really angry. He loosened his tie and threw it aside, no longer touching her, sitting on the sofa, holding the fruit plate in his arms, and began to eat strawberries. .

Wu was sulking.

Seeing him eating strawberries one by one, Jiang Yu nodded his waist with his toes: "You save me some."

"When did I bully you?"

He still questioned this sentence repeatedly.

"No, I didn't mean you."

"Are you afraid of marrying me, you are worried that I will beat you?" Qiu Li seemed disappointed: "I am such a person in your eyes for so many years?"

During this period of time, Jiang Yu was really going to be driven crazy by Huo Cheng. The man swayed in front of her all day, as if he was deliberately torturing her, and her mind was confused.

There was still the last strawberry on the plate. Qiuli wanted to eat it. He turned his head to see the little girl wearing a thin nightdress and a pitiful appearance. He still couldn't bear to feed the strawberry to her mouth.

Jiang Yu took a bite. Before he had time to eat, the man leaned over, keeping her lips in his mouth, and swept away the strawberry that she had not had time to bite in.

The sweet and sour taste of strawberry filled her lips and teeth, and Qiu Li seemed to punish her deliberately. She was not gentle in her mouth, which made her a little hard to resist. She leaned her elbow in front of Yue Xiong and gently blocked it.

"Ali..." Her voice was subtle and sultry.

Qiu Li unbuttoned the collar with one hand.


"I will never bully you, whoever bullies you, I will kill him."

Jiang Yu didn't remember whether Qiu Li had said this, every night she fell asleep before this tireless man, so that in her dream, she could feel the ups and downs, and she did it every morning. It's not natural to wake up anymore, but to be...

The only place Jiang Yu hesitated about this marriage was here.

She is the only source of Qiuli's feelings. He is with her and has too many desires. Jiang Yu satisfies him as much as possible, but sometimes it is really...

too tired!

She was afraid that after getting married, she would die at the hands of this man.

In the dream, she seemed to have heard him say this sentence, but she knew that when he said this sentence, he must not have overwhelmed.

Jiang Yu desperately wanted to shake his head, wanted to scream, wanted to tell him that it was not possible, but she was sealed with his kiss again without shouting out.

He was gentle and not gentle, which made her completely unable to stand up. He repeatedly asked her if she could marry him, and if she wanted to be his wife and never parted.

Jiang Yu cried and agreed.

Cried for a long time.

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